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As the second elder and the others walked, the sky grew darker and darker.

The dark clouds in the sky had already completely blocked the moonlight above them.

Immediately after, a few bolts of lightning accompanied by dark purple lightning resounded in their ears.

“Second elder, its going to rain.

Lets find a place to hide from the rain!” An elder reminded.

“Lets first find the way back to our residence!” The second elder sighed and said helplessly.

Right now, all he could think about was the mission tomorrow.

How could he care about taking shelter from the rain And he didnt know if that infuriating special training just now could be considered a pass.

Sigh! When he encountered those guys who didnt play by the rules, he clearly found that he was useless.

Only the word “aggrieved” could describe his current mood.

However, as soon as the second elder finished speaking, hailstones the size of chicken eggs fell from the sky and hit them.

Although they were at least divine emperors and their divine bodies were strong and tough, the hailstones were not ordinary.

They felt pain when they were hit by the hailstones.

If they were not careful, there would be a few big bumps on the head of an elder, which showed the power of the hailstones.

“Lets find a place to hide!” The second elder said hurriedly.

He didnt expect to encounter such a huge hailstorm in the godly land.

They were so unlucky!

When the elders heard the second elders words, they quickly released their divine senses to investigate.

Then, they said in unison,””Theres a cave less than a thousand meters from here.

Lets go there and hide!”

After saying that, the elders ran towards the cave together …

At the entrance of the cave, the elders walked in directly.

The cave they found was very large and it was very dry inside.

After entering, they each found a place to sit down.

“AI!” The elders sighed and were not in a good mood.

Suddenly, they heard a series of soft moans coming from the depths of the cave.

All the elders immediately went on high alert.

“Why are there people here” The second elders face was full of question marks.

He had just checked and there was clearly no aura of living things here, so where did this groan come from

“I dont know! Second elder, lets go in and take a look!” An elders curiosity was piqued, and he incited the second elder.

“Seventh elder, eleventh elder, the two of you go in first to explore the way! If theres any danger, call us immediately.

” The second elder said after some thought.

He didnt dare to let all the elders follow in.

What if they were all trapped inside Therefore, he arranged for two elders who were always cautious to go in first.

“En!” The two elders who were called out nodded their heads.

Then, they looked at each other and walked into the depths of the cave one after another.

Not long after.

The two of them had returned, and their expressions were very ugly.

Seeing that the two elders had returned safe and sound, the second elder was relieved.

“Second elder! We have something to tell you.

” The seventh elder looked at the second elder with a troubled expression.

“Uh! Whats the matter” The second elder was confused.

Seeing this, the seventh elder and the eleventh elder pulled the second elder to a corner and said helplessly,””Second elder, that groan just now was made by the nineteenth elder.”

“Who did you say” The second elders eyes widened as he looked at the seventh and eleventh elders in disbelief.

He thought to himself, Are you sure

“Its the nineteenth elder! Theres another cave in the depths of this cave, and nineteenth elder is locked up there.

” The seventh elder explained very carefully.

Although he didnt know why the nineteenth elder was there, the person who had locked the nineteenth elder up there could make their spiritual awareness unable to detect the situation in the cave.

From this, it could be seen what kind of strength that person had.

It was terrifying to think about.

He really didnt know what kind of strong enemy the nineteenth elder had provoked.

“Argh! Then why didnt you guys save him” The second elder was surprised.

“We didnt dare.

The nineteenth elder seems to have provoked a powerful enemy, so we came back to discuss with the second elder to see what we should do.

” The seventh elder said helplessly.

They were not willing to provoke such a powerful enemy.

At the same time, they were also afraid of bringing endless trouble to the ning family.

Therefore, they did not dare to take the liberty to bring the person back, although the nineteenth elder was not guarded.

“Dont think about those useless things first.

Lets bring him back first!” The second elder made the final decision.

In his opinion, no matter how strong the other party was, since the nineteenth elder had already provoked them, they would not be able to avoid it.

Moreover, the ning family was not afraid of trouble.

Letting their own elder fall into the hands of an outsider would not be good for the reputation of the ning family.

Therefore, even if it was just for the face of the ning family, he had to bring the person back.

As for how to deal with the second elder at that time, it would be their internal affairs.

“En!” The seventh elder and the eleventh elder nodded.

Then, they turned around and walked into the depths of the cave.

However, when they brought the nineteenth elder back, all the elders, including the second elder, were stunned in disbelief.

F * ck! What was this thing

The seventh elder was holding a transparent bubble the size of a watermelon in his arms, and in that bubble was the nineteenth elder of the ning family who had been missing for many days.

However, this nineteenth elders appearance was really miserable.

He was completely naked, and his body was covered with large and small blue and purple claw marks.

His appearance was also particularly Haggard, and his eyes were dull.

No one knew where his gaze had drifted to.

His originally white and fat body had become two circles thinner, and his general belly had also shriveled.

Seeing his current state, the elders could not help but suspect that nineteenth elder had been taken advantage of.

Furthermore, he had been trampled on quite miserably.

Suddenly, everyone did not know what to say.

All the elders looked at each other, and finally, their gazes all floated to the second elder.

The second elder felt extremely depressed when he saw the other eldersgazes.

He didnt know what to do in this situation.

At the same time, he felt a little resentful.

Why didnt the seventh elder and the eleventh elder tell him that the nineteenth elder was in this state

What should he do now

“Uh! Place him on that large green rock! Ill get rid of the bubbles on his body first.

” The second elder muttered to himself for a while before pointing to the huge flat bluestone beside him.

“En!” The seventh elder nodded, and then placed the bubbles in his arms on the green rock.

He really didnt know what to say about the nineteenth elders current situation.

“All of you, back off!” The second elder ordered.

Then, a wind blade appeared in his hand.

This wind blade had been created by him using wind divine power.

It was extremely sharp.

However, when he cut the wind blade at the bubble, the bubble, which he thought would shatter, only caved in.

After a short while, it returned to normal.


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