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Volume 5 Chapter 104 – Tragedy of Kollon (3)

[Translator – jhei]

[Proofreader – yukitokata]


“Damn, I should’ve sent some agents beforehand.”


Disappointed, Kashimir shook his head.

They didn’t send anyone before due to the chances of their plan getting foiled.

Also, because the Kollon Ruins was such an open tourist area, they didn’t think that they needed to scout the situation.


“Even if you sent your goons, there would be no difference.”

“That’s true, but…”


While everyone stood in despair, Jin remembered that this didn’t happen in his past life.


‘The Kollon Ruins were always open before my regression.

That’s why the brave journalist incident occurred in the first place… Maybe my cadet mission here changed something.’


After dealing with the living golems and committing arson, he had returned to his clan.

And the Zipfels announced it as an accident instead of an act of terrorism or invasion.


That word shot through Jin’s mind. 


‘In my past life, eleven years later, the world found out about the Zipfels’ plan through the journalist.

And since the fate of the world changed because of me, the plan should be exposed earlier.’


He didn’t really care about the Kollon natives who he had never seen even a single time.

However, he didn’t want to make their lives more miserable because of his regression.


‘I can’t save them as Laosa wished.

Well, there’s no need to anyway.

However, I don’t need to become like the Zipfel scum who contribute to their suffering.’


Jin looked at the ‘Restricted Area’ sign with the Zipfel Clan’s dragon coat of arms.


“What’re you gonna do, kiddo I think trespassing is dangerous since we don’t know their inner workings and troop count.”

“That’s correct.

And you mentioned that Zipfels used this area for forbidden magic I don’t think there’ll only be a few stationed troops, Young Master Jin.”

“Hmm… There’s a very high chance that they got rid of the evidence for that stuff since I got exposed to it.

But this sign… Isn’t it a little strange”


Kashimir and Murakan looked where Jin pointed.


“What is”

“They only installed a steel fence, and there’s no security or barrier magic.

Just a sign.

The Zipfel Clan wouldn’t manage an important restricted area like this.”


The barrier was very crude for a world-class clan like the Zipfels.


“Now that you mention it, you’re right, Young Master Jin.

Of course, even though there’s no security, nobody would be crazy enough to enter when the Zipfels’ insignia is glaring right at them.

But indeed, it’s very poorly done.”

“When I first came here for a mission, there were many security spells even on the low-tier relic storages.

I think the Zipfel Clan is neglecting this area.”

“Didn’t Lady Laosa say that the Zipfels were searching for the Kollon natives’ sacred object Because of this, many natives were massacred to obtain it.

But since they’re neglecting it, doesn’t that mean they already found it”

“No idea.

They’ve been oppressing them for centuries, and their forbidden magic experiments were already exposed to an outsider.

For all we know, they could be just leaving the natives alone.”


Jin didn’t think that the Zipfels had found the mirror that quickly.

If so, they would have already been mass producing 7-star magicians in the magic academy.


“In fact, this sign looks too crude.

It’s made of wood, not even steel.

It looks like a magician just slapped it on there.”

“That could also be the case.

They could just be tired of tourists, so someone could’ve asked the Zipfels for permission to close the area for a while.

Every organization is bound to have a lazy manager.”


The three just walked past the sign, and the more they walked, the more they were certain with their deductions. 


‘Seeing as there are weeds here and there, it means they’re not tending to it.

But still, there’s not a single animal, which means that there are still people in here.’


The museum, warehouse, and magicians’ lodgings were just as he remembered it.

In fact, Jin could see the traces of arson that he committed.

Seeing that they greatly neglected the land, he knew that the Zipfels disposed of the area. 


“Oh, I see some people over there.

Crimson-people like Laosa.”


They saw some figures at the end of the road.

The three hid in the trees to observe them.

The crimson-people looked pretty depressed.


‘The natives’ presence means that the mirror is still here.

Then why did the Zipfels clear out this place… Did they just give up after trying for centuries, just like Kashimir said’


Right as Jin thought about it, a man emerged from within the crowd.

A man with messy silver hair.

He shouted at the crimson-people, but it looked like he was drunk.


‘His hair color is the same as Beradin’s… And that looks like a wine bottle in his hand.



A name popped into mind.

The man deemed as the ‘Hysteric of the Tower’ in Jin’s past life.


‘Myuron Zipfel’


Kelliark Zipfel’s sixth son.

As his nickname suggested, Myuron was very hysterical and hot-headed.

He would become a celebrity in the future due to his strange demeanor.

Mostly because his behavior contradicted the Zipfels’ dignified image.


“Young Master, that seems to be Myuron Zipfel.

The silver hair is the symbol of their clan.

And amongst the pureblood Zipfels, he is the only one known to wield a wine bottle in broad daylight.”


Kashimir also knew about him.


“What A pureblood Zipfel Why’s that guy in this uninhabited land”

“Sir Murakan, Myuron’s behavior is known to be rowdy, so he doesn’t get a lot of respect within the Zipfel Clan.

Last I heard was that he’s the Pillar of the Zipfels’ Seventh Tower of Magicians, but it seems he was demoted Or maybe he’s on vacation.”

“Hmmm, if he’s a pureblood, he must have many guardian magicians.

Let’s decide on our next move after we see how many bodyguards he has.”

“When Myuron goes back into the building, let’s talk to the crimson-people.

I think that hearing some insight about the situation is the best way to approach this.”


The three waited in the trees until Myuron returned to the building.


* * *

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Translator – jhei

Proofreader – yukitokata

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* * *


The problem was that Myuron never went back into the building.


“That mother**er… What is he He’s been out here for eight hours, stuffing his ass with alcohol.

He isn’t even going to the restroom.”


After Myuron showed up, he immediately sat down and began to drink.

He hadn’t moved a single inch since then.


“I’ve heard rumors that Myuron Zipfel was an alcoholic, but this is too much.”


Still, the three didn’t gain nothing from hiding and observing the enemy.

Every time Myuron shouted or talked to himself, they were able to extract some information.

First, Myuron didn’t seem to have any other magicians around him.

And he came to the Kollon Ruins because the clan ‘banished’ him.

—Kuhaha, those old elder hag bitches treated me like a disposable cockroach.

Hehe, those cute **s… More wine!

Shouting such things very often.

Although he looked defenseless, the crimson-people didn’t dare to touch him.

In fact, every time he waved his hand in the air, the Kollon natives either flinched or lowered their heads.


“I don’t think he has any backup with him.

Don’t we just need to beat him up and then escape with the crimson-people”


Annoyed, Murakan gritted his teeth.


“Sir Murakan, Myuron Zipfel is an 8-star magician.

On top of that, as the Pillar of the Seventh Tower of Magicians, he must have many artifacts.”

“What’s the problem Runt, I know I lost a lot of power, but you think I can’t fight an 8-star magician We have you and this kid as well.”

“He’s not just any 8-star.

He’s a Zipfel, Murakan.

Killing a pureblood Zipfel is something to ponder about.

With the death of Andrei some time ago, this can affect world politics.”

“You think I don’t know that I’m just pissed and annoyed, okay!”


If there were Zipfel magicians stationed within the area, then it would be easier to take action.

They could fight the troops, win, then evacuate the Kollon natives.

However, they couldn’t do anything because Myuron was a pureblood.


‘This isn’t good.

As soon as Myuron dies, there’ll be bloodlust from the Zipfels.’


After the death of Andrei, the cold war between the Runcandels and Zipfels had escalated. 

The Zipfels only remained silent because they did not have evidence that a Runcandel killed Andrei.

But things would change if another pureblood Zipfel died.

In fact, assassination would also be impossible.

Even though Myuron looked defenseless, they were certain that he would cast defensive spells whenever he passed out.


‘We need to make it so that the Zipfels stay put even if Myuron dies.’


The best way would be to uncover evidence regarding their forbidden magic experiments.

If they could obtain evidence, then the clan of magicians wouldn’t budge despite Myuron’s death.


‘But I’m certain that the remnants of the experiments were demolished… Huh’


Jin covered his own mouth.

While thinking, he forgot one crucial truth.


“Murakan! Laosa said that there are about two hundred Kollon natives left, right”


That’s why the runt prepared some ships.”

“…And how many Kollon natives have we seen so far”

“About fifty… Wait…”


Murakan and Kashimir sighed.

They hadn’t even seen fifty natives.

Including the ones near Myuron. 


“I don’t think the others are resting or anything… They aren’t conducting more living golem experiments, right…”


If they were conducting living golem experiments using the Kollon natives…

It was no longer about a deterrent.


“Once Myuron falls asleep, let’s check inside the complex.”



The moment Jin finished his sentence, the three simultaneously looked back at the entrance of the ruins.

They sensed some footsteps. 

Rustle, rustle… 

Someone was coming in.


‘The footsteps are delicate.

Someone who came in without permission, like us.’


However, the person wasn’t talented in concealing their footsteps. 

Jin hid his presence with spiritual energy and held his dagger on the new trespasser’s throat.


“Who are you”



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