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The Battle of the Alpha Chapter 12

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Jennifers POV

I awoke suddenly to a loud snapping sound. Dark, drab blue in tint, the sky hung fiercely over me. My vision was clouded by snow, and the wind was brisk. My body was covered in a fresh coating of snow, which numbed my hurting back. In the forest, loud footsteps were heard moving hastily and carelessly. It was too far away for me to hear the shouts that were being screamed out in the distance. There was a second, much louder "snap," but this one was much closer. Whatever it was, it was traveling quickly.

My head was beginning to feel a strange pressure that was making me feel woozy. When my back complained, I stooped up while biting back a groan. As I stood, my legs started to slightly tremble. I was getting ready to take off if I had to. My white fur almost exactly matched the icy landscape. My blood on the ground was covered by the fresh snow. I doubt that anyone would even notice me if they were to pass by, especially if they were moving so swiftly. They would probably pass me by and continue on without even realizing I was there.

The approaching and louder footsteps. It had a pattern of four, not a pattern of two, like a person, indicating that it was a four-legged animal. They were very next to me now. I carefully raised my head while pointing my nose upward in an effort to smell something. The aroma was being blown away from me instead of toward me because the wind was blowing in the incorrect direction. That implied that the unknown party is aware of my whereabouts and has my scent. "Shit," I said.

Snowing became more intense as the wind picked up. I overheard a pitiful moan of anguish and despair. Paws stepped on the dried leaves that had fallen from the trees over the autumn, making a crunching sound. As I noticed a bush rattling off to my right, my body tightened. I sensed them approaching at that point. I was in their awareness. Fuck.

I warned them to back off or else with a low growl of warning. I was greeted by another protracted whine. Nearly a foot taller than I, a massive wolf emerged from the shadows of the dense undergrowth, hidden from my view. It was unmistakably a man; its enormous bulk said as much. He moved closer to me, but I hissed in horror, raising my hackles.

The wolf lowered itself to the ground and knelt down in an effort to appear smaller. It wasn done in a servile manner; rather, it was done to let me know he posed no danger. He moved gently in my direction. I kept a close eye on him as he emerged from the darkness. I was still on edge as I awaited his next move. The little moonlight that filtered through the clouds illuminated his features as he moved.

He had dense, completely black fur. His physique is powerful and menacing. Under his dark coat, I could see his muscles moving. The two enormous paws were covered in razor-sharp claws. I barked at him before reversing direction and hitting the tree. I wanted to be as far away from him as I could. I disliked the likelihood of getting into a fight with him.

The male jerked back as though it were hurt. My gaze immediately shifted to his face as it sobbed. Long, pointed teeth were set in his enormous mouth. Through his lips, I could make out the white points of its canines. But then I noticed his eyes. Those eyes entrapped me and kept me from noticing all of its harmful features. Beautiful sea green eyes returned my gaze. They regarded me with grief, trepidation, and fear, almost as though they were viewing a terrified animal. They piqued both my wolf and my interest. I didn want it, yet my body started to relax. My tail lowered as my raised eyebrows relaxed. My defense walls began to crumble, and I could feel it. I was genuinely baffled and afraid.

"Mate." One more time, my wolf said. It was emotionless and nearly monotonous. I was calm and confused when Damian saw me and turned to face me. was initially fifteen yards away, but closed the gap between us fast. Three yards away right now, but Im still in my own little universe. If he hadn stepped on another stick, he would have been able to reach me entirely. I was startled out of my reverie by the crack of the wood, and I rebuilt my walls with more strength this time.

Damian sighed loudly through his snout before retracing his steps and ducking behind the bush he had just passed. When he changed into a human, I could hear his bones breaking and the sound of garments being put on. He returned into view while sporting a black hoodie and sweatpants. He extended a soft blanket to the audience.

"Youll probably get sick if you hang around out here any longer." He spoke out of worry. Because of the extreme cold, I could feel my body growing stiff and numb. He attempted to approach me once again, but I growled and flashed my teeth. When we are hurt, my wolf and I detest it when people are around. They have an opportunity to profit from our vulnerability as a result. He sighed once more and then moved to hang the blanket from a low limb. He then turned his back on me and went away. I gave his back a little moment of my attention.

I won look, I said. He had the audacity to laugh. I let out a brief irritated growl, and he laughed. At the lovely sound, my ears twitched, reaching for it. It had a light, melodic quality and carried the tonality of his calming voice. I turned my head aside and didn look at him. How could he?

I immediately felt the cold eroding my body as soon as I moved. My hair was being violently tossed around by the snow. I hastily reached for the blanket and tucked it about my body. He went around and came over to me. His hands were outstretched, perhaps attempting to rub my arms and create heat. I wished for him not to. I took a step back and suspiciously scrutinized his hands. He let his hands fall to his sides and lay there. "Lets leave before you become ill."

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