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Chapter 71: I May Marry a Beastkin

Mina found Liu Feng was still in the study with a bowl of polished rice porridge on the desk when she returned to the castle.

This scene made her smile brighter, and her malice, which had remained as an aftermath of her killings, disappeared.

“Welcome back!” Liu Feng said, looking up and smiling.

“You must be hungry.”

“Yes! I’m very hungry,” Mina said, wiping her hands on the side of her coat.

Her hands didn’t have any blood,¹ but she subconsciously didn’t want Liu Feng, who she thought was gentle,² to learn that she was someone that could kill without hesitation.

“This is just simple porridge.

There isn’t any lean meat or any other stuff in there,” Liu Feng said.

Mina nodded and sat on the desk, holding the porridge in her hands.

She knew that Nicole wasn’t the one who had made the porridge the instant she bit into the porridge, because it had the same taste as the porridge she had eaten when she had first been let out of the dungeon.

“The past is the past.

Today is a new beginning,” Liu Feng said gently.

He could tell that there was something bothering Mina.

“Mm!” Mina paused briefly and said, “Young Master, the porridge you cook is more delicious!”

“Ha ha ha… Nicole’s gonna blame me if you say that,” Liu Feng said, laughing.

“Nicole won’t do that.

She’s not someone who’s going to blame you,” Mina said, shaking her head.

She licked her lips.

She wanted to ask something, but she didn’t know whether or not she should say it.

“Say what you want to say.

Right now, you don’t look like the Mina that I know,” Liu Feng said.

“Young Master, I’m talking about if…” Mina blushed slightly.

She stopped eating, and her sky blue eyes stared at Liu Feng’s black eyes.

“If what” Liu Feng asked, tilting his head slightly. Is it because she killed someone today I thought that killing Carter and Fez would help her get rid of some of the trauma they had left her when they locked her up into the dungeon.

Mina took a deep breath and put aside the porridge.

She was extremely nervous.

Liu Feng also sat up straight.

“Alright, what do you want to say”

“That… that…” Mina blushed even more.

“It’s that, Young Master, that… what kind of girl will you marry in the future”

“What” Liu Feng was stunned.

He hadn’t expected Mina to ask that question with a serious expression.

He hadn’t considered it at all, since he was very young.

Of course, people his age in this world already have quite a few children.

“Why are you asking this” Liu Feng asked.

He looked up and saw Mina’s shy expression.

This was the first time he saw her make that expression.

“I- I just suddenly wanted to know,” Mina said, panicking a little.

She hurriedly got down from the desk and ran towards the door.

“Young Master, it’s okay even if you don’t say it.

Liu Feng blinked and smiled gently.

“I may marry a female beastkin!”

“Huh” Mina, who had just gotten to the door, stopped abruptly.

In the next second, she panickedly opened the door and fled.


Mina shut the door close and stood in the hallway with her face red.

She didn’t know why she had asked Liu Feng that question as she had known the answer to the question.

She thought that a noble man would definitely marry a noble girl.

Even if they don’t they would marry a commoner girl instead of a beastkin, no matter how beautiful they were.

Any noble that does would become a laughing stock.

But she still asked because she had hope in her heart.

Now, Mina felt lucky to have asked that question.

Liu Feng’s answer was an outrageous one, but it was also the answer that she wanted the most.

Mina smiled and walked away happily.

She kept chanting the words “May marry a beastkin”.

Mina would be happy for many days even if it was just a lie, but she knew that Liu Feng wouldn’t lie to her.

Even if Liu Feng wouldn’t marry her, she would still stay by his side.


Isn’t it also a kind of happiness to be able to be by the side of your beloved one

Author’s Note:

Just wanting to be with him or her, this must be how we thought when we had a crush on someone when we were young.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ Not like wiping your hand without water is gonna clean dried blood.


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