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Super master system a surprise and a new update

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We can see a girl waking up in a room unknown to her

"What happened?" he asked himself in a whisper as he stood up, but when he did, he fell and felt great pain throughout his body.

"You should stay in bed, you still haven fully recovered" Kuro said entering the room with a plate of food in his hands.

Kuro put the plate down on a small table in the room and helped her up and put her back on the bed.

"Who are you?" asked the girl, somewhat scared and still in whispers.

-My name is Kuro, its a pleasure, and your name is?- Kuro said

-My name is Izumi, a pleasure- he said in a whisper but with a little pain at the end

"Calm down, eat a little, youve been unconscious for 2 days, you must be hungry" Kuro said giving him the plate of food, the plate of food consisted of a common soup but with a little meat

The woman now known as Izumi tried to take the plate but gave a small grunt of pain as Kuro moved, seeing that, he sat her on the bed and began to give her the food, Izumi ate but with a flushed face since it was the first time she a man fed him

"Better?" Kuro asked, to which Izumi just gave a little nod.

"Thats good, for a moment I thought you weren going to eat since Im just a stranger" Kuro said

"I don care about that... to be honest, you

e the first person who cared about me" Izumi said with a small sad smile at the end.

-Thats sad to hear... hey, this could be personal but can you tell me why they treated you like that?- Kuro asked since it was the first time Ive heard that someone was almost beaten to death because if it wasn for Izumi I would have dead

-Thats because my family broke a contract- Izumi said with some sadness

And Izumi told him what was happening with his family, that in short his family was a small noble family of a very low grade and they only existed thanks to a middle grade family called badger, but this family always treated them badly, as if they were simple lambs for the slaughterhouse, once the son of the patriarch of the badger family fell in love with her and wanted to have a commitment contract, his father with no other options could only accept, Izumi had already resigned himself to his fate, but one night he was Seeing the stars, he saw the son of the patriarch having relations with a servant and he was breaking the contract, but the badger family, in order not to look bad before the other nobles, said that she had had sexual relations and that she tried to trick them.all the noble families believed them and the further decline of the Izumi family began

In this world the noble classes are divided into the following ranks: Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, Earl, Great Earl and King, only noble families that are medium grade upwards can have an animal on their shield. familiar and be called after that animal.

Kuro upon hearing his story was boiling with rage since he did not believe that there were people as despicable as that badger family

-And thats how I had to live on the streets because if I stayed with my family, sooner or later it was going to become extinct- Izumi said with great sadness since what she loved the most was her family and it hurt her a lot to have to leave her because of some bastards as she calls them

"So you don have a place to stay, are you sure?" Kuro said and finally asked and Izimi could only nod.

"Then why don you stay here?" Kuro asked with a smile.

-But if I stay, the badger family will come for you- Izumi said, worried about Kuro since he had shown her a lot of kindness by rescuing her, feeding her and taking care of her.

"I don think its a problem since Im already in trouble with them, I think" Kuro said with a nervous smile.

Izumi realized at that moment that what Kuro said was true since the people who were beating her were from the badger family, so she had no choice but to accept Kuros proposal.

time skip

2 weeks have passed and in that time Kuro has not stopped training and doing missions so much that he became an H rank adventurer, and Izumi took all that time to heal since those guys had left his body in very bad shape and combined with malnutrition the result was very terrible, also at that time he discovered that no doctor was going to treat him since they don want to make the badger family angry, so Kuro had no other option but to learn medicine and thus obtaining the passive ability medical

"Status" Kuro said.

[name: Kuro

level:9 EXP 55/100%

Strength: 34 Speed: 31

Senses: 27 Agility: 26

Stamina: 33 Luck: 10

Intelligence: 29 Wisdom: 37

Disciples: 0



Swordsmanship(Master), Bowmanship(Master), Spearmanship(Very High), Alchemy(Medium), Magic(High), Traps(Very High), Medicine(Low)


Hurricane Fist(medium)]

"My stats improved a lot more than before, but why do my passive abilities increase so fast?" Kuro said with a smile but then asked the air intrigued

But Kuro couldn keep thinking because someone spoke behind his back.

-Hey Kuro- Izumi said although she looked a little nervous

"Whats wrong, Izumi?" Kuro asked, somewhat worried about his friends attitude.

-Well since you are an adventurer I was wondering if…- Izumi said but in the end nothing was heard since he said it in such a low whisper that even Kuro didn hear it

-Sorry Izumi but you can repeat it so I don hear you at all- Kuro said apologizing for not hearing her

Izumi took a deep breath and yelled.

-CAN I BE YOUR DISCIPLE?- Izumi yelled/asked with a red face from embarrassment

"Of course, why not? I was going to ask you to be my disciple so that in the future I could be sure that nothing was going to happen to you" Kuro said, not with a smile since what he said was true but it was also to see what the problem was. 100% system capacity

"Really good" he said smiling and giving a little jump

-But you must be clear and that is that I am not going to be soft with your training, did you hear?- Kuro said seriously since he was going to take being a teacher seriously

"Yes, Ill do my best" Izumi said with a smile

After that conversation, Kuro gave him a training regimen that when Izumi saw it he was very scared since this was something "Inhuman" in his opinion, but swallowing his complaints he did as he was asked and at the end of the day he sees an Izumi all sweaty and with a lot of muscle pain

-You did well for the first day, tomorrow we will concentrate on meditation and reading- Kuro said to Izumi

-And why not more physical exercises? - Izumi asked a little surprised since all the teachers give the disciples an exhausting physical training

-The reason the simple; You are not used to doing exercises so you do them every other day, besides, you also have to train your mind and also if you overexert yourself there can be many serious consequences- Kuro said seriously

"Okay teacher" Izumi said tired

"Okay now go home to bathe and sleep" Kuro said with a smile

After Izumi went to rest, a screen appeared to Kuro that surprised him.

[Congratulations on completing the quest: First Disciple


100% system capacity

Status observation (disciples only)

Talent spotting (disciples only)

2 levels]

[The system will be updated

waiting time: 1h]

Kuro, after seeing that, was surprised since according to him, a mission that had to do with a disciple never appeared to him, but out of nowhere came the memory of the screen that appears in front of him when he saved Izumi, so he just let it go. and went to rest.

The next day, Kuro got up at 6 a.m., bathed, and went to prepare breakfast, which consisted of salads and hard-boiled eggs, and went to wake up Izumi.

-Izumi wake up its time to train- Kuro said

-Im coming *yawn*- was heard in Izumis room

After Izumi bathed and ate, she followed Kuro and went to train.

-Well all you have to do is concentrate, so first close your eyes, then focus on the energy that is around you- Kuro said to izumi and she did as she was told

-After doing all that, many lights of different colors should appear. Gently take the one that attracts you the most and when you have it, take it to your body and spread it inside it- Kuro said

In Izumis Mind

After listening to everything Kuro said, she did it to the letter and began to see lights of all colors, she didn know what to do until she heard Kuros voice

-After doing all that, many lights of different colors should appear. Gently take the one that attracts you the most and when you have it, take it to your body and spread it inside it- Kuro said

After hearing that, Izumi saw the different lights, none of them attracted her so much until she saw a small light, this was strange since it changed color all the time, at one point it is red and then yellow, then green, she felt an attraction very hard, instinctively he took it as best he could and made it almost to Kuro and put it inside his body then as if it were water he guided it all over his body, his body felt hot, then cold, then he felt as if they were talking to him but he did not understand nothing and finally he saw a figure of a girl with a veil on her head, this girl walked away and when Izumi tried to chase her she was surrounded by a very strong light and woke up

Out Of Mind Izumi

She opened her eyes a bit disoriented and saw Kuro staring at her.

-Izumi, can you tell me what you saw?, please- Kuro asked, very curious about the screen that appeared recently.

[Congratulations to the host for having a female disciple with divine connections of light

25% talent to light affinity

-25% to dark affinity]

-I… I saw a strange light… it always changes color and I felt a very strong attraction to this light, when it spread it all over my body, suddenly I saw a girl with a veil I tried to follow her but out of nowhere I was in a place very bright and then I woke up- Izumi said somewhat worried since she didn think that was normal

Kuro was thinking about whether to tell him that he had a connection with divine entities or not, and he was thinking like that for a few minutes until he decided not to tell him since that can bring consequences and above all because he is not very strong and if he gets away with this information does not know what trouble they will get into

Izumi for her part was getting anxious since she believed that she had done something wrong and that Kuro was going to punish her for that as other teachers punished their disciples and especially the female disciples.

-Izumi, try to expel magic, but only a little- Kuro said seriously

Izumi just listened to Kuros request and expelled magic, and what happened surprised Izumi a lot since out of nowhere she started to shine and the plants around her started to bloom until beautiful flowers were formed.

"But what is this?" Izumi wondered aloud.

"Thats Light element magic" Kuro said seriously.

"But wasn that magic lost thousands of years ago?" Izumi asked surprised since she didn expect it to have light magic.

-Yes but it seems that your family had someone who had Light magic in the past- Kuro said trying to give an excuse as to why the magic that Izumi has

-But then why did the particle of light that appeared change color?- Izumi asked Kuro

-That may be due to the fact that all colors descend from light except black- Kuro said since he had heard this in his previous world

-Seriously? I didn know that- Izumi said surprised

-The only thing that Im going to be able to help you with in your magic is in controlling it since I don know any Light element spells- Kuro said a little embarrassed

-Don worry, everything you can teach me please teach me- Izumi said excited to be able to control magic

Thus they began to control magic, starting first by controlling the mana so that it reaches an extremity of your body, this exercise could not be completed since it was very complicated for someone who did not have any magic control, but Izumi did not know. gave up and kept trying until exhaustion

Kuro only saw how Izumi was making an effort and out of nowhere he remembered that he had some new abilities that he could use on Izumi but before that he saw his state

[name: Kuro

level:11 EXP 55/100%

Strength: 34 Speed: 31

Senses: 27 Agility: 26

Stamina: 33 Luck: 10

Intelligence: 29 Wisdom: 37

Status Points: 22

Disciples: 1



Swordsmanship(Master), Bowmanship(Master), Spearmanship(Very High), Alchemy(Medium), Magic(High), Traps(Very High), Medicine(Low)


Hurricane Fist(medium)

Master Skills:

Status Observation:

Gives you the ability to see the status of your disciples and see how strong they are, the statuses resemble yours

Talent Observation:

It gives you the ability to see how talented your disciple is in each section such as: Swordsmanship, bow or spear, alchemy, magic and other things]

"System, what are the status points for?" he asked in his mind since Izumi was still present and he could see it strange if he started talking to himself

[Status points are used to raise any stat you want]

"And what about teacher skills?" Kuro asked again.

[That helps you to be a better teacher since you will know how to improve your disciple]

-And are you going to give me information when I don know whats happening with my disciple?- Kuro asked seriously since if he did, he could help Izumi even more in his training

[The system will give you advice and when you don know what to do, it will give you information]

-It works for me- Kuro thought a little happily

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