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Volume 4 Chapter 91 – The Cosmos Arena (2)

[Translator – jhei]

[Proofreader – yukitokata]


“It’s more dangerous than I think”


Jin repeated Kashimir’s words as he sheathed his sword, and his companion nodded in affirmation.



It doesn’t have a ‘no-killing’ rule, unlike other competitions, so it’s very dangerous.

Although it’s true that most of the competitors are novices, some competitors are just there for slaughter.”


The Cosmos Arena had no rules, as expected from a pirate-organized fight.

Including murder, there were no other restrictions for special weapons and tools.

It was a crazy competition that even allowed murder or assassination before the fight.


“You just need to defeat your opponent using any method.

There’s a story where a guy held the opponent’s family hostage and threatened to kill them.

All in order to win, of course.”


Which was why, even though the opponents were only 2 to 3-star, competitors had to anticipate dirty tricks.


“4 to 5-star who don’t know anything will become their prey.

After walking the world while being oblivious of the world’s dark side, they become humiliated by the tricks and gimmicks used in that crazy competition.

Well, I’m not saying that you’ll experience the same thing.

You are… well, far off from that level.”


Indeed, he wasn’t even comparable to those people.


“There are also fighters who are above 6-star who take down the opponent with the use of immense strength.

At that point, it doesn’t matter if they use tricks or not.

These are the true predators of the arena.

Well, they’re just perverts who come for the stimulation.”



You know, those kinds of people.

Sadists who destroy their enemy and feel satisfaction from it—the most dangerous people.”

“Man, what kind of competition allows this stuff to happen”


According to Kashimir, it was a dirty, low contest.

One characterized by filthy scuffles that enticed its audience to drink and gamble.


“Well, the official name isn’t a competition, it’s just an arena.

If it wasn’t for Dante, I wouldn’t have asked you to enter.”

“Surely he won’t fit into the crowd.

Is there some insane grand prize awaiting for first place”

“The winner can choose from a plethora of prizes or one thousand gold coins.

To a commoner, that would be a lot of money.

But for the successor of the Hairan Clan, it would be pocket change.”

“Then is his mortal enemy there or something”

“As of now, we have no information regarding his entry.

But in my opinion…”


Kashimir paused for a second.


“Maybe he wants to test his swordsmanship.

To see if his blade will glow in the darkness of evil tricks.

If not, he’s just throwing himself into a **hole.”


That made no sense.

It would make no sense if Dante really entered the dirty competition in order to test his swordsmanship.


“Either way, I feel compelled to go.

Dante Hairan… I could never dream of fighting him.”


Before his regression, prior to his banishment from the clan, the commoners would always debate who was stronger with the sword—Dante or Beradin. 

Because they had many similarities.

They were both over 7-star at an early age, were nominated as the next patriarch of their respective powerful clans, and achieved 9-star at the age of 30.

Whenever they encountered each other during a meeting, the press would go off.

On top of that, they were the same age.


‘At the time, they got more attention than the Runcandel children.

Eldest Sister Luna didn’t present herself too much, and Eldest Brother fell behind them.’


There weren’t any other second-generation Runcandel who was stronger than Dante other than Luna.

Though, there wasn’t definitive proof that he was stronger than all of the Runcandel children, but that’s what the world thought.


‘He’s a fellow I’m curious about.

There’s nothing bad from meeting him once.

Hopefully, he’s not hot-headed like the Beradin from my past life.’


However, Kashimir’s exaggerated attitude was getting on his nerves.

He could’ve just naturally asked Jin to compete, but he was promoting it as if he were a businessman selling drugs.


‘And I’m sure the Seven-Colored Peacock doesn’t have spare time to investigate Dante Hairan.

All of the best agents should be investigating the Zipfels, Alu, and Kinzelo.

I doubt that it’s just some idle information they found…’


Thinking until that point, Jin smiled.


‘It was Father’s orders.

The information about Dante is likely to have come from the Runcandel Clan.

And now that I think about it, back at the Garden, Father sent me off first so he could talk to Kashimir alone.’


He pondered the possibility of Kashimir sending reports to Cyron regarding his progress ever since that day at the Garden of Swords.

However, it wasn’t of any importance.

There weren’t any disadvantages that would affect Jin.

Instead, he felt a little mischievous.


“Hmmm… Sir Kashimir, do I really need to go”


“I don’t really want to attend such a pathetic battle.

And I can face Dante Hairan anytime in the future.”

“Ehem! Young Master Jin, please think about it.

You would obviously meet him many times since you are a Runcandel, but would there be an opportunity to fight him It could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance…”

“Haha, I’m not some fighting legend or anything.

And I’ve recently been feeling tired from fighting Lady Alisa.”

“Y-Young Master, don’t be like that… Just trust me and try participating.

I-Isn’t it a chance to evaluate Dante Hairan’s strength Hahaha, my tongue is getting twisted.

Maybe I’m getting a heatstroke…”


Jin pointed to the window and laughed.

Outside, snow was falling.

The early January blizzards were rolling in.



“Oh, my mistake again.

Anyways, Young Master Jin! I’ve already filled out your entry form.

Just trust me and enter, ok I’m sure this will be a great experience for you!”

“Well… If you say so, then there’s nothing I can do.

I’ll participate.”

“Thank you, Young Master Jin! Oh, and on top of that, you must leave tomorrow.

The schedule is tight.

That is all!”

“Tomorrow Wait, Sir Kashimir!”


Kashimir quickly escaped the training area without looking back.

And Jin’s suspicions were solidified. 


‘He’s definitely reporting my progress to Father.

And this must be the first order—to face Dante Hairan.’


Jin chuckled.

He knew his father was interested in him and his progress, but he didn’t think that it was enough to make him intervene.

His siblings would go crazy if they found out.


‘And Sir Kashimir is terrible at acting… Is it just in front of me I heard he was really good at politics after becoming the ruler of Tikan.’


Jin chuckled once more.


* * *

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Translator – jhei

Proofreader – yukitokata

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* * *


The Cosmos Arena was hosted on an island south of the Bellard Empire.

It was right outside of Bellard territory, so the surrounding ocean was the pirates’ playground.

Jin went alone to that island.


‘It’s a mission ordered by Father, so it’s right to not bring anyone else.’


If he brought anyone with him, Jin would have an emotional attachment that could potentially drag him down.

He knew what his father wanted to say: to sweep the competition alone with a sword.

Using magic and spiritual energy around a massive audience was crazy.


‘It’s been a while since I received a solo mission after the one in Mamit.

But just like last time, I’m dealing with outlaws.’


After arriving in the Bellard Empire, he took a ferry to the island, using up a thick bag of gold.

The island… didn’t look nice.

It had the ambience of the lowest of the low infesting the place, with stenched streets that had fresh streaks of blood everywhere.

Any type of disturbance would get one stabbed.

In addition to being a remote island, since it was filled with pirates who tasted the bitter and sweet of life, it was impossible to maintain order in the place. 




Every five steps, there were people laughing hysterically, driven mad by drugs.

But not all were like that.

Occasionally, there were houses with guards and children, and knights who had decent armor.

They were either competitors or spectators of the arena.

Jin began to follow one of these respectable people.

He felt that he could arrive at the reception desk after following the man.

And just as he thought, after walking for thirty minutes, he reached the reception desk.

A single-table set up in front of an arena that looked worse than a pig pen.


“I came to register for the arena.”


He held out the entry form that Kashimir filled out, and the receptionist opened his eyes.

Hair covered his big body, and tattoos crawled all over his arms.


“Huh The time frame for registration’s already passed.

Fuck off.

Better if you die while leaving.”

“It’s passed I’m sure you guys are open until sundown.”

“Oh, I just don’t want to take any more entries.

You deaf”


The man then formed a circle with his thumb and index finger.

Clearly, he wanted money.

Jin knew to end money-related problems by paying up.

With the added interest of beating some sense into the guy.


Jin kicked the table to the side.

As the man tried to stand up, Jin slammed his fist on the crown of his head.

In Jin’s fist was the crumpled registration form. 


“Erk! Argggh, this bastard.”

“Take it.

I’ll give you the money.”


And he threw some gold coins on the ground.

The guy’s expression brightened, and he nodded.

Jin could only be surprised at the strength of his punch, which could have severely injured a trained 4-star knight.

However, even though the guy took the hit, he immediately stood up and laughed at the sight of money.


“Registration complete! Hahaha! A hotshot kid.

I like it.

You’ll fight in group 13.

Take this and go inside.

The other fellows will escort you.”


The man handed him a small piece of paper with something written on it.


(Group 13, Jin Grey.)


“Kuhaha, welcome to the Cosmos Arena, filled with love and fervor.

Try your best!”


‘Since he struck me for no reason, I’ll stick him with the strong guys.

Oh, and if this kid doesn’t survive tonight, I’ll cook him and feed him to the sharks.’


The man—smiling with his gold-plated teeth—was the host of the competition.

Pirate King Cosmos.


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