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Chapter 4: Mysterious Gift = Catgirl

There was a small plaza in front of the castle.

When Liu Feng and Carter got outside, about 2,000 people had gathered and were staring at the two of them.

Liu Feng saw disgust and indifference in the residents’ eyes.

He silently glanced at Carter, thinking, Looks like the residents don’t like Carter.

Carter was still smiling.

He ignored the eyes of the citizens and said, “Lord Baron, most of the citizens of Xi Yang City are here.”

“Declare it!” Liu Feng said, nodding.

He had calmed down. It seems that this city has a lot of problems.

I guess that’s to be expected of a city worth 5 glasses.

“Cough cough…” Carter cleared his throat and said, “Dear fellow residents, I, Baron Carter, hand over the status of a baron to Baron Liu Feng.

Starting today, he is your city lord.” After he finished speaking, Carter took a step back, and the smile on his face kept getting brighter.

After being silent for three seconds, the residents all started talking at once.

Some of the things that the residents said made Liu Feng’s mouth twitch.

“Look, another poor guy has been fooled.

He had been scammed of his money by that old vampire devil.”

“Sigh! We are the ones who are suffering.

Hopefully, this baron won’t increase taxes as well.

Otherwise, our family will also need to move.”

“Damn it, the city lord keeps changing, and none of them knows how to manage a city.

They are all just malevolent¹ tumor that only knows how to suck blood.”

These words went into Liu Feng’s ears without any concealment, and he looked at Carter with questioning eyes.

“Cough cough…” Carter coughed and said, “Lord baron, commoners are all like this.

They will complain with their mouths but they won’t dare to actually be disrespectful.”

Without waiting for Liu Feng to say anything, Carter smiled and said, “Lord Baron, I left a gift in the castle’s dungeon.

Remember to get it later.

Okay then, this old man will leave first.” Carter then turned and left before Liu Feng could react.

He got on a horse carriage and went out of Xi Yang City with about 30 people.

Liu Feng silently looked at the group leaving and turned his head to the residents who were waiting for him to speak.

It was his first time facing so many people, so there was no way he wasn’t nervous.

“Cough cough!” Liu Feng straightened up his body and looked at the crowd.

“You may all leave.”

As soon as Liu Feng said that, everyone began to leave, and Liu Feng watched them silently.

He just came here and didn’t know anything, so he couldn’t really change anything.

Liu Feng returned to the castle, strolled around, and found that there wasn’t a single person inside the castle.

He couldn’t help but shake his head and mumble, “They really all left and won’t even give me the chance to understand anything.² However, it’s good that they left, since it saves me from the hassle of firing people.”

He now understood that there was a scheme that he didn’t know about, but he was actually more at ease since Carter’s people had left.

Even though this territory was poor and was bought with five glasses, it still gave him a good place to stay.

Besides, this castle would be impossible to buy on Earth without tens of millions of dollars.

“I don’t know what Carter is scheming, but I don’t plan to give away the things that I’ve obtained.” Liu Feng mumbled, smiling.

“Right, there’s the gift Carter was talking about before he left.” Liu Feng immediately searched for the castle’s dungeon.

After searching for more than half an hour, he finally found the entrance of the dungeon in a remote corner.

There was an old lock on the door.

Liu Feng found something to smash the lock and cursed, “Carter actually didn’t even give me the key.”

The door opened and Liu Feng felt the stagnant air.⁶ There was also a bad, sour musty smell, which made Liu Feng frown and made him question and doubt the gift that Carter was talking about.

Liu Feng took out a flashlight from his storage space and illuminated the surroundings.

He found that the dungeon walls were made of granite, and there were various torture devices hanging on the walls.

“A corrupted noble’s dungeon”³

Liu Feng laughed out loud and walked into the depths of the dungeon, which gave him a gloomy feeling.

In the deepest part of the dungeon, he saw the gift that Carter had talked about.

Under the light of the flashlight, he saw a petite human figure curled up in the corner of the dungeon.

The person was at most 1.6 meters tall and was very weak and thin.

“Hey! Is the person inside still alive” Liu Feng knocked on the dungeon fence.

He could only see the other person’s back.

The sudden sound made the person’s body shake a little.

She turned her head, and the bright light caused her eyes to close slightly, but she quickly opened her eyes again and looked over.

It was a pair of light blue, beautiful eyes, just like the summer lake, but her expression clearly showed disgust.

There wasn’t a trace of fear on her small, messy face.

What attracted Liu Feng the most, however, was the pair of ears on her head.

It was a pair of cat ears.

“Beastkin⁴ Catgirl⁵”

Liu Feng’s eyes were full of surprise.

He hadn’t expected to see a living beastkin.

He had been in this world for a month and had always heard that this world had them, but he had never seen one.

He hadn’t expected to see a beastkin in a dungeon, and a catgirl at that.

Translator’s Note:

¹ 毒.

Poison or venom.

It’s also a way to say that someone is bad, kind of like how we call people toxic.

² In the raws Liu Feng said that he wasn’t given the chance to understand, but he did;t say what

³ I’m pretty sure that corrupted refers to the dungeon and not the noble.

⁴ 獸人.

Literally, beastman, but I’m gonna use beastkins cause I feel like it.

⁵ In Chinese catgirls are actually called cat-ear girls, bunnygirls are called bunny-ear girls, foxgirls are called fox-ear girls, and so on.


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