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my father was still mad at me even after an hour but I didn expect anything less after all I disobeyed him and put my life in danger any parent would be mad and honestly I expect him to be mad for a few days being grounded for a week or more would be expected, but even if he grounds me for that long I won be doing nothing after all I still need to look at the book I got in the forest, after about an hour of sitting in my room I pulled out the book that I got, the book had a black leather cover while its binding seemed to be gold threads and the large golden letters saying Godly Acension Technique giving off a sense of power, all this put together made the book seem enchanted, anyone who saw it would know the power it held. I had never seen any object like it and nothing created by mortals was so overwhelming and seemingly powerfull, the book seemed like it was alive, like it was intelligent and powerful, there were only a few immortals that could create something like this.

after I admired the book in its whole I opened the book to its first page the pages themselves were made of golden cloth with letters of void black ink the contents written was a summery of what the book did and a warning

"this technique was created against the heavenly Dao and can break the principles of this world" the book stated "but be aware for there shall be no turning back for once you practice this technique you can practice no other" the book stated leaving me speachless as this meant my decision would be permanent and if i could not succeed i would die with regret.

"the path you shall take will be against the heavens but once you reach the peak you shall rule all that is under the heavens" the book stated leaving me in awe and effectively lessening my doubts. Although if I practiced this I wouldn be able to practice any others but was that really a bad thing I mean the chances of me finding or buying a different technique are slim to none and the sect selection in this village only happens about once every hundred years and the last time was just before I was born so that wasn an option so that leaves me with the benefits of practicing this technique, the chances of me finding a technique were slim so this could be called fate and the feeling from it and the material its made of tell me its a higher level technique along with the introduction which gives hope of becoming the strongest, and if I become the strongest I would be looked down upon by no one and I would be able to protect those important to me from anything.

weighing the benefits and the not so bad detriment I thought the choice would be easy in my position and only with power can I raise my family and friends status and living conditions ensuring them happiness and prosperity through me.

upon making my decision I flipped to the next page where the title of the page was "Beyond Mortal" under this title it gave a short summery of the realm

"the beyond mortal realm is the first step of immortality and godhood it is the state where you have reached and surpassed the pinical of what mortals are able to do. In this stage you will start sensing magical qi and start condensing your dantian to start storing it once you are able to perceive magical qi it will look like a river branching everywhere this is the qi stream from the Great Dao below is a method to absorb the qi and create a dantian"

the technique mentioned was to sit in a lotus position and breath in a melodic and strange way and I could skip the sensing qi part since I have been able to sense qi ever since I could remember and found out I was different later on in life, since I found out no one else could see the "river" and I just realized it was qi through the Godly acension technique.

after an hour of memorizing the steps I started to practice and after some trial and error I was starting to get the rhythm and position but it was still far from perfect since I still couldn bring the qi Into my body after a couple hours I took a break from trying and went back to the book to continue reading after all there was still a couple un read sentences under the qi absorption instruction.

it read "there are 9 main levels in the beyond mortal stage but there is another allusionary stage called the perfect beyond human realm only Supreme geniuses are able to reach this realm and one will only appear once every 10 thousand years and those that accomplish this realm can fight up to 3 small realms above themselves with the same color qi, in order to achieve this realm you must purify the qi you absorb into its purest state at which time the qi will turn gold and use that qi to create a dantian and reinforce the dantian to the max with your gold qi. The technique above has the innate affect to purify the qi Into its purest form although this can make progression slower but depending on talent it could also make things faster"

at reading this I was speechless after all it was widely known that the color of qi dictated part of your power, from weakest to strongest it goes light blue, dark blue, green, purple, orange, gold it was also common sense that light blue qi would have to be 2 major realms above gold qi to rival it, and this book states that it can purify qi to gold qi and also that there is a 10th realm that could let you fight 3 minor realms above your realm within the same qi color it was hard to believe but the prospect that it was possible was exilerating. after that I decided to go back to practicing the technique and after 8 more hours of training I finally got good enough to draw in and purify the qi around me and the surprising thing was that it was terrifyingly fast the speed alone put me in genius territory combined with the fact of the purified gold gi I could be said to be a 1 in 10 billion genius but I didn get complacent after all talent is nothing without hard work so I continued to practice the technique the first step of beyond mortal stage was to purify your body from any and all impurities so as I cultivated the golden qi was guided to my skin, muscles, tendons, bones, organs, blood, and nerves in that order each time taking 1 day to complete but after completion they were strengthened by a multiplication factor of 10 but each time I completed purification a black substance that smells so bad I almost passed out the first time I smelled it but luckily it is easily washed off but the clothes I had on are now garbage so I decided to not wear clothes during meditation till all of my impurities were gone after going through 7 of 9 processes and with the help of the golden qi my strength was multiplied by a factor of 70 from where I started and my body was as hard as iron but even though my strength increased it looked like I had become slimer as my muscles were tightened and condensed to fit more power while my skin and hair became more beautiful and smooth without any single blemish making me look exceedingly handsome. after I was done with purifying myself I was at the eighth level of beyond mortal preparing to refine my 6 senses although this was only the 8th step it was probably the hardest step of the 9 steps but not the most crucial step and the only reason why this was the hardest step was because it was incredibly painful as you first had to destroy your senses then rebuild them better than before with your qi so before I started that process I got a something to bite down on after finding it I sat on the floor and started the process I was first going to destroy my hearing since that would be the least painful as I started there was a sudden sharp pain that gradually grew until the pain felt like hell and soon after I found that my hearing was totally gone and that I could finally start rebuilding my hearing the process took about 4 hours and once I finished this step I found that compared to my old hearing it was far better and that I could hear literally a mile away but that also came with downsides since I could also hear my neighbors having adult fun time

which was torturous and disgusting and after an hour of training my ears I finally learned how to restrain my hearing, the next sense I was going to refine was my sight as I thought better eye sight would be more useful so I prepared again but this time it was like my eyes were in the fires of hell, as the slight light of the moon that was seeping through my eyelids faded to a pitch void black as soon as my sight turned pitch black I started mending and reconstructing my eyes till I had eye sight that was far better than even Chang mins eye sight I could see the tiniest detail from a mile away and yet it came with drawbacks since there was a house with an older couple having fun half a mile from my window I instantly closed my eyes and shut the window but not before I saw everything.

"Who does that with their window open its like they wanted to get caught, but that was disgusting" I said aloud while trying to erase it from my memory after an hour I found that somewhat like my hearing I could restrain it I just had to not focus my eyes after figuring that out I went back to refining and did my sense of smell and taste next, each of these weren as bad as the first two and were easy to controll but then came my fourth sense touch as soon as I started I felt like I was being skinned alive and this continued until I couldn feel anything anymore it felt as if my conscience was floating in a void with no physical form it was unbearable and was a real test of perseverance and mentality and as soon as I got a hold of myself I started to reconstruct my sense of touch but unlike the other senses rebuilding my sense of touch felt painful like a hot iron brand on the skin but even so it was an improvement from feeling nothing at all. as soon as the reconstruction was done I noticed a drastic difference I could now feel everything within a ten foot radius of me be it an and or my bed I could feel it all and it seems like my sense of pain didn go up and my physical touch didn get more sensitive so I was able to do everything normaly without discomfort and after getting used to the feeling I checked if it was morning, as I opened the window I could see a small ray of golden light pouring through as the sun was just rising so it was about 4 in the morning dad usually wakes me up at 8 for breakfast I should have enough time to refine my sixth sense I thought as I started to get ready and since I currently had no sixth sense I would only have to build one and that is what I did, the sixth sense is different from the others as it manifests in the form of what others perceive to be the sixth sense so it is different for every one and for me I perceive the sixth sense as a third eye that allows me to see everything in my surroundings in Gods perspective looking down on all of creation and as I was creating my sixth sense my perception of it became reality and after I was done if I concentrated I could see all of my surroundings including me in perfect detail this process took me exactly 4 hours and like clockwork my dad came to wake me as soon as I finished but this time he stayed a bit longer than usual

"Liu I think its time that we talk, it has been over a week since you were grounded so I think that we can end your punishment here and you can go-" dad paused staring staring at me he had not seen me since I was being confined to my room, he would leave my meals and bath water outside the door for me to pick up and would not come in my room only yelling through the door to wake me up so this was his first time seeing me since I started cultivating, and since I no longer had any impurities in my body I looked vastly different than before but even then I still resembled myself before cultivation just taller, more skinny looking and my eyes from the rebuilding process had turned blue with a ring of gold but other than that I looked similar to the past similar enough so that my dad knew I was me

"how- w-what happened? why do you look like that" he stuttered

"I found a cultivation technique in the forest and started practicing it" I said to my father, my fathers face twisting into one of confusion and surprise

"wait you found a cultivation technique in the forest and started to practice it, without telling me I mean I could have helped you decide if it was a suitable technique I mean Im the one who knows you best other than yourself what if it has a severe consequence or something like that-"

"Woah dad stop take a breath I already read its conditions for use and about what it does and it is also most likely a higher grade technique and its too late to fret about it now since I can change to a new technique" I said to dad to calm him down

"what do you mean you can switch to a different technique?" my father asked in a more serious tone

"what I mean is I can never switch to or learn another cultivation technique again I can only practice this technique" I said causing my father to look curious at me

"can you let me see the technique" he asked

"sure" I said only allowing him to see it since he was my father I handed the Godly acension technique to him he took the book and examined it very meticulously his face turning to surprise and then joy he then opened the book to the first page reading the description carefully his face turning serious he then turned the page again before being blown back by an invisible force that he couldn see but I could what I saw was spiritual qi forming to make a humanoid devilish appearance before it launched a fist against my fathers face, confusing and frightening me it had not done this to me so why did it do it to my father, I looked at my father who was lying on the floor nose bleeding and a... smile on his face with wonder in his eyes then I heard the book close by itself and then dad got up off the floor and came up to me.

"son you have found a peerless treasure that will only belong to you until your dying breath make sure that no one gets even the tiniest glimpse of this book unless they treat you as family and you treat them as family and they have your complete and utter trust"

dad said to me with a serious tone while smiling he then went to the book picked It up and handed it to me

"keep this on your body or somewhere within arms reach at all times and keep it out of sight this you mus promise me" he said

I took the book from his hands and put it Im my breast pocket ensuring it to be close to me at all times but also hidden

"I promise you Father, that I will always keep this book hidden and always withing arms reach." I said seriously this was one promise that I would keep till my dying breath. after that we went to the dining room and had breakfast together and he started to talk

"son what cultivation level are you at now" he asked

"Beyond human ninth level" I said in response making my dad show a shocked expression

"how long did it take for you to reach that level" he asked

"a bit over a week" I said making my father have a dumbfounded expression

Father pov*

what did he say, a little over a week so it only took him 8 days that is an insane cultivation speed even top level geniuses need slightly less than a month to get to that point but Liu accomplished it in a week he is beyond a simple genius he is a monster and if he can get to the 10th level that is mentioned hed be even more of a monster, this town is too small for a genius like him I need to pull some strings to get him a chance for the yin-yang sect the top sect in the capital the entrance trial should be in a 3 months and it takes about 2 weeks to get to the capital from here so Ill send him to the capital after 2 months and Ill contact him during that time he will definitely help me out.

Liu Yangs pov*

I don know why but for the past 10 minutes my father seemed to be lost in thought so once I finished my breakfast I put my dish in the bin and went back to my room to cultivate in this level I had to create my dantian which was the most important step and was relatively easy compared to the last level all I needed to do is gather a large amount of qi towards my abdomin and make that qi solidify into a spherical shape I did this in the most effective way of doing it layer by layer making my dantian sturdier than average the downside I couldn lose concentration and it took a lot longer than normal and after around 3 days of non stop focus I finally finished my dantian, my dantian is the shape of a perfect sphere and was big enough to when filled it could rival someone 3 major realms ahead of me if they had light blue qi. After the mental exhaustion I couldn stay awake and slept for 24 hours.


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