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Chapter 14: We are Willing to Sacrifice Our Lives For You

After Niu Ben’s family entered the city, Niu Ben sighed, “Xi Yang City gives me a completely different feeling, like an old tree that revitalized.”¹

There were more people walking on the street now, and many people smiled sincerely.

Their eyes are no longer lifeless, but hopeful for the future.

“Everyone is looking forward to the future now that there are less taxes, of course they changed.

This is the change brought by Lord Liu Feng.” Ba Fu’s face was full of smiles; he was extremely happy to see such a change.

“Liu Feng did a great job.” Niu Ben praised, he was also very happy that his hometown got better.

“Wow! Isn’t that Niu Ben’s family They haven’t entered the city for a long time.” A passerby yelled.

“They probably have been called up by Lord City Lord.

After all, the members of Niu Ben’s family are true warriors.”

“Only Lord Liu Feng is worthy of Niu Ben’s family’s services.”

“Agreed! Lord Liu Feng is a good city lord, and our life will get better and better.”

Since entering the city, the members of Niu Ben’s family heard such remarks several times, making their faces more and more solemn.

When they came to the front of the castle, they saw Liu Feng who was already waiting at the door.

“You, you are Liu Feng”

The members of Niu Ben’s family widened their eyes, looking at the young man whose temperament had changed drastically in front of them in disbelief.

The clothes gave people the feeling of a magnificent atmosphere, and it was obvious that the clothes could only be worn by high nobles.

“Ha ha ha…Uncle Niu Ben, Aunt May, Niu Da, Niu Er… Nicole, don’t you recognize me I am Liu Feng.”

Liu Feng came forward, pulled Niu Ben and the others and walked into the castle.

“Go in everyone.”

Along the way, Niu Ben and the others were in a daze.

They hadn’t seen Liu Feng for 2 days, but he gave them a feeling that he had changed a lot.

While sitting down in the living room, they looked strangely at Mina who was sitting at the side, especially at the pair of cat ears.

“Uncle Niu Ben, you are finally here.”² Liu Feng was very happy because many of his plans were short on manpower.

“We also didn’t expect that you would actually become a noble in the territory.” Niu Ben sighed.

“It was an opportunity given by a certain old man that was harboring bad intentions by chance.” Liu Feng shrugged.

Who said it wasn’t Buying a noble title that included a territory and Xi Yang City with 5 glass cups would be unthinkable on Earth.

“This is an opportunity, but it is also a hot potato.

Have you thought it through” Niu Ben said solemnly.

Liu Feng knew what he was talking about.

Just like Mina said, if he couldn’t defend against the wheat robbing horse thieves, then it would be the end of his career as a noble.

“I’ve decided, I need your help, Uncle Niu Ben.” Liu Feng got up and said sincerely.

He knew how powerful the members of Niu Ben’s family were, especially Uncle Niu Ben, even though he has a broken foot, he could still kill five thieves alone and save him.

“Niu Da! Niu Er! Niu San! Niu Si! Niu Wu! Pledge allegiance!” Niu Ben stood up and moved aside, yelling, “As a cripple, I won’t take up a place, let the youngsters take the top.”

“No no no…” Liu Feng hurriedly said.

“I’m missing a manager here.

You are the best candidate.

As for your broken foot, I have a way to make you be able to walk like a normal person again.”

“What” Mey and the others opened their eyes wide, and looked at Liu Feng impatiently and said, “Liu Feng, is what you said real Can you really let Big Ben³ (father) walk like a normal person”

Niu Ben also looked at Liu Feng suspiciously with a trace of desire flashed in his eyes; no one wanted to be a cripple.

“Of course, I can make Uncle Niu Ben walk like a normal person right now.” Liu Feng nodded affirmatively.

“Then hurry up, as long as you can let my father walk, I can even give you my life,” the Niu brothers⁴ anxiously shouted.

“Pa!” Niu Ben slapped Niu Da’s head and said, “Don’t be rude, if it’s possible it’s good, if it’s not then it can’t be forced.”

“Don’t worry, it’l definitely work.” Liu Feng smiled confidently.

He took out a key, threw it to Mina and said, “Mina, go to the study to open the safe and bring the box number ten.”

Mina nodded and took the key.

She knew how to open the safe.

Liu Feng had taught her, and she could open it as long as she had two keys and a password.

Everyone waited anxiously, and soon Mina came down holding a wooden box the length of her arms, and placed it in Liu Feng’s hand well, and returned the key to Liu Feng.

“Uncle Niu Ben, come on, sit down first.” Liu Feng opened the box and took out a prosthetic right foot, which he had ordered a long time ago.

He went to get it after returning to Earth yesterday.

He had originally planned to use it to repay a favor.

“Okay!” Niu Ben was a little nervous.

He pulled up one of his trouser legs, revealing his broken leg.

Liu Feng installed the prosthesis for Niu Ben according to the instruction manual.

After a few adjustments, he said confidently, “Uncle Niu Ben, stand up and have a try.”

“Gu lu…” Someone swallowed his saliva,⁵ and everyone nervously looked at Niu Ben.

“Hu…” Niu Ben took a deep breath, abruptly got up, and then started walking in the living room.

Although his movements were a bit stiff, it still meant that he could walk normally.

“Ha ha ha…” Niu Ben laughed happily, and the Niu brothers also yelled in excitement, “My father can walk…”

Both May and Nicole’s happy eyes moistened, and they fixed their gaze on Niu Ben, who was walking non-stop.

After Uncle Niu Ben practice a few times, he will be able to walk just like a normal person.” Liu Feng adjusted the prosthetic leg again.

“Hu…” Niu Ben nodded fiercely.

He glanced at his wife and children before coming to Liu Feng and knelt down on one knee.

The five sons behind him, May and Nicole, all knelt down with him.

“We are willing to sacrifice our lives for you, to be loyal to you forever, to become a sharp sword in your hand, to cut off the life of the enemy…”

Mina, who was on the side, also quietly knelt down on one knee.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 老樹逢春.

Literally, old tree meets spring.

Means that an old, dying tree regained life.

² 終於把你們盼來了.

Literally, finally waiting for you to come.

Means that he has been waiting for their appearance and they finally show up.

I didn’t really know how to word it, so I ignored the “I waited” part.

³ Like how lil is put in front of people’s names, like Lil White and Lil Black, this is the same thing, but with big instead of lil.

⁴ Niu Da, Niu Er, Niu San, Niu Si, Niu Wu.

I;m not the one who’s lazy, author wrote it like that, so of course I gotta do the same.

Not that I mind typing less letters.

⁵ Ehhh… Idk, author wrote that.

I mean, I guess “gu lu” does kinda sound like swallowing.

Maybe… Yeah, I don’t believe it myself, but I’ll just leave it like that cause that’s what the author wrote, totally not because I’m too lazy to search up the onomatopoeia for swallowing.


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