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Chapter 63: Purchasing Martial Products License

I admit it.

I’m a country bumpkin.

Anyone that comes here will become one. Tory was currently buying as much as he could.

He brought half the lollipops from the counter with a few copper coins and was laughing happily like a kid. I wonder how much money Liu Feng will lose.

Did Liu Feng actually lose money Well, the cost of a tiny bit of wheat flour, sugar, and dried fruit was… well, very cheap.

It was easy to see that Liu Feng would make plenty of money.

Tory was the first customer in the Shopping Mall¹ who was a noble.

The energy he had during his shopping spree scared Mina, Anri, and Nicole.

He cleaned every section he went to.

Tory was currently in a ceramic store.

He walked in with his servant and stared at the ceramics.

“Hello, what do you need This store has more than 300 kinds of ceramics.

All of them came from the City Lord’s Mansion, with many of them designed by Lord City Lord,” the clerk said, smiling.

Liu Feng had taught the Department of Scientific Research how to make ceramics.

They weren’t as good as the ceramics from Earth, but they were still on a whole other level compared to the gray and brown ceramics in this world.²

“Such beautiful white and clean ceramics,” Tory said, captivated by the ceramics. Even though these ceramics aren’t as good as the ones Baron Liu Feng has, they’re still better than the ones that counts have! If I can use these ceramics to eat, I can eat one more bowl of food every time I eat! Plus, if I take these ceramics out when I have guests, they will definitely be shocked out of their minds!

“I want to buy 50, no I want to buy 100 of these ceramics,” Tory said, waving his hand.

He hurriedly pulled a servant up and said, “Hurry up and count the money.

Buy all of these for me.”

Liu Feng, Mina, Anri, and Nicole walked into the store.

Tory held a ceramic plate, went to Liu Feng, and said, “Lord Liu Feng.

I’m sorry for being so disgraceful in your house yesterday.

Please take this as compensation.” Tory had taken out one of the more expensive ceramics in the store.

They cost about five silver coins each.

“Sir Tory, it’s just a plate.

It’s not a big deal.

You’re thinking about it too much,” Liu Feng said.

He didn’t accept the ceramic plate, as the City Lord’s Mansion’s warehouse had a ton of these ceramic plates.

Tory couldn’t help but slap his forehead. Shit, I almost forgot that the City Lord’s Mansion has way better ceramics.

They even have various colored patterns.

There’s no way Lord Liu Feng would care about these inferior products.

Sigh, one man’s treasure is another man’s trash. Tory suddenly lost the urge to continue shopping, as he had treasured another man’s trash.

Tory was frantically telling himself that he had to be calm and not act surprised. Be calm, Tory, be calm.

You’re a noble.

You can’t act like a country bumpkin.

It’s too humiliating.

“Let’s go, the hides you want are over here,” Liu Feng said, going outside.

He didn’t want to smell the odor Tory was emitting.

Mina and Anri had very sensitive noses, so they stood even further away.

After getting used to the smell of soap, they couldn’t stand the fishy smell.³

Tory didn’t realize it at all.

After all, all the nobles in this world all had that fishy smell.

This was because all of them ate a ton of meat starting from childhood, weren’t diligent in bathing, and didn’t really clean their clothes.

The group came to the Leather Section.

There were a bunch of wooden shelves.

Each one of them had animal hides on them, with a small piece of paper that introduced the hides.

“Sir Tory, take whatever you want.

We’ll put it on the City Lord’s Mansion’s tab and use it to pay for the wheat,” Liu Feng said.

“Okay!” Tory immediately took his servants to pick out hides suitable for making armor.

Tory had seven servants with him, and each one of them carried something.

“Young master, are we really selling all the skins We also need leather armor,” Nicole whispered.

“Don’t worry.

The highest quality hides are in the warehouse.

These ones are of average quality,” Liu Feng said.

All he did was package them a little to make them look like they were of higher quality.

“Lord Liu Feng, you sell bows and arrows here” Tory asked with a longbow in his arms.

“This is just a light hunting bow for hunting small animals.

What, you want to buy it” Liu Feng asked.

These longbows were pretty weak and could only kill small animals like rabbits from a short distance.

They were unsuitable for use in war.

“Yes,” Tory said, nodding.

He didn’t care what kind of bow it was as long as they could be used to shoot arrows.

“Alright then.

Nicole, give him a license,” Liu Feng said, nodding.

The bows in the Shopping Mall were weakened versions of the ones used in the military, but everyone could only purchase one of them once per month.

If they wanted to buy more, they needed a Purchasing Martial Products License from the City Lord’s Mansion.

After Tory got the certificate, he immediately bought all 30 hunting bows in the shop.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Definitely a shopping mall.

I’ll go back and change the terms when I have time.

² I’ve been using “in this era” before, because that’s what the author wrote, but I feel like “in this world” is a more accurate term.

I’ll go back and change them when I can.

³ Soap’s smell doesn’t even last that long… Okay, I’ll shut up now.


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