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Chapter 97: Leave Young Master to Me

Mina and Nicole snuck to the door of the study, lit a candle, glanced at each other, and then looked inside the study.

“Young Master’s book should be on the desk,” Nicole said.

“Go!” Mina said, walking silently as she employed the techniques she usually used when she went to “borrow” stuff.

The two got to the desk and saw a thick notebook that was as thick as 3 fingers.

Nicole remembered that she had only seen 4 notebooks this thick in the inner vault, and she had 1 of them.

“It should be this book.

I saw Young Master writing on this book up until midnight 2 days ago,” Mina said, sighing.

“Young Master was really happy!” Nicole said, smiling a bit.

Her eyes were filled with warmth as they reflected the dancing flame of the candle.

“I could see that Young Master was having fun when he wrote this.”

Mina was slightly stunned and got into a trance as she thought about Liu Feng’s gentle smile.

She then shook her head, What am I thinking

“Ha! Look who I found!”

A voice came from the door, and the 2 looked up in shock to see Anri pointing her finger at them.

“How dare you 2 sneak into Young Master’s study in the middle of the night.

Speak, what evil crime are you trying to commit” Anri said.

Weya, who was on the side, didn’t know what to do.

“Tch!” Mina immediately understood what happened when she saw Weya.

“Anri, stop pretending.

Weya definitely told you about Journey to the West, and you also wanted to know what happened next, so you forcibly dragged Weya here, right”

“Uh…” Anri embarrassingly lowered her arm as Mina had pretty much guessed everything correctly.

“We haven’t started yet.

Come, let’s read it together!” Nicole said.

“He he he… okay!” Anri said as she tightened her grip on her backpack, which contained her favorite lollipops.

The 4 huddled together as they looked at the thick notebook.

Nicole opened the book to the first page, and the first thing they saw was a piece of paper.

“Uh… he he he!” The 4 of them were all embarrassed.

The paper read, “I know you won’t be able to resist it, but don’t stay up too late! ( ̄▽ ̄).”

Young Master really knows us, they thought and smiled.

“Wow! Amazing! A monkey with a stick fought the Heavenly Court, that’s so amazing!” Anri shouting could be heard late throughout the night.

Mina, Nicole, and Weya didn’t fare much better.

They would from time to time, cover their mouths in surprise.

Mina would even take out her military knife to swing it around when she got nervous.

Just like that, the 4 young girls got so attracted to Journey to the West that they became part of the all-nighters army.

The next day, early in the morning, Liu Feng saw the 4 girls all with eyebags as they tiredly greeted him.

“Good morning, Young Master,” Mina, Nicole, and Anri said, embarrassed.

“Good morning, Lord Liu Feng,” Weya said, her cheeks slightly red, not daring to look at Lui Feng’s eyes directly.

Liu Feng could easily guess what had happened.

They were just like him when he was on Earth and stayed up late to read novels.

“You guys… just like I thought,” Liu Feng said, shaking his head with a smile.

He knew how attractive the novel Journey to the West was to a world with hardly any forms of entertainment.

“Hurry up and eat your breakfast and then get some rest,” Liu Feng said.

“Okay!” Anri said, rubbing her eyes.

“I want to sleep until afternoon today.”

“Mhmm.” Weya nodded.

She also needed to get some rest and then look over the teaching materials as she had to start teaching the next day.

Nicole yawned, saying, “Then I’ll go and prepare Young Master’s lunch right now.”

“You don’t need to.

I’ve already told Aunt May to prepare lunch for me, so I won’t be back for lunch today,” Liu Feng said, shaking his head and smiling lightly.

He was going to go out to patrol his territory to make decisions on how he would next develop the territory.

“I will accompany Young Master,” Mina said softly.

Liu Feng froze for a bit, and he looked at Mina’s tired face.

“No, you should go and west.

With the War Wolves around, nothing will happen to me.

Besides, the soldiers will be training.

With this many people nearby, no one would be able to get near me.”

Mina stared at Liu Feng, with the words “no way, I will go” on her face.

“You… fine,” Liu Feng said, feeling defeated.

He knew that Mina was even planning to prepare her own carriage if he refused, so he had no choice but to take her along.

In truth, Liu Feng was pretty moved by how much Mina worried about his safety.

“Mina, Young Master’s safety is up to you,” Nicole said.

She was just an ordinary and beautiful girl.

Having pulled an all-nighter, she was tired and found it a bit hard to focus.

“Be safe!” Anri said, waving her hand.

A military knife appeared in Mina’s hand.

She said, “No problem, just leave Young Master to me.”

Liu Feng and Mina walked out, leaving the 3 women just sitting at the dining table.

For some reason, they felt that leaving Mina out with Liu Feng alone in a carriage would cause something to happen.

Liu Feng’s carriage was a four-wheeled shock-absorbing luxury horse carriage, or basically, the other world version Rolls Royce level carriage.

This carriage was about twice as long as an average carriage.

The carriage had 2 horses pulling it, and that fact combined with the shock absorbers, bearings, cushions, and other things Liu Feng brought from Earth, it was as if the carriage was made for an emperor.

Most of the carriages in this world were two-wheeled carriages pulled by a single horse.

Only nobles had the money to use carriages that had multiple horses pulling them.

Mina was stunned by the decorations inside the carriage.

The carriage had soft cushions, cabinets, snacks, card slots, drinks, and a lot more.

It looked like a moveable house to her.

Young Master really knows how to enjoy himself, like always!

Translator’s Notes:

Stayed up late translating a teaser chapter yesterday, so I’m super sleepy today.

1 chapter only.


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