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Chapter 65: The Slightly Yandere Nicole

It was already afternoon when Liu Feng, Nicole, Mina, and Anri got back to the castle.

Their lunch today was noodles with fried bean sauce.

Everyone had a large bowl of noodles with a few small bowls that served as side dishes.

Of course, Mina’s and Anri’s bowls were much larger than Liu Feng’s and Nicole’s bowls of noodles.

Nicole, Mina, and Anri stared at Liu Feng’s hand.

This was their first time eating noodles with fried bean sauce, and so they were learning how to do so.

“Okay, I’m starting.

Watch and learn,” Liu Feng said.


“Young master, I’m watching.”

“I’ll definitely do it better than Mina.”

Liu Feng put on a serious expression.

Looking at the three that also put on serious expression after he did, he wanted to laugh but held back.

“First, you put the sauce in.

Then, you stir the noodles.

And then you can eat,” Liu Feng said, starting to eat the noodles.

“Young master, that’s it” the three blinked in confusion.

“Of course.

What did you expect” Liu Feng said, trying hard to not laugh.


“Tsk! I don’t even need to be taught something as simple as this,” Anri said, pouting. Young Master is so mischievous.

“Delicious! The most delicious foods are the simple ones!” Mina said.

“Young Master is getting more and more naughty,” Nicole said.

Niu Ben came in while they were still eating and whispered something in Liu Feng’s ears.

“Oh Carter’s here It seems like the Shopping Mall has improved,” Liu Feng said, putting down the chopsticks in his hand.

“Let them wait.

Come and try some noodles, Uncle Niu Ben.”

Nicole carried a bowl of noodles to Niu Ben.

“Father, we have five different sauces here.

Choose the one that you prefer.”


“Eat,” Liu Feng said.

“Okay!” Niu Ben said, starting to stir the noodles.

It was already half an hour later when Liu Feng met with Carter and Fez.

“Sir Carter, we meet again.

How come you have time to come here today” Liu Feng said with a polite smile.

Carter smiled gently.

“You see, old people will always miss the place they grew up in.

I’ve only been in Lie Ma City for a few days, and I already missed the castle in Xi Yang City.”

Lie Ma City was owned by Omar and was one of the most prosperous cities around here.

“Indeed, old people would miss the place they grew up in,” Liu Feng said, nodding.

“Then, Sir Carter, have you found a new place to call home Actually, how did you design this castle It’s so comfortable to live in.”

The corner of Carter’s and Fez’s mouth twitched. How could it not be comfortable The original owner of the capital was a duke! If it wasn’t because of an accident, we would never have been able to live in such a good castle.

“Cough cough cough.”

Carter coughed.

“To tell you the truth, ever since I left the castle, I couldn’t eat or sleep well.

If this goes on, I won’t be able to live.”

Is he trying to get pity Or is he testing me A trace of playfulness flashed across Liu Feng’s eyes.

He said with surprise in his voice, “How is that possible Isn’t there a witch doctor in the south of Xi Yang City I heard that he specializes in curing sleep problems.

Fez frowned and wanted to curse. The witch doctor in the south He’s the one that collects corpses! This Liu Feng is telling us to die!

“Cough cough cough.” Carter coughed and glared at Fez.

Even though he was also pissed, he didn’t want to break their relationship on the surface so quickly. If it wasn’t because I can’t beat you, I would already have done so.

Freaking little ** cursing me to die early. They didn’t dare to do anything because they hadn’t brought their guards with them, and Mina was at the side, playing with her knife.

Mina had been staring at Carter’s and Fez’s neck.

They were the ones who had locked her in the dungeon, and she hadn’t expected to see them here.

If Liu Feng hadn’t told her to not do anything crazy, she would have already killed them.

“Lord Liu Feng, last time, I traded my territory with you for five crystal glasses.

And now, their prices have inflated to eighteen gold coins per glass, which is three times the original cost,” Carter said, smiling.

“Is that so Then, Sir Carter, congratulations,” LIu Feng said, pretending to be surprised.

“I can use four-” Carter was going to say that he was going to use four glasses to get the territory back, but he swallowed his words when he saw Nicole carry over a glass with red wine in it.

Nicole was the one who had arranged this.

Nicole was normally a quiet girl, but when things involved Liu Feng, she would become a bit insane.

“Young Master, here’s the red wine you want,” Nicole said softly.

“Mhmm!” Liu Feng picked up the glass and looked at Carter.

“Sir Carter, you said you wanted to use four what”


Sorry for bothering you today,” Carter said, forcing himself to smile.

Without waiting for Liu Feng to reply, he pulled Fez out of the castle. Since you won’t give me the territory back peacefully, then I’ll just have to use some other means.


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