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Chapter 60: Other World Version Shopping Mall’s Grand Opening

The sun had just risen, but Xi Yang City was bustling with activity, as today was the day for the Shopping Mall’s Grand Opening.

The citizens had no idea what a grand opening was, but it didn’t matter to them- they only cared about the fact that they could buy wheat from the Shopping Mall.

Nicole woke Liu Feng up at seven.

He was only half awake when he changed his clothes and washed himself and only fully woke up when he was eating breakfast.

Liu Feng yawned and said, “Autumn is a good time for sleeping.”

“Young Master, hurry up, it’s almost eight,” Nicole said.

She remembered that Liu Feng had asked her to wake him up at seven for the Shopping Mall.

“I should have set the grand opening at 10,” Liu Feng said, sighing and picking up the buns from the table.

“Don’t worry, Young Master.

You’re the city lord, so no one would say anything bad about you even if you are late,” Mina said.

She had a bun in both of her hands, as well as one in her mouth. Well, if anyone does say something bad, then I’ll just ask him to test out my military knife.

“Mina, you eat too much.

Give me one,” Anri said, pouting.

She had only eaten nine buns and was still one short of 10.


You won’t grow meat no matter how much you eat.

It’s just a waste of food,” Mina teased.

They have such good appetites, Liu Feng thought as he looked at Mina devouring the buns in three bites.

He had only eaten one bun and was on his second one, but he already felt full.

He silently looked at the untidy bite marks on the bun.

As someone with OCD, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable when looking at how untidy it was, so he took a few more bites.

There, much better, Liu Feng thought as he looked at the bun.

He then waved at Anri.

“Young Master What- mmm… mmm…”

When Anri opened her mouth to speak, Liu Feng put his half-eaten bun into Anri’s mouth and patted her head.

“Let’s go,” Liu Feng said, getting up and walking away.

Anri stared at Liu Feng’s back in a daze as she held the bun in her mouth with her hands.

Her face was red.

“What You don’t want it” Mina asked, glancing at the bun in Anri’s mouth.

She remembered that when she first ate burgers, she had also eaten the food that Liu Feng had already partially eaten.

Anri covered the bun with her hands and looked at Mina alertly.

She took three bites and swallowed everything and suddenly felt that the bun was more fragrant.

“Mina, I ate Young Master’s half- mmm… mmm…”Anri wanted to brag, but before she could finish her sentence, Mina stuffed her half-eaten bun into Anri’s mouth.¹

“Take your time eating.

I’ll leave first,” Mina said, clapping her hands and chasing after Liu Feng.

By the time Anri got up to them, they had already reached the entrance of the Shopping Mall.

There was a crowd of people there looking at the red strip of cloth that was in front of the Shopping Mall.

Liu Feng stood in front of the cloth with a pair of scissors in his hand.

He had learned this from Earth.

As soon as it turned eight, he cut the cloth with the scissors.

“It doesn’t even feel that great,” Liu Feng mumbled.

“Young Master, let’s go in first.

There are too many people here,” Mina said as she scanned the crowd for suspicious people.

Carter and Fez were also in the crowd.

They were in a daze as they couldn’t understand why Liu Feng cut off a perfectly good piece of cloth.

They also couldn’t believe that the person up there was Liu Feng. The clothes are so elegant and noble-like.

This is my first time seeing those kinds of clothes.

Is that really Liu Feng

Nicole had specifically selected a Hanfu for Liu Feng to wear for this occasion.

If he wore a crown, then he would be a real noble.² But his hair was too short, so he couldn’t wear the crown.

Even so, many people were awed by his appearance and didn’t dare to get too close to him.

It was said that people rely on clothes and horses rely on shoes, and Liu Feng was an example of that.

If Liu Feng said that he was a prince, many people would believe him.

Who is this Liu Feng Even dukes don’t have clothes as gorgeous as the ones he’s wearing.

He can’t be the king’s illegitimate son, can he Carter immediately rejected the idea, as even the princes didn’t have clothes as good as Liu Feng’s clothes.

Carter’s eyes were full of greed.

He believed that many nobles would be willing to pay six gold coins to buy that clothing.

“Lord Father, this Liu Feng definitely has a big secret.

He might have gotten the treasures of a big noble,” Fez said.

That must be it! That’s the only reason Liu Feng could take out five crystal glasses and have those gorgeous clothes! Fez and Carter both thought.

Both of them had been blinded by greed and were trying to justify it with whatever they could think of.

Tory didn’t fare much better either.

He had disgraced himself in the City Lord’s Mansion yesterday, so if it wasn’t for the hides, he didn’t want to see Liu Feng.

He had always been proud of his nobility, but in front of Liu Feng, he felt like he was a wild man that had just come out of a cave.

Tory looked at the cloth on his body.

The fabric was rough and the color was dull and monotonous, but they were his best clothes and had cost him five silver coins. Even the beastkins next to Liu Feng had better clothes than me!

The nobles cared about their image the most.

They compared their etiquette, household goods, food, drinks, and clothes.

The silk from the Earth’s Tang Dynasty was one of the most valuable materials of the time.

Many people considered them to be as valuable as gold.

“Sir Tory, the hides you want are inside.

Please come with me,” Liu Feng said.

He was confused as many people were just in a daze and were just standing in place as if they were rooted to the spot.

“Oh, oh.

Uh yes, I’m here,” Tory said nervously.

He kept two steps away from Liu Feng.

Liu Feng walked into the Shopping Mall.

The Shopping Mall was a small part of the city’s core area.

He could only open a small part of the area as most of the buildings were unfinished, but at the moment, it was enough.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Congrats! You now ate 10 buns just like you wanted to.

² That’s a king or emperor, you stupid author.


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