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On this day, the second elder and the others ran back as usual, but suddenly saw the nineteenth elder coming out of the room.

The elders were stunned for a moment, then reacted, and then they swarmed up and surrounded the nineteenth elder.

“19th elder, how did you get out” The second elder asked curiously.

“The bubble burst, so I came out.” The nineteenth elder lowered his head and was in a very low mood.

After being brought back by the second elder and the others, his consciousness was gradually recovering.

However, as long as he thought of his own encounters in those days, he could not feel happy.

“Its good that youve come out!” The second elder didnt know how to comfort the nineteenth elder.

Now that things had come to this, it seemed unnecessary to say anything.

“Yup! The 19th elder! Now that you can come out, you can train with us!” The seventh elder said happily.

After these few days of training, he could clearly feel that his physical strength had improved a lot.

Moreover, it would only take two hours at most to finish running these few mountains.

This was something that he would not dare to imagine in the past.

“Yes.” The 19th elder nodded.

He could clearly feel that these elders had changed a lot.

“Nineteenth elder! Who did you offend” The 11th elder finally couldnt help but ask.

He had wanted to ask this question for a long time, but the 19th elders mood was sometimes good and sometimes bad, and his mind was also half-awake, so he didnt have the chance to ask.

“I dont know either!” The 19th elder said gloomily.

If he knew who he had offended, he would have taken precautions long ago and would not have suffered such torture.

“Since we dont know who weve offended, lets all be more careful in the future! To avoid being schemed against behind the scenes.

” The second elder warned.

In fact, he had once suspected that the nineteenth elders incident was done by those abominable guys.

However, he could not find any evidence.

Moreover, after they returned that day, the other party did not seem to know anything.

Therefore, he had temporarily ruled out his suspicion of Feng Da and the others.

However, even so, he felt that those people were the most suspicious!

“Yes, yes!” All the elders agreed with the second elders words.

Furthermore, the incident with the 19th elder had given them a warning.

Hence, for a period of time after that, they were all extremely obedient and vigilant.

The next day, 19th elder also joined their training.

However, Feng Da increased the intensity of elder nineteens training.

In Feng DAs words, the other elders had been training for the past few days.

Although the nineteenth elder had his reasons, he had to make up for the delay.

Otherwise, he would not be able to continue the training.

The nineteenth elder was silent for a long time after hearing this.

He didnt say a word, but he did follow Feng DAs instructions obediently.

The second elder and the others took the initiative to accompany him to participate in the extra training.

Seeing this scene, Feng Da didnt stop them, but followed them.

However, the actions of the elders touched the nineteenth elder, and he worked even harder in the training.

For a time, the eldersenthusiasm for training was unprecedented.

Their active cooperation surprised Feng Da and the others, but they were happy to see this situation.

Such days continued for half a month.

Feng Da and the others felt proud when they saw the different looks on the eldersfaces.

Furthermore, as their training increased, Feng Da and Cheng Wu decided to give them devil training.

Of course, the so-called demonic training was many times more difficult than the previous ones.

They had also participated in this demonic training before.

However, at that time, they were too weak, so the demonic training couldnt reach a high level.

This time, it was different as it was especially targeted at these powerhouses above immortal Emperor.

Of course, it was not hard to imagine how terrifying the training would be.

On the eve of the demonic training, Feng Da went to borrow troops from the dark Tiger King.

After the dark Tiger King heard Feng DAs intention, it was very enthusiastic to express that it wanted to participate in this demonic training.

Who asked it to not have enough fun last time Since the Tiger King had taken the initiative to request, Feng Da naturally had no reason to refuse.

Moreover, he wanted the Tiger King to deal with the second elder! Therefore, he immediately agreed.

Then, Feng Da told the dark Tiger King about the requirements of the demonic training.

After the Tiger King heard it, it was left speechless.

It looked at Feng Da as if it was looking at a monster.

Its face was filled with disbelief.

In the end, Feng Da was a little embarrassed by the dark Tiger Kings stare, so he could only tell it,””Dont look at me like that.

This is misss idea.

Im just carrying it out.

The dark Tiger King nodded and replied,””That little girl is a demon! Those elders are really too pitiful to fall into your hands!”

Feng Da smiled and said calmly,””If you pity those elders, then go and keep them company.”

The dark Tiger King immediately stopped talking.

After everything was ready, Feng Da and Cheng Wu gathered all the elders.

After listening to their explanation of the rules of the demonic training, the elders were silent.

This so-called demonic training actually allowed them to use all kinds of methods that could be used.

What did this mean Although the elders were not willing to admit it, they knew that the devil training was not simple.

“I want to know if this devil training will put our lives in danger.” The nineteenth elder suddenly asked.

After the normal training, he had also experienced several special training where the use of divine skills and orcs was not allowed, but those were not life-threatening.

However, this devil training was different from the past, so he naturally wanted to ask more clearly.

“There are! You will all die!” Feng Da said with a smile.

“What” All the eldersfaces changed drastically.

They had never thought that they would hear such words from Feng DAs mouth.

They were all divine emperors! If they were all going to die, then one could only imagine how terrifying the training would be.

Not only that, but they were also the elders of the ning family.

If something happened to them, it would be a huge loss for the ning family.

Therefore, Feng DAs words made them hesitate.

At this time, many elderseyes turned to Ning Shan, wanting him to say something to stop Feng Da and the others from going crazy.

However, Ning Shan turned his head to the other side and ignored their pleading eyes.

Seeing this, the eldershearts clenched!

“Are you guys scared” Feng Da said provocatively when he saw the eldersexpressions.

“Were not afraid.

We just dont want to die in this hellish training! If anything happens to us, the losses to the ning family will be incalculable.

” The second elders face was red as he argued.

“Hahaha! The place where you undergo the demonic training is inside a divine artifact.

You will die inside, but you will still be alive after leaving that place.

You will only suffer some injuries, but there will not be any real danger to your lives.

” Feng Da explained.

However, what he didnt say was that everything inside was simulated.

Injuries would hurt, and death would be the same.

“Really” The second elder was doubtful.

“Of course, youre all the elites of the ning family.

If you die, what good will it do for us dont forget, my young lady is the goddaughter of your ancestor.

Were also grasshoppers on the vine, so how can we let you die This is just training.

” Feng Da promised.

Feng DAs words made the second elder nod his head in relief.

Then, he asked,””Then to what extent will we be injured” He didnt care about a small injury, but it was better to figure it out first, so as not to be plotted against by these guys.

“You will suffer the same kind of injuries as you did during the devil training.

However, if you die during the devil training, your injuries will be more serious.” Feng Da said very implicitly.

“Heavy to what extent” The second elder was shocked.

He didnt know why, but he felt uneasy.

“Hehe! At the very most, his strength will just drop!” Feng Da said with a smile.

F * ck! After hearing Feng DAs words, all the elders cursed in their hearts.

What did he mean byat most, its just a drop in strength They had cultivated for so many years, and it was not easy for them to have their cultivation today.

Was it easy If they had really been injured in actual combat, they would have accepted it.

But now, they might be seriously injured in some bullsh * t devil training.

How could they accept this

Looking at the dark and gloomy faces of the elders, Feng Da said with an understanding look,””I know youre afraid and feel that its not worth it to get injured in this hellish training.

However, I want to tell you that this hellish training will bring you endless benefits! As for the benefits, youll naturally know in the future.

In addition, this devilish training was approved by your ancestors, so none of you can run away.

Feng DAs words shattered the last hope in the eldershearts.

Moreover, they didnt care much about the empty promise that Feng Da had made.

The only thing they were concerned about was whether their ancestor had really agreed.

Thinking of this, they once again looked at Ning Shan, who had been silent.

When they saw Ning Shan nod his head, no matter how unwilling the elders were, they could only accept their fate.

Because Ning Shan was now the spokesperson of the old ancestor, Ning Shan would not dare to lie to them.

After giving the elders some time to digest this information, Feng Da took out a silver ball from his storage ring.

The ball was about the size of a babys fist.

It looked crystal clear, and there was a faint silver light flowing on it.

It was beautiful.

“This is the illusory sky! All of you will be undergoing demonic training here.

Other than me, the rest of them will be accompanying you.

” Feng Da pointed at Cheng Wu and the rest.


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