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Chapter 32: Infrastructure Maniac’s Beginning

“Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!” People were yelling as they worked.

Liu Feng looked at the people who were demolishing houses.

They took apart the houses one by one and separated the useful and useless things into different piles.

They were extremely quick in demolishing the houses.

After all, the houses were all made mostly of wood and some houses were even made of rammed earth wall.

It was hard to see a scene of more than a thousand people working.

“Young master, at this speed, we should be able to finished constructing about one third of the houses,” Nicole said softly.

“Are there enough steel bars” Liu Feng thought about the most important part.

If there aren’t enough steel bars, then the houses would be dangerous.

“According to your design, along with some emergency production, we have just enough supply,” Nicole said, flipping through her notebook.

“That’s good.

Except for the ones we need to keep, put all of them in.”


The 2 story buildings that Liu Feng designed weren’t all made of steel bars.

The second floor, for example, used less steel bars than the first floor, mainly so that they could withstand weight.

With this kind of design, there is absolutely no problem to live in the houses for 30 to 40 years.

These buildings were only there as transitions.

After 30 to 40 years there will be tons of buildings that are dozens of meters high.

“Tell that to add a few more cement stoves.

Tell them to keep a close watch.

I don’t want the secret recipe to leak out,” Liu Feng said.

“And the steel stoves.

Seize whoever tries to come close to them.”

“Big bro has taken the army to that place to train.

Whoever comes close to that place will be arrested and killed if necessary,” Nicole said with a serious face.

Everything was slowing going on the right track, which made Liu Feng breathe a sigh of relief.

He sat down and closed his eyes to think.

Nicole massaged Liu Feng’s temples.

“Those merchants aren’t making trouble, are they” Liu Feng suddenly said.

“No, they are all very quite.” Nicole could feel that Liu Feng was a little tired.

“Alright, let Niu San keep an eye on them.

Let the Longbow team take action if they dare to make trouble,” Liu Feng said coldly.

He wasn’t afraid of those grain merchants now.

He didn’t expect that it would only take the recruited hunters 3 days to master the recurve bow.

They still needed to learn team cooperation, but they were good enough to kill the grain merchants without problem.

20 people paired with recurve bows formed a team, the Longbow team, led by Niu San.

“Okay.” A trace of compassion flashed through Nicole’s eyes.

Young master had too many things to do, but her abilities were limited, so she could only help with small things.

“Right, I want the wheat that’s being shipped back to be put in the storage in a low-key manner.

I want to see if they will jump out and make trouble.”

Liu Feng knew that he would definitely touch the benefits of some people.

He did not mind doing a big cleaning.

Xi Yang City only needed one voice, and that was his order.

“My father had already ordered it,” Nicole said softly.

“Hu…” Liu Feng let out a sigh of relief and leaned his head back and pressed it against the girl’s soft belly and subconsciously rubbed against it.

He then felt the body behind him stiffen up and realized that he had been surfing.

Just when he decided to leave, his head was hugged.

Time seemed to stop.

Smelling the sweet fragrance of the teenage girl, Liu Feng slowly fell asleep.

After all, for a good later life, when they were just starting, he had watched all the working process.

Nicole silently hugged Liu Feng’s body.

She turned her head slightly and looked at Liu Feng’s serene face.

She thought about the first time she met Liu Feng.

She had been on the mountains to pick up wild vegetables when she met a lone wolf.

When she thought she was going to die, Liu Feng suddenly appeared and drove away the wolf.

The clichێ hero save beauty event, with Liu Feng living in her house for a month, and the fact that Liu Feng often gave her delicious snacks in secret made the teenage girl unknowingly give her heart to Liu Feng.

Because Mina wasn’t here today, Nicole was a bit more courageous.

Looking at Liu Feng’s handsome face, the girl’s soft lip lightly touched Liu Feng’s face, and she quickly pulled back and stood straight with a blushing face.

“He’s not awake, right” Nicole’s closed eyes slightly opened and carefully observed him.

“Hu… Not awake.”

“Success, young master’s first kiss is mine… My heart is beating so fast, just like what the book said.”

Nicole remembered a book that she had read, titled “The Love Diary of a Noble Girl.”

Her father had brought the book back from the capital for her 15th birthday.

Even though the book was only made up of about a dozen sheepskin rolls, the love story recorded on the book made her yearn for it a lot.

The book also had a scene just like this one.

The heroine had also secretly kissed the prince just like this.

“Mina shouldn’t have kissed the young master yet, right Probably not,” Nicole muttered.

Her eyes involuntarily looked at Liu Feng’s face, and she blushed again.

She then gave another peck on Liu Feng’s face.

“It should be alright if I do it again, right Then, then I’ll do one more time.”

“I haven’t kissed here before, why don’t I, kiss here as well Alright, I’ll kiss here once.”

“Great Princess Lucy, thank you for your great teachings in your book.”

Lucy was the author of “The Love Diary of a Noble Girl”.

It was said that she was the daughter of the king, a princess.

Nicole was a fan of Lucy.

Like Nicole, there were many teenage girls who were fans of Lucy.


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