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Chapter 20: Nobles are the Biggest Thieves

Carter was extremely happy.

He looked at the five crystal glass cups on the table.

He could eat an extra meal every time he saw them.

He carefully held up a glass cup, looked at the clear and transparent cup.

He could vaguely see his appearance on it, and he became even more happy.

“If that Liu Feng knew that someone had already bid 15 gold coins for 1 crystal glass cup, how would he feel” Carter was extremely happy when he thought of this.

He decided to not sell these 5 crystal glass cups and instead keep them as heirlooms.

Maybe after a decade or two, one crystal glass cup might sell for a hundred gold coins.

“Peng peng…”

Someone knocked on the door, and immediately afterwards the door was opened, and Fez hurried in.

“Peng!!!” The door was closed instantly.

“I’ve said it many times before, don’t be hasty when doing things,” Carter reprimanded.

“Yes.” Fez took a deep breath, glanced at the glass cup, and his impatient heart got a little better.


Does Baron Omar not agree to work with us” Carter held a glass cup and wiped it carefully.

“He is willing to cooperate, but he wants to recruit our knights.

He wants 30 of them.” Fez said angrily, “We only have 40 knights, and now he asks for 30 of them right of the bat.

That’s too much.”

40 knights were the Carter’s and Fez’s entire military force.

It was one of the reasons that they dared to sell their territory to Liu Feng.

They could only gather up to about 40 knights in a territory of about 5 to 6 thousand people.

No, it should be said that they could only raise 40 knights.

It costed too much to raise one knight.

A single set or armor and weapon and maintenance would already require a few gold coins, and then there were war horses and salaries as well.

Carter could afford to raise 40 knights because he had accumulated money for many years.

Knights were officers during war.

The soldiers were strong civilians that were forcefully recruited into the army.

This was the military model of the other world.

Everyone raised knights to become officers during war.

This would reduce the cost by a lot.

“What else did Baron Omar say” Carter’s hand that was wiping the cup paused.

He was also taken aback by the request.

“We get 20% of the profit, and we are also required to buy a hundred beastkin slaves.” Fez said angrily.

“20%” Carter thought about it, and he lowered his voice.

“Did he say which city to rob”

“Bei Feng City.

It’s said that the defenses of the city are very weak, and they only have a dozen knights.

Even if they recruited citizens, they would only have about a hundred people,” Fez quickly answered.

“Tell Baron Omar that we can send out 30 knights, but he also needs to rob Xi Yang City.

I want Liu Feng’s head,” Carter grinned, showing his black teeth.

Under the reflection of the glass cups, it looked extremely evil.

“Lord father Why is that Xi Yang City should be worthless.

Let him manage for a while, and then we go and harvest when its spring.” Fez was puzzled.

Carter changed a glass cup to wipe and said, “The autumn harvest is almost here.

That batch of wheat should be worth quite a bit of money.

Adding on Baron Omar’s 20% of profit, it should be enough to buy a noble title.”

Fez looked at the glass cup and widened his eyes, and said, “Lord father, you’re going to abandon Xi Yang City”

He knew that his father wasn’t willing to sell the crystal glass cups.

That’s why he changed his mind and used other methods to obtain money.

“The wheat planted in that barren land gets worse every year.

It’s time to change a territory.

Let’s buy a noble title in a wealthier place.” Carter said.

“Who do we sell the Xi Yang City that we robbed to” Fez nodded in approval.

“It’s fine if we only sell it for a dozen gold coins.”

“There is a big merchant who is willing to buy Xi Yang City with twenty gold coins.

He hopes to be able to move into the castle next spring.” Katie said with a chuckle.

“Oh There is actually another fool” Fez said excitedly.

Carter changed a glass cup to wipe and said with his face full of smiles, “These merchants all yearn for a nobleman’s identity.”

“Chi¹… What a joke.

Their body is full of the smell of copper, do they really think they deserve to be a noble” Fes said sarcastically, his eyes full of disdain.

“They’re just squanderers.

They aren’t worth mentioning.” Carter waved his hand, paused, and said, “Tell the knights to pay attention to catching a bit more female slaves.

I heard that the inland high nobles love 13 to 14 year old girls.

They should be able to be sold for a good price.”

“Understood.” Fes responded casually.

For the two of them, the lowly commoners were just cattle and sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

They would be harvested once they are fat.

“Oh, right, didn’t Baron Omar want beastkin slaves² Go buy 100 beastkins and send them over.

Those beasts would fight with their lives on the line as long as there are food to eat.” Carter had wiped all 5 of the glass cups once.


We don’t have much of other things, but we do have a lot of beastkin slaves.

Those slave traders catch some every day.” Fez’s face was full of sinister.³ To him, beastkins were no different from beasts.

“There are still about 20 days before the autumn harvest.

Those beasts would go crazy.

Maybe a lot of people will die as well this year.”

Translator’s Notes:

¹ 嗤.

Sneering sound.

² I’m also confused, I went back and check, and the author did write that Baron Omar wanted them to buy beastking slaves from him, not sell to him.

Here the author wrote that Baron Omar wanted beastkin slaves.

Idk what’s going on.

³ 嫌惡.


I think that’s a typo for the word that has the same pinyin, 險惡, which means sinister or vicious, so I put in sinister instead of disgust.

It could also be a typo for a would that has a similar pronunciation and pinyin, 邪惡, which means evil.


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