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The Battle of the Alpha Chapter 11

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Jennifers POV

I had never seen Rachel dressed in anything so exposing. The way the boys were looking at her was nasty, and it nearly showed everything. She came over and gave Alpha Damian a wink as she did so. That infuriated my wolf, who became enraged. "The regulations, then. No significant harm, maiming, or death. When one concedes or is unable to continue battling, the contest is over." He spoke. "The mode of combat is chosen by the aggressor. Either a person or a wolf is present; never both." He gave us both a quick glance to make sure we were aware of the regulations. He left after we both nodded. I became alarmed as the others formed a circle around us because it made me think of them. The people Ive slain and the wars I was compelled to participate in. Alpha was looking at me with concern in his eyes, but I ignored him. There is no time to consider it right now.

"Form?" He queried. Her entire body began to tremble as she grinned. Her body grew longer and her bones fractured. Her entire body sprouted tan and grey fur. She has a lovely wolf, I must say. Despite being a pretty common color, she was nevertheless stunning.

She stretched in the "downward dog" stance in front of Alpha while wagging her fluffy tail. The stance was highly suggestive, and I could almost feel my wolfs rage.

I gave Alpha his sweatshirt after removing it. As Rachel gave me a look, I smirked to myself. I then started to freak out inside.

What if my wolf is disliked by them?

How come they despise me? What if they begin striking me? We are unable to change our minds at this point. said my wolf.

My body was lengthening and my bones were cracking. My hair follicles were stretching and getting fur on them. My clothing was torn to bits and dumped on the ground. The transition no longer caused me great physical suffering, simply a dull discomfort. While some people began to murmur among themselves, I overheard some people quietly gasp. If it was possibly possible, Rebecca scowled at me even more fiercely. Under my big, fluffy coat, I could feel Alpha Damians gaze making my skin tingle. I was quite ashamed of myself.

POV of Damian

I could hear Jennifers voice clearly. I wanted to lock her in my room and have an extended conversation with her just from the sound of it. It was like a June breeze—soft and lovely.

When Rachel suggested that we should lean on each others hips and mate, I felt violated. She was obscenely wagging her tail, almost like she was trying to grab my attention. She had little to no self-respect, and the way she just threw herself at guys was disgusting.

Then Jennifer removed my sweatshirt and gave it to me. She picked up a tiny bit of my scent, which caused my wolf to howl in approval. My wolf was now purring, and my clothing now smelt like her. We both enjoyed the way she smelled and looked while wearing my clothes. She had a vanilla scent and a clean sea air. I wanted to wrap myself in a pile of blankets and bury my nose in her neck due to her alluring aroma.

She then transformed into the most stunning wolf Ive ever seen. She had a thick, clean coat that was fluffy. I wanted to run my fingers through it since it appeared to be soft to the touch, much like her hair. She was considerably larger than Rebeccas wolf, but not quite as large as mine. She was a highly uncommon color, just like I was; she was snow-white pure. Her fur was completely black with no other hue. Her eyes had changed from gray to blue. Her wolf had only a bit of blue in it, which made her eyes jump out. My wolf and I started to get tense and worried about finding our partner.

Jennifers perspective

Snarls and growls were exchanged as Rachel and I encircled each other. My body was stiff with expectation, and my hair rose up, making me look much larger than she was. Having never faced a highly trained wolf before, I was waiting for her to launch an assault first. She started to hunch down closer to the ground, indicating that she was about to leap or strike. As I prepared to respond to her, I lowered myself. She attempted to fasten her jaws into my shoulder as her rear legs leapt. I quickly sidestepped it and ripped her ear off with a forceful bite. She hissed and rubbed my stomachs side. I released her and growled at her. My wolf was content to observe the womans ear bleeding as it ran down her face. I scratched her face with my claws and her muzzle received serious cuts. She charged me and began snatching at my face. In an effort to get me to give in, she grabbed my neck. My rear claws pushed into her tummy, and my front claws dug into her face. Her hold on my neck eased as she whimpered. I flipped us over and glared angrily at her.

I bit down hard on her shoulder and fiercely shook my head, further cutting into her flesh. She twisted and turned in an attempt to shake me off, but I was bigger and stronger than she was. Below my eye, her right paw slashed over the left side of my face. My face began to be covered with blood, which left my muzzle looking crimson. She pushed me off of her with her rear paws when I leaned back, away from her front ones. She jumped back on me as soon as I fell roughly on my side. She bit her lower lip and scratched me all over. She tore pieces of my flesh and fur from me while I whimpered, my blood splattering the snow. She attempted to slit my throat, but I jerked my head to the side, and she lowered her face into the snow. I flipped her underneath me with all of my strength, pressing my belly firmly into her back. I prevented her from moving by securely clamping my jaw around the back of her neck and digging my front claws into her ribs. She struggled mightily to escape my grip, but all she did was make her misery worse. I pushed her harder with my larger, heavier bulk, forcing her to the ground with great force. She refused to give in, so I clenched my jaw even tighter. My mouth picked up the metallic flavor of her blood, making me want to gag.

She collapsed to the ground after losing the struggle. She finally gave in, baring her neck and pulling her lip back to reveal her fangs.

Her neck and face fell to the ground as I let my mouth drop. I gave her a symbol of "I could have killed you, but I didn , you owe me." by licking her neck. After I left her, my body started to unwind. I was immediately worn out from the struggle, and the blood loss was further depleting my stamina. I trembled as I scanned the auditorium. The majority of them exhibited no emotion, and their glazed-over eyes indicated that they were speaking in the pack link.

Alpha Damian was beaming with pride.

I welcome Jennifer to the Black Aries pack as a full member. As my mind began to enlarge as a result of the open pack link, I immediately blocked them from my thoughts. The unfavorable things people were thinking I didn want to hear. I had defeated their top female warrior, and Im sure that made them horrified. I grew more exhausted, and my eyes felt heavy. All I wanted to do was clean and brush my fur before going to bed. I started to move away and into the trees since I wanted some privacy. Being hurt in public made me feel weak and exposed, which I detested.

I turned back after an enraged growl cut through the hum of the crowd.

"Watch-" I was being tackled to the ground as someone attempted to warn me. Between my shoulders, they bit the musculature. The beasts tore large chunks of flesh from my back while I cried in agony. The wolf attacked me when I heard two more ferociously growling sounds. A wolf that was dark brown, silver, and white was holding Rebecca down next to me. It had a Tarra-like odor.

Alpha Damian took a defensive position in front of me, tensing and taunting his back muscles.

You should be aware that you never assault someone from behind, I thought I had trained you sufficiently. His voice was loud and vehemently angry as he hissed her name. You, of all people, need to be aware of how disrespectful it is, particularly after you lost a challenge and Luna was the loser. His respiration was rapid, and I could tell that his wolf was about to emerge. My heart began to race out of panic. He seemed angry, so I can assume he will hit me. "Ill take care of you later. You will suffer the consequences." I was scared. Does that imply that he also strikes her? He looked at me. His body was still trembling, and his eyes were pitch-black with rage. My body started to tremble in fear as his eyes chilled me. He continued to get closer to me as I knelt down to the ground in submission. Ill get injured by him. My wolf was attempting to communicate with me, but I was blocking her out as well. My back was burning, I was having trouble breathing, and I could hear my own heartbeat in my ears. My legs felt like they were going to give out from how much I was shaking. It was impolite and may have been interpreted as a challenge that I didn look up at him. Due to a lack of oxygen, my eyesight became blurry. Even though I could feel his piercing eyes on me, I remained still. He was standing just a few feet away from me, and I could see that he was reaching out to touch me. I backed away from it and began to run. He shifted and ran after me, which I heard. He couldn track my scent because I zigzagged between the trees and they blurred in front of me. I entered the woodland more and more. I lay down on a sunny area of grass after making sure he couldn locate me. As I licked the blood out of my fur and brushed it, I felt the warmth of the sun through it. The worst regions of my back were out of reach. They continued to bleed steadily, but they would stop bleeding in a few hours. I was lying there by myself, trembling with fear. Hell track me down. I was thinking when I fainted.

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