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Volume 3 Chapter 57 – The Outside World (3)

[Translator – The Return of the Koko]

[Proofreader – Yuki the PR Slave that Returned from Limbo]


Cember immediately ran to the main building and thought to himself.


‘Jin Runcandel! An incomparable genius that reached 5-star at the age of 15.

My life saviour.

To think that such an incredible person would come find someone like me in the middle of the night to ask for help!’


Cember was incredibly touched.

Jin was his saviour who even brought along Runcandel guardian knights on a mission to rescue him.

No matter how much money one had, one couldn’t easily experience such a luxury when being rescued.

What was the reason behind Jin’s request The Runcandel Clan’s youngest child should be overflowing with money normally.

Was he on a secret mission during which he urgently needed some funds


‘Whatever the answer is, I’ll have helped him out in making a great achievement in the near future, even if my influence is minimal.

After our deaths, historians will write records of Jin Runcandel, and I’ll be happy if there’s even a single line in his biography mentioning “Cember Bill”.’


During the short ten minutes Cember took to collect the money, his imagination ran wild.

Cember returned with a large leather bag with all kinds of valuables and plenty of gold coins.


“Huff, huff… Here’s what you asked for, Lord Jin!”


He had brought too much.

Even at first glance, the bag appeared to weigh more than 30kg of treasure.

Jin wouldn’t be able to take all that and continue his journey.

Jin grabbed a handful of golden valuables and took about 500 gold coins.

Even robbers didn’t dream of gaining this much money in one day.


“This is more than enough.

It was good seeing you again, Cember Bill.”

“It was an honour, Lord Jin.

I do not know what mission you are undertaking, but I wish you the best and pray you return in good health…!”

“Thanks, I’ll see you another time.

Oh, and when I came here, I had to do something about the guards at the gate, so…”

“I understand.

I shall deal with that myself, so please do not concern yourself.

And I shall keep my mouth closed about today’s matters until Lord Jin gives me permission to talk about it.”


Jin wasn’t expecting much of Cember Bill when he first coincidentally rescued him back in the Zhan Kingdom’s southern region by the border.

However, he now saw Cember as quite the decent person.

Not only did he remember his debts, but he was also sharp and quick-witted.


‘I should get him some gifts in the future, whatever they may be.’


Cember excitedly waved his hands until Jin’s silhouette disappeared into the night.




Most Runcandel provisional flag-bearers spend their first two months in poverty.

They had only ever learnt striking, stabbing, and slashing enemies since their birth inside this clan of swordsmen.

Thus, their senses and intuition in money and finances were non-existent.

They had never earned money themselves, so it wasn’t surprising that they’d spend a couple months in poverty once out in the real world.

Therefore, most provisional flag-bearers either killed the crime lords in Mamit and brought their heads to the Vermont criminal investigation team, or they lived as mercenaries to earn money.

But until then, they’d still be penniless.

Munch, munch.


Today was Jin’s third day as a provisional flag-bearer.

The boy, his nanny, and his (pet) dragon were devouring all the food at the Zhan Kingdom’s best and most popular restaurant.

Although they had ordered dozens of dishes, the bill had barely scratched their funds.


“Don’t eat too much, Murakan.

The transfer gate is in an hour.

If you throw up everything like last time…”

“Quiet, kid.

Even if I end up vomiting later, I’ll still eat everything.

That’s what it means to live like an apex predator like me.

“How stubborn.”

“Young Master, please try some of this too.

Zhan cooking is quite delicious.”


Didn’t you ask Jin ‘isn’t that extorting money from him, Young Master’ just yesterday, Strawberry Pie You seem pretty comfortable eating now.”


The three of them were planning on using the transfer gate rather than riding Murakan to travel.

The reason behind this decision wasn’t Gilly’s fear of heights but because of their destination.

Although the underground organization Tesing was making a mess out of the country, the Akin kingdom was undeniably part of the ‘Lutero Magic Federation’.

And the Lutero Magic Federation was under the management of the Zipfels.

Moreover, 80% of the active dragons today were affiliated with the Zipfels.

Therefore, recklessly riding on Murakan and flying into the kingdom was no different from a declaration of war to them.


‘The reason why the Runcandels can’t break their pact with the Zipfels is also because of those dragons.’


Technically, it was because of the gods who had created those dragons.

The Runcandels only had a single member who had contracted a god: Jin.

However, the situation was different at the Zipfels.

Dozens of contractors were supporting the clan.

And they were all patiently waiting for Cyron’s death.

As long as Cyron disappeared, the Zipfels could easily obliterate the Runcandels who were a thorn in their flesh.


“It’s about time now.

Let’s go.”


3 PM.

The trio finished their meal and headed to the Zhan Kingdom’s transfer gate and finished the legal procedures.

Murakan had no identification, so he transformed into a cat in order to travel with Jin and Gilly.


“The teleportation will soon begin.”



Once they took their seats in a quiet waiting room, a staff member announced as such.

Bright blue mana softly enveloped the three of them, and after a short while, they opened their eyes in the Akin Kingdom.


“Welcome to the Akin Kingdom in the Lutero Magic Federation.”


Their fake papers allowed them to enter the kingdom with no problems.

As they exited the building and entered the streets, the strong sunlight shone on them.


‘It’s been fifteen years.’


Jin had spent one year in the Akin Kingdom’s capital city right before his regression.

Although there was a fifteen-year gap between the current city and the one from Jin’s memories, the view hadn’t particularly changed.

The street vendors who were doing business on the streets, the homeless people crouching on the ground next to them, people from the dark alleyways of the city, etc.

The shadows on people’s faces drew a stark contrast to the clean roads and the bright sunlight.

Indeed, the city was warm all year round.


‘It must be because of the Tesing Clan’s tyranny.

I remember hearing that their reign of terror was worse now compared to in the future.’


Gilly also noticed the disparity and stayed wary of their surroundings.


“The city is oddly sombre, even though the weather’s so pleasant.”

“According to the magicians at the Kollon Ruins, the climate here is good, but life here isn’t enjoyable.

Let’s find an inn first before we search for our prey.”

“Yes, Young Master.”


In truth, Jin had already chosen their inn as well as their first target.

Jet, the information broker.

Jin was quite close with Jet in his past life.

Not long after he arrived in the Akin Kingdom, he received Jet’s help when settling down.

However, they weren’t close in the good sense of the term.

Jet was someone who often backstabbed people for his own benefit.


‘That punk.

These days, he must be scamming morons as a self-proclaimed top-class information broker.

Fuck, just thinking of him makes my blood boil.’


In fact, Jin himself was one of those ‘morons’ who got scammed by Jet in his past life.

The information broker had tricked him so much under the guise of introducing him to the Tesing underground auction house.

This time, Jin planned on revealing Jet’s schemes from the beginning to teach him a lesson.


‘I’ll beat Jet up.

Then, I’ll control him and make good use of his skills.

It’s much easier to explain things to Gilly and Murakan if I associate myself with Jet.’


Jin didn’t plan on revealing himself as a regressor to Gilly and Murakan in the future.

Thus, Jin needed good excuses in order to convince them whenever he made plans using his knowledge from his past life.

Just like right now.


“Kid, do we really need to look for an inn in this rundown alleyway Aren’t there good enough inns by the main street”

“The Young Master must have a good reason for his actions, Lord Murakan.”

“But there is no need to reside in a place like this when we have as much money as we do, Strawberry Pie.”

“Indeed, it would be a great idea to spread the news that we have a lot of money in this city, where countless unregistered magicians are wreaking havoc.

Am I right, Murakan”

“Ha! Are you seriously telling me that I, the Great Murakan, must sleep in this dirty inn—that even orcs would avoid—just because of those petty criminals”


Jin made up some excuse and guided the two others towards Jet’s inn.

But he couldn’t behave like this forever.

On the other hand, if he made Jet his subordinate, these problems would disappear.

Huh How do you know that, Young Master

Kid, why do we need to do that

So then, if Gilly and Murakan were to ask him these questions, he could reply that he had gotten the information from Jet and easily convince them.


“Hm, this place looks good.”


After squabbling with Murakan for an hour, Jin and the others finally arrived before the inn Jet managed.

But because of Murakan’s constant grumbling, it felt like it had taken ten times longer.

Please call for Jet at the reception.

Jin unintentionally snorted and smirked when he saw the familiar signboard again.

As always, the inn had a very odd name.

Though, it was quite the fitting name if you took into account the fact that the place wasn’t quite an inn, but an information broker’s residence.


“Why here specifically”

“Because I heard the magicians at the Kollon Ruins talk about… Never mind.

It’s just my gut feeling.”


Murakan was still sulking and pouting as they walked through the front door.

Meanwhile, Gilly stood confidently behind them as she fully trusted the young master no matter what.

One slim man was sitting behind the counter, head on the hard table as his drool made a puddle.

It was Jet.

He hadn’t sensed the trio’s presence and simply snored loudly as the smell of alcohol filled the air.


“Are you the owner of the inn”


Ah, a customer Welcome.”


Jet unsteadily fixed his posture and quickly scanned the three guests from head to toe.

He then immediately categorized them into fools he could trick.


‘A thin, weak-looking kid in a nice shirt, a swordsman on his first journey, and a woman.

Well, she’s quite pretty.

Is she a maid They’re obviously a young and stupid aristocrat with his servants playing at adventurers.’


Despite such thoughts running through his mind, Jet simply showed a bright smile on the outside.


“Do you have empty rooms”

“Well… They’re all empty.

You’ve come to the right place.

I take pride in my pricings.

For travelers like you, it’s the lowest price for the greatest treatment and beds! Now then, please take a look at our rooms and choose the ones you prefer most.”


Jet stood up and swiftly pushed the trio upstairs.

He was telling them to choose the room they wanted on their own and come back down.

He planned to make them use the rooms already without telling them the detailed pricings.

A typical scammer’s technique.

Furthermore, Jet quickly prepared three drinks for the guests while they were upstairs.

Once the kid and his servants downed their glasses, he would charge them absurd fees for the service.

Had the guests been seasoned mercenaries, Jet would’ve stopped his schemes at this point.

However, Jet didn’t plan on holding back his tricks before this group of naive travelers.


‘Once they’re back and drink these, those three will start a new life in the underground auction house forever, huehuehue.

I just hit the jackpot!’


Jet had made up his mind as soon as he saw the trio.

He would sedate them with sleeping pills and sell them as slaves in the Tesing underground auction house.

A quick mind and fast execution of his plans.

This was how Jet became the greatest information broker of Akin in the future.

Needless to say, Jin knew more about Jet than Jet himself did.

He was already four steps ahead of him.


‘I bet he’s impatiently waiting for us to trick us with that outdated technique and make the most profit possible.

Get ready to die, Jet.’


As he had predicted, Jet was waiting for them downstairs with three drinks as the trio returned.


“Goodness, you must be parched from your journey.

Please have a cup to quench your throats, hehe.

This is our inn’s special orange juice.

Its taste is unrivaled! Even aristocrats sometimes come here just to have another sip of this juice.”


The Runcandels’ blessed bodies have a slight resistance against most poisons, so these cheap sleeping pills would barely have an effect on Jin.

Jin pondered for a while.

Should he down the cup and tell him the sleeping pill was tasty while pummelling the man Or should he dare Jet to taste test the drink first

However, there was one option that Jin had completely overlooked.


“Did you lose your **ing mind, you lowly son of a flea”


Murakan wasn’t in a good mood for a while now.

The dragon had been staring at the bubbles floating in the spiked orange juice.


“Oi, kid! Didn’t your gut tell you this place was good Then you should check your gut and fix it while I beat this piece of crap to death.

Make sure to check carefully, alright”



Murakan spoke as he slowly closed the inn’s front door.

It was now Jet’s fate to endure Murakan’s beating and spill all the beans.



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[Translator – The Return of the Koko]

[Proofreader – Yuki the PR Slave that Returned from Limbo]

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Proofreader’s Corner (12/03/21):

Just something to note and a little transparency, especially for those who are not in our Discord server.

Yes, the credits for this chapter (and the next one) still say that Koko is the translator—and that she has “returned”, which still pains my heart—but we decided to change translators around two weeks ago.

Both chapters were done a while back in preparation for the planned increase in locked chaps.

However, personal things happened, and Koko was unable to work on the rest of the locked chaps. **YS’s new translator is still adjusting but is slowly working on them, so please wait a little more.

I hope you all understand the slow updates and enjoyed this chap regardless.

I’ll go cry in a corner now…


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