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Chapter 53 – Banquet (8)

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Skrrt! Skrrt!

Jin took the pieces of paper in Bouvard’s hands and tore them in four.

The thick stack was easily torn apart like a thin cloth.


“It seems you need a beating, sir.”



Bouvard’s eyes opened wide as he stared at Jin, dumbfounded.

He had no idea why Jin was reacting as such.

And that ignorant look of surprise on his face angered Jin even further.


‘Not only did he thoughtlessly mention Elder Sister’s name, he also wants to be my brother-in-law’


If they weren’t in the banquet hall, Jin would’ve ripped the guest’s tongue out of his mouth immediately.

Not only had Bouvard insulted Luna Runcandel with his words, he had basically looked down upon the entire Runcandel Clan.

No one was allowed to speak as such of the Runcandels unless they were the Vermont Imperial Family.

Needless to say, Bouvard wasn’t trying to offend the Runcandels.

The problem was that he was incredibly dull and slow-witted.


“Haha, why are you acting like this, Brother-in-law… I mean, Young Master”


Bouvard accidentally called Jin ‘Brother-in-law’ again, and the boy nearly sent his fist flying at Bouvard’s face on the spur of the moment.

However, he closed his eyes and calmed his anger before raising his hand and calling the guardian knights.


“Drag this man to the arena.”

“Yes, Young Master.”


Clang! Clang!

Two guardian knights who were standing by the edge of the hall grabbed Bouvard by the shoulder.

To this instant, Bouvard still had no idea why Jin was seething with anger against him.


‘Did he not like my joke Is he seriously humiliating someone like this just because of a stupid reason like that This bratty piece of **!’


He was merely in a shocked mental state.

As someone who hadn’t learned any manners or cultural knowledge in life, he would’ve been long dead on the streets, killed by some thugs if not for his ‘transformation’ ability.

People’s attention was directed towards the ruckus.

Their eyes were full of curiosity as they observed the man who would become Jin’s first duelling opponent of the banquet (most weren’t aware of Jin’s battle with Syris).


“Please don’t act like this, Young Master! I was merely expressing my love! Everyone in the world has the right to express their love freely!”


Bouvard continued yelling as he got dragged away, but Jin didn’t bother answering.

It wasn’t that Jin had nothing to say to this worthless man in return.


“Argh, Young Master Jin! Who on earth treats their guests as such Release me!”


As they slowly approached the arena, Bouvard felt like livestock being dragged to the slaughterhouse.


‘Goddammit! Those Zipfel followers should’ve murdered this brat five years ago!’


Five years ago, Jin had departed from the Storm Castle.

The radical Zipfel followers had disguised themselves as guardian knights and attempted to assassinate Jin.

The culprit behind their perfect disguises was Bouvard Gaston.

Although he was affiliated with Kinzelo, he often lent a helping hand to the Zipfel followers.

Due to his personality, Bouvard would help anyone out as long as they were going to commit acts that would cause chaos in the world.

Of course, as long as he himself didn’t get put in danger.


‘There’s no way he knows I’m the one who transformed those assassins, so why is he acting like this He’s making a fuss just cuz I called his sister pretty!’


In fact, no one else in the world knew that Bouvard was the culprit behind the attack five years ago, as he had been informed that the Zipfel followers who had asked for his help failed their mission and died.


“The duel shall be a barehanded fight.”


Before entering the arena, Jin spoke in a cold voice.

Bouvard stayed silent and didn’t consent, so the guardian knights grabbed his head and forcefully made him nod.




Vishukel Yvliano had coincidentally returned from his tour of the Garden with Margiela.

As soon as he saw the spectacle and Bouvard’s involvement, he was greatly shocked and stared in astonishment.


“What is going on, Elder Brother Wow! A duel! It seems Mr.

Bouvard is having a duel with Young Master Jin!”

“That **ing moron…!”


He had caused trouble in the short time during which the siblings were away.

Vishukel was certain that Bouvard had asked Jin to introduce him to Lady Luna, talking about stupid things like love and marriage.

Once Vishukel successfully carries out Kinzelo’s grand masterplan, he swore to tear that pig apart and murder him horribly.


“Sigh… We should follow them to the arena for the time being, Margiela.”

“Understood, Elder Brother! I’ve always wanted to see Mr.

Bouvard fighting before.”


The siblings weren’t the only ones headed to the arena.

Syris had also been watching the spectacle before her with Murakan in her arms.


‘I was planning on asking him for another duel later on, but what’s this now Why is he willingly duelling against that man’


Her irritation was unsurprising.

Although she wasn’t confident of defeating Jin even if they fought again, she wanted to continue facing him in multiple duels until the end of the banquet.


“Oh! To think I’d meet the Hidden Palace’s successor in person! It seems it was the correct decision to participate in the banquet this time.

You must be Lady Syris Endorma.

It is a pleasure to meet you.

I am Beradin Zip—”

“Get lost.”

“Ah, yes.”


After his pitiful attempt at trying to get to know her, Beradin simply followed her from behind to the arena with a sorrowful expression.


“By the way, you should be wary of that cat.

It once scratched me on the face, haha.

Quite the nasty feline.”


Syris completely ignored him as he continued attempting to have small talk with her and entered the spectators’ area in the arena.

Even if she knew that he was the rising star of the Zipfels, she would’ve behaved the same way.

The arena was filled with excitement and vigor, unlike when Jin had duelled with Syris the previous evening.

Countless martial artists were having fights one after another, while the spectators cheered and booed at the top of their lungs.

Normally speaking, one had to inform the arena’s host about their intention to duel and wait in line until their turn.

However, Jin had no need to follow those rules.

As soon as he appeared at the arena, the crowd immediately died down.

One guardian knight approached the host and whispered to him the details of Jin’s duel.


“Next up is the leading man of the banquet! The rising star of the Runcandels, Young Master Jin will be having a duel!”



As the crowd cheered like crazy, Jin warmed his body up and got on the circular stage.

He then turned around and spoke to Bouvard.


“Get up.”


Most of the spectators didn’t recognize Bouvard.

But even though his name wasn’t well known, no one looked down on him.

They believed that anyone who was worthy enough to come to the Runcandel banquet would be strong.


“Is he some hermit who trains in seclusion”

“I hear he came as an attendant of the Yvliano Clan, but he seems quite noteworthy.”


At this stage, Bouvard couldn’t bail out of the duel.

Irritation and anger began boiling inside.

Even though he had been proving his innocence during the entire walk to the arena, the little brat had completely ignored and humiliated him.

It was now time for Bouvard to reveal his skills.


“Good! I accept the duel.

Try not to regret your decision!”


Bouvard got on stage and stood before Jin.


“Young Master Jin Runcandel.

Allow me to formally introduce myself before the duel.

I am Bou—”


I do not care for your insignificant name.

Let us begin.”


Before the host could even announce the beginning of the duel, Jin dashed to his opponent.

The spectators deduced that Bouvard had committed a grave offense for Jin to behave in such a way.




Having not expected the surprise attack, Bouvard took a punch in the cheek and took a couple of steps back.

As he winced in pain, foul words and curses escaped his mouth instinctively.

But Bouvard was no dunce.

Although it wasn’t well known, he was a 6-star martial artist.





His fist flew forward at an unbelievable speed one would never expect from a portly man like him.

Although his strike appeared quite simple and unsophisticated, Bouvard’s hand was covered in a piercing aura.

A fierce counterattack.

But Jin calmly avoided the punch.

At first sight, Bouvard’s aura appeared to be far more destructive and powerful than Jin’s.

The spectators were slightly disappointed since Bouvard was ‘weaker than expected’, but they still watched in excitement since he was stronger than Jin.


“Looks like Young Master Jin chose an opponent stronger than himself.”

“And that fatty’s specialty seems to be hand-to-hand combat.

The Young Master made a poor choice by putting his sword away.

He might get defeated and humiliated at this rate.”


Just as the audience had observed, Bouvard was skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

In fact, if this arena weren’t in the Garden of Swords but in an ordinary city with more average contestants, then Bouvard would attract a lot of attention from the spectators.

Meanwhile, Jin was a knight who fought with a sword.

So not only did Bouvard have greater aura, he was also better skilled as both duelists were fighting barehanded.

It was to no surprise that the audience expected Jin’s defeat.


Bouvard’s follow-up hook struck Jin square in the jaw.

Jin felt his legs lose strength, and a soft grin grew on Bouvard’s face.


‘You dare attempt to lay a finger on the Great Bouvard with such measly skills I’ll pummel you and make you beg for your life, punk.’


However, Bouvard’s smile didn’t last long.




The stumbling Jin should’ve fallen face first to the floor, but instead, he pounced at Bouvard with an arm clocked back and bloodlust in his eyes.


‘I punched him straight in the jaw, so how is he still conscious!”


He had definitely seen Jin’s legs losing strength as well.

However, that was merely an act.

The Runcandels’ blessed bodies wouldn’t crumble simply from a strike to the jaw.

Had Bouvard fought against a Runcandel before, he wouldn’t have let down his guard after successfully hitting Jin.


Jin palm-striked Bouvard straight in the face and a heavy strike echoed in the arena.

Bouvard’s nose was flattened and distorted as a string of blood ran down his chin.

But he didn’t have time to groan in pain.

The Runcandels’ combat style was to show less and less mercy the more the opponent was beaten down.

Thwack! Thud! Boom, crack!

Another punch to the broken nose, one to the left cheek, his right flank, his solar plexus.

Jin’s two fists covered in aura were relentlessly clobbering Bouvard.

And it was far from over.

Jin then started adding kicks to his movements.

In mere seconds, Bouvard was covered in his own blood and was being thrown around the stage like a dirty and bloody rag.


“It appears to be over.”

“He made his opponent let down his guard, followed up with a surprise attack and incessant blows aiming at different parts of the body to be unpredictable.

That truly is the best strategy to use against someone stronger than yourself.”


The spectators were disappointed for not seeing Jin’s swordsmanship, but found the actual battle more than entertaining enough.

Moreover, the greatest harvest of this duel was being able to observe Jin’s battle style.


‘I see.

Young Master Jin isn’t the kind of person to let his hubris and arrogance hold him back in fights.

As soon as he judges that his opponent is stronger than himself, he makes use of every possible strategy at his disposal.’


It isn’t uncommon for 5-stars to win against 6-stars in a duel.

However, it is quite rare to see the 5-star completely overpower the 6-star like Jin moments ago.

It was a one-sided beatdown.

Bouvard’s first successful hit was also his last.

He then got mercilessly pounded like a sandbag.

In fact, he was still being beaten to the ground like minced meat.


‘I guess it’s about time I stopped.

Geez, I get too emotional at times.’


Actually, Jin was behaving somewhat reasonably.

Had it been another Runcandel, Bouvard would’ve been cut down on the spot before he could finish uttering ‘brother-in-law’, even if they were in the banquet hall.




Jin shook both of his hands to get rid of the blood and took in a deep breath.

The unconscious Bouvard was twitching on the floor as tears ran down his mangled face.

Jin turned around and was about to exit the arena, when he heard a certain lady’s voice amongst the audience.


“Elder Brother Vishukel! I cannot comprehend the reason behind Young Master Jin’s actions.

Wasn’t the victor already decided earlier How could he beat up an unconscious and vulnerable man in such a cruel manner!”



The shocked Vishukel stared dumbfounded at his little sister.


“Young Master Jin went too far.

He was bullying the weak.

The unconscious man down there is our friend, is he not Will you just stand here and do nothing, Elder Brother Your little sister is very disappointed in you.”


Bouvard Gaston.

That unpleasant man was neither weaker than Jin nor was he their friend…


Vishukel wanted to answer as such, but he couldn’t as his one and only sibling’s words weighed on his mind…

—Very disappointed in you.


“…Are you telling me to duel Young Master Jin”


I wish Elder Brother would teach Young Master Jin a lesson.

Of course, in an honourable and dignified manner, unlike the behaviour Young Master Jin showed us earlier.”

“Oh, what a flamboyant young lady!”

“Vishukel! You should listen to your sister’s request.

Haha, an interesting battle is about to unfold.”


In the end, Vishukel went down to the stage due to his sister and the audience’s pressure and expectations.


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