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Chapter 81: Rabbit Girl


It was extremely quiet in the castle as there was almost no one walking around, except for the people that were doing their required patrolling.

Weya struggled to open her eyes in the darkness.

Her head felt light and dizzy.

As she saw the darkness around her, her heart sank and her senses dulled.

Of course.

I’m in that noble’s hidden, dark room, am I not Either that, or I am in his dungeon, Weya thought.

Weya felt that her whole body was weak and she found it very hard to move.

The pain that came from her arm actually gave her a bit of comfort as it basically told her that was still okay and not crippled.

“It seems like my body has gotten a bit better,” Weya said, confused. That’s weird.

I thought I would die. She had heard from beastkins in her village about many beastkins that died from an illness where their head would become dizzy and forehead would become hot.

“Of course, because Young Master cured you.”¹

The sudden voice made Weya’s heart skip a beat.

She hurriedly turned her head and stared at the place where the sound came from.


Weya was a bit uneasy. This is the voice of the cat beastkin I saw before I fainted.

Did she already become the noble’s lackey

There was a scratching sound followed by the appearance of a small flame.

Soon after a candle was lit, which made the flame bigger.

Weya saw the owner of the voice.

She was a catgirl with long, black hair and sky blue eyes filled with sharpness. I’ve only seen these kinds of eyes on an elf before.

These are the eyes of experts then can solo a dozen people.

The elf with those eyes killed a dozen super strong wolves with only a bow and arrows.

“You’re awake How do you feel” Mina asked.

She had been here the whole time as she didn’t dare to be overconfident when beastkins were concerned.

“Not very good,” Weya said, a bit surprised by Mina’s attitude.

She tried to probe Mina’s thoughts and asked, “Where am I right now”

Mina glanced at her and said, “In Young Master’s castle.”

“Human noble” Weya said, disgust flashing through her eyes. I knew it.

This is such a joke.

To think that I would be in the hands of the corrupted and brutal human nobles as soon as I escaped from the slave traders.

It’s laughable.

I literally just saved them the process of selling and sent myself to a noble.

“Get a good rest.

If you want to talk about anything then we can do it tomorrow,” Mina said, turning around and leaving the room.

She decided to give Weya some time to think.

“Wait…” Weya said, but then stopped herself.

Mina’s stopped for a moment before leaving the room.

The room sank into silence, with the only movement being from the flame of the candle.

Weya looked around for a bit and was surprised. This isn’t a dungeon or a hidden room She had heard about hidden rooms from her mother before.

It was usually built underground and filled with tons of torturing tools.

It was built for nobles to play with people.

Her parents rushed to save her as soon as she got caught by the slave traders.

They stalled the slave traders so that she would be able to escape. If they didn’t save me, then I would probably be in the hidden room of a fat noble.

There were tears in Weya’s eyes. I shouldn’t have gone out to pick fruits.

If I hadn’t gone out, then I wouldn’t have encountered slave traders. She had only been trying to get more food to be stored for the winter for her tribe, but it had caused her to encounter slave traders.

“Father, mother, it’s all my fault!” Weya’s mind was filled with guilt.

After feeling guilty for a while, Weya wiped away her tears and thought about how to leave.

After observing the room, Weya came to a conclusion- the room wasn’t a hidden room, as she could clearly see the dark night outside through a window in the room.

The room was furnished neatly, and under the reflection of the candlelight, the room was beautiful enough for Weya to think that it was the most elegant room that she had ever seen. It’s much better than the caves my tribe lives in.

This bed It’s so soft! It’s as if someone was gently stroking my skin.

“Why is this happening What is the noble scheming What is he plotting” Weya’s body suddenly stiffened.

She suddenly remembered what Mina had told her- that Liu Feng had saved her.

Her light red eyes were filled with disbelief. The human noble saved me How could that be Nobles wanted beastkins to go extinct, why would a noble save me Is he lusting after my beauty Yes! That must be it! After all, I am the most beautiful female in the tribe. That was the only explanation Weya thought of.²

What do I do Do I have to have my innocence taken away by the noble I need to run away! Yes! Run away…

“Damn it!”

Weya found it hard to put strength into her body, let alone move it.

It was as if the blankets had sealed her in the bed. The window is so close, but I can’t even reach it.

“I still need to go back to the tribe and lead them to the South.

There’s no winter there… why… why…”

Weya finally stopped after half an hour.

She was already exhausted, so she gradually fell asleep again.

Soon after Weya fell asleep, Liu Feng and Mina walked into the room.

Liu Feng looked at Weya’s pale face, nodded his face, and said, “She has already gotten through the life-threatening period.

She just needs to rest for a few days and she will be healthy again.” He had already understood how amazing beastkins’ physiques were, especially after seeing how much Fuji had grown just after a few days.

“Young Master, what are you going to do with her” Mina asked in a small voice, looking at Weya.

“That depends on her.

She seems to have some bad memories, so after she gets better and wants to leave, don’t stop her.

If she wants to stay, then give her a tour and let her find a job that she likes.

It should be enough for her to support herself,” Liu Feng said.

He didn’t think much about it as he thought that there were be a lot of beastkins in Xi Yang City in the future.

The better the lives of the people in the territory, the better the territory develops, the more they will love me as their lord, and the better my life will be.

Whoever wants to remove me from this position would be beaten to death by the commoners.

“Understood!” Mina said, nodding. This is indeed the best way to deal with things.

I think that I and Anri both decided to stay here on our own will.

Not everyone can resist Young Master’s charm.

Translator’s Notes:

¹ I was extremely tempted to write “No ** sherlock”.

² You don’t hold a candle to Shiro-san.


Just as I decided to not slack off I don’t get the time to translate (and as expected I can’t stop editing previous chapters). So time to translate on the bus.

Also, translating using my phone on the bus is a pain so I’m not really editing as much as I would have liked to so please bare with the lower quality translation in the meantime. Yeah nah I’m not doing that, it’s too painful.

Also, due to my trash internet, some parts that I had previously translated weren’t saved, and because my computer shut down due to low battery, I had to translate this chapter a second time.

Oh and it’s way past my bedtime so I’m skipping some of the editing that I usually do.


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