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Chapter 31: 20% Salary Increase For Literate People

Luma read the words on the bulletin board for the people that didn’t know how to read.

“Stone grinders, 15 to 45 years, salary is a catty of wheat or a day’s worth of food.

Literate people will be put in a manager position and will be paid 20% extra.

“Cement mixers, 15 to 45 years old, salary is a catty of wheat or a day’s worth of food.

Literate people will be put in a manager position and will be paid 20% extra.

“Porter, 20 to 45 years old, salary is a catty of wheat or a day’s worth of food.

Literate people will be put in a manager position and will be paid 20% extra.”

Luma slowly read out about a dozen job positions.

This was originally his dad Ba Fu’s job, but Ba Fu was called away by Liu Feng, so he took up the position.

He was recruited by the City Lord’s Mansion today, with a monthly salary of 110 copper coins, which is only 10 copper coins lower than his father’s salary.

Luma was very proud.

He was literate, so he had a higher salary than other people.

He was very grateful to his father who used a wooden stick to force him to study when he was young.

He thought about the kids in his home, who were old enough to start studying.

He decided that he should prepare a wooden stick just in case.

“Sir! Is that real Does Lord City Lord really need that many people to help him work”

“Yeah, there isn’t really much to do except for the autumn harvest right now.”

“If that’s real, then there’s no need to buy the wheat that costs 5 copper coins per catty.

I’d rather work for Lord City Lord.”

Luma smiled and waved his hand.

“Don’t worry, it’s all real.

You can apply to the jobs at the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“Okay, I’ll go.

I believe in Lord City Lord.”

“Lord City Lord is a good person.

I’ll also go and make the grain merchants not be able to buy anything.”

“Literate people can get a 20% increase in salary, ha ha ha… I’m literate, I’m literate…”

“Good for you, you’re actually literate.

I wish I’m literate.

I didn’t try to learn seriously when I was young and I regret it now.”

Hearing that, Luma immediately thought of the school his family ran.

“Whoever wants to study to read and write can come to my school.

Only 2 copper coins per month.”

“For real Only 2 copper coins”

Luma nodded.

“This is Lord City Lord’s decision.

We will teac 2 hours a night.”

“Wow! I want to sign up! I’ll go to sir Ba Fu’s house tonight to study.”

“20% salary increase for literate people; I’m definitely going.”

Ba Fu praised Liu Feng in his mind.

It was amazing how he had aroused everyone’s enthusiasm for studying just like that.

“Sir, is it true that anyone can sign up for the job” a male said.

It was quite clear that the man was in puberty because of the voice.

“Yes, as long as you are willing, you can get wheat as long as you work,” Luma said subconsciously.

“Thank you, sir,” the man thanked him politely.

Luma turned and sawed a skinny person with cloth wrapped around the top of his head.

“So wasteful, using so much cloth to wrap the head.”

He quickly returned to his work enthusiastically, reading the city rebuilding plan again.

“Whoever has a house in this area can register at the City Lord’s Mansion.

Lord City Lord will help you build new houses…”

There were many people in front of the City Lord’s Mansion.

Ba Fu and a few newly recruited people were currently registering people.

Fuji touched the cloth on his head.

He had secretly ran into Xi Yang City.

The cloth that were wrapped around his bull horns allowed him to not be exposed.

His heart was beating extremely fast.

He was afraid that others would discover that he was a beastkin.

As soon as he was discovered, he would be sold as a slave or even be killed.

That was what Big Sis Anri had told him.

They should never expose their identity as beastkins, or else they would be enslaved.

Fuji had been inquiring information about Mina.

When he heard that they could get wheat just by working, he was immediately tempted.

His companions haven’t been full for a long time.

With a catty of wheat, they would at least not starve to death.

He randomly found a line of people and lined up.

His face was stiff, and he looked at the others with vigilance.

It was finally his turn half an hour later.

The person registering him was an ordinary girl about 16 or 17 years old, one that people could see anywhere on the streets.

She had freckles on her face, which made her look lively.

“What’s your name” The girl asked, smiling

“Ah” Fuji was at a loss when the girl smiled at him and smiled shyly.

“Eh What’s wrong You don’t have a name” the girl said softly, staring at Fuji.

“No, I have a name, I’m Fuji.”

Fuji didn’t know what was going on.

His heartbeat sped up when the girl looked at him.

He had never felt this before.

“Fuji, is it Hold old are you Where do you live” the girl lowered her head and started to write.

“I… I’m 15 years old, I live, live…” Fuji stuttered.

It was obvious at first glance that he wasn’t someone that was good at lying.

The girl looked up.

She had seen many people with the same reaction.

She said softly, “Do you live outside the city”

“Yes yes!” Fuji quickly responded.

“What work do you want to do Since you’re 15, you could do cement mixing.

It’ll be easier,” The girl suggested.

“Okay, okay,” Fuji nodded blankly.

“He he… blockhead.” The girl covered her mouth and smiled.

She immediately started writing and gave a bamboo token to Fuji.

“Don’t lose this token.

After finishing your work, you must use this token to get wheat or food.”

“Okay okay!” Fuji nodded blankly.

He took the bamboo token and ran away.

“Humans actually aren’t that scary.

I’ll go back tonight and tell Big Sis Anri.”


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