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The Battle of the Alpha Chapter 14

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Jennifers POV

He led me down an unfamiliar path I have yet to explore. I made sure to stay about two steps away from him, in case he wanted to try anything. Off to my left, in the distance, I could make out the glowing lights of the pack house. He kept leading us North-West until we approached a pathed road leading us directly East. Every so often I would catch him glancing at me out of the corner of my eye. We were walking in an awkward but comfortable silence. I could hear the snowy owls and the scurrying of small animals. The sound of water roared in the distance, the rapids still refusing to be frozen over.

As the pathed road started to widen out into a driveway, I could see the house. It was much too large for only one person to live in by themselves. Some light shown through the windows from the rooms, meaning more people were inside.

Am I in trouble?

Are they here to punish me?

I tensed and dropped back a few more steps so we were now over a half a foot from each other. As he walked in front of me, I could see his back muscles move.

I wonder how hard he is going to hit me.

I shivered at the thought. He glanced back at me again and picked up his pace. As we neared the house, I saw that the front door was wide open. It looked as if was carelessly thrown open and was forgotten to be shut. We walked through the doorway and he quickly shut the door and locked it. I didn even get a chance to look around before he started walking and turned to the right. I glanced at the door one last time and began to follow him.

As I rounded the corner, I instantly bumped into a hard, strong chest. His hands shot out and held my shoulders to steady me. I could see the warmth from his strong hands through the blanket. It sent a pleasant down my spine and into my stomach and it scared me. Ive never felt anything but pain and sadness before. I quickly stepped back and put my head down, suddenly interested in my feet. I heard him slowly but heavily exhale out of his nose. I opened my mouth to apologize and then wait for my punishment but he cut me off before I could make a sound.

"Stay here, Ill be back." He walked further into the room and began to run up a pair of stairs I didn notice earlier. He had led me to a living room.

The room smelled deeply of him, there wasn another scent, anywhere. I snooped around the room, looking for anything. Hints of dried blood on the floor or maybe even a concealed weapon hidden in the floorboards or couch cushions. I was about to check under the giant white rug in the middle of the floor but he walked back into the room. I quickly turned to look out the window. I heard him stalk up behind me and a small, quiet hud on an end table off to my left.

"Beautiful, isn it?" He asked me. His deep, soothing voice almost echoed through the room, breaking the silence. I couldn object but I made no movement to agree with him, it felt more like a rhetorical question. It truly was beautiful though, breathtaking even. It was much more beautiful than my old territory and pretty much everywhere else Ive been. You could see the high, snowy mountains, and the creek. You could see a large chunk of the territory from here. The view from the room was almost unbelievable, unrealistic, like something from a fairy tale or movie, not that Ive seen many movies or films.

I turned my head, so I could get a glance of him. I found him looking at me, not out the window.If felt almost as if he made the comment about me instead of the view. The weird feeling in the stomach returned again and made my knees feel weak. I instantly walked over and sat in the plush chair that was in the corner. I didn trust my legs to keep me upright. I didn need to fall on the floor and show weakness, it would only give him yet another reason to punish me. I turned my attention back to the window, giving him time and being quiet so he can think up what he is going to do with me. He was now standing fairly close in front of me, I felt very small and completely vulnerable.

"Oh, Im sorry. I completely forgot." I saw him extend his hand towards me out of the corner of my eye and I curled further into the chair. I closed my eyes tight and angled my head down, waiting for the heavy blows to begin. I waited, then counted a few more seconds, but nothing came. I slowly peaked my eyes open to his Alpha Orion holding out a large gray sweatshirt. I stared at it warily.

"Its one of the smallest I have. It will probably still be too big though.

I didn really need it, since I was wrapped up in the blanket but I didn want to anger him. Alpha males tend to have a short temper and I was already poking at the fire. I lifted my arm shakily and slowly, afraid he was going to snatch my arm and slam me up against the wall and beat me until my blood permanently stains the white carpet. My fingers curled loosely around the material as I waited for it to be yanked harshly out of my grasp, but it wasn . I was holding the soft material oh so lightly in my weak grasp. My hand was shaking so bad I almost dropped it. I slowly brought the sweater towards my body and slipped it underneath the blanket. It was very warm,and soft against my cold skin. His intoxicating scent hit me instantly, fogging my mind. The sweater was practically doused in his scent. It made me feel very small. It went down to my thighs and easily past my finger tips. I peeked a look at him and saw him smiling, almost endearingly, at me. Usually all I get are creepy, sadistic and or perverted smiles, but never one like this.

Is he smiling like that because he finally thought of a way to punish me?

He walked across the room and pulled a chair, exactly like the one Im curled up on, in front of me. He handed me a mug after he sat down. Our fingers brushed against each other as I grasped it. His hands were very warm against mine and it send pleasant but startling tingles up my arm.


e freezing." He muttered and quickly stood up again. I curled further into the chair and started throwing large pieces of wood into the fire place and slid open a small box of matches. He lit (haha its lit. Im sorry) one of the matches and threw it into the fire." He then grabbed a weird, long metal thing and began poking at the wooden logs. I grew more and more nervous as the fire grew bigger and the metal rod grew hotter. Alpha then pulled away from the fire and face me, his face was dark and had a creepy gold shining on the right side. The sharp end of the metal rod was red hot, glowing brightly. I clutched the blanket tightly, so tight my knuckles turned white.

So thats what he is going to do. I thought bitterly.

Hes going to burn and melt my skin off, marring it even more than it already is. I could imagine the hot, searing pain, Ive felt something similar to it already. The smell of smoke the fire was making seemed to taunt me, reminding me. I waited for Alpha to make a command. Waiting for him to taunt me, yell at me, hit, burn me but what he did surprised me even more. He turned to the side and set the hot rod on a rack beside the fire and looked back at me.

"Are you hungry?"

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