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The Battle of the Alpha Chapter 6

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POV of Jennifer

I traversed the new landscape as I ran. The luscious blood of the tiny deer I gorged on still tasted in my mouth. I leapt over the downed cedar tree and began to walk along the tiny creek that took me back to the pack shack. It was peculiar. Ive always been subject to other peoples orders and have never experienced true independence. Terr let me behave however I wanted. I didn trust him anymore. He is the only person to whom I have spoken outside the one question I asked him in the hospital. After a few days of healing, I spent my time scouting the packs area and doing my best to stay away from everyone.

Avoiding everyone, though, was exceedingly challenging. In the pack home, where my chamber was located, the pack appeared to like hanging out and gossiping. It was challenging to enter and exit my room covertly. I was uneasy in this place. I felt as though everyone was staring at me, so I stood up. I had no place here.

When I saw the pack house, I hurried straight to the tree where I had put out my clothes. Well, Salman owned those clothes, not mine.

The soreness in my bones was unpleasant but manageable, so I shifted back. I returned to the enormous estate after hurriedly donning the Jean shorts and shirt.

When I opened the front door, the aroma of the pack dinner cooking hit me like a ton of bricks. I hunted for myself rather than consuming their meals. Ive made it this far without anyones assistance, and I rely on no one at all. On my alone, I was managing just well.

As I passed the kitchen, the aromas grew more potent and almost made me drool. The only time I was able to own a house

Only until my father opted to forgo drugs and alcohol in favor of little to no shopping could I enjoy a home-cooked supper. I had to prepare meals for the two of us; if she didn like them, I was in serious trouble for a few hours.

As I feared and felt entrapped, I noticed that I was beginning to hyperventilate. I was about to sprint toward the stairs and my room for protection. I could slink away behind a closed door there and try to block out my recollections. My train of thought was interrupted by the sound of breaking glass striking the ground. I swiftly turned around so that I was now facing the kitchens entrance. (The kitchen is up top)

"Eek!" Squealing came from a high, shilled voice. She turned around with my back to her and faced me. She was overly dramatic as she pinched her nose with her thumb and pointer finger. She was acting so childishly, I wanted to laugh. "Who allowed a rogue in?". In disgust, she twisted her face upward. She had vivid blonde hair, and her dark lashes highlighted her blue eyes. She appeared to be wearing cosmetics to highlight her facial characteristics. Although a little exposing, her attire really conveyed how secure she felt in herself.

She twisted her face even more as she eyed me up and down and made foundation crease lines. I gave her a sidelong glance and leaned up against the arched aperture. "I don have a lot of fear of women. Im still on high alert and don trust them".

She shouted once again as she let go of her hand from her nose. I nearly considered covering my ears. Oh, I can wait for Alpha to return tomorrow; Ill have him kill you as soon as he enters this region, she said. My cheeks began to swell with perplexity as I hid my terror. They are behaving nicely toward me as a result of Alphas departure. She tried to sugarcoat her voice in a sickeningly sweet way, raising her voice an octave, but her voice pierced my sensitive ears, "Oh Sweety." "He is just there because he is looking for his mate. He can find her, and as soon as he awakens and understands that he can , he will hurry to me, knowing that I am the ideal partner for him."

Ah, I see now, a bitch seeking wealth and power by claiming the title of Alpha. She gave me a scowl as she stumbled awkwardly in my direction in her hot pink stilettos. I was still taller than her even when she was wearing four-inch heels. She had to nudge her head up toward me in an effort to get in my face. She was trying to scare me, and I could feel my face itching to smirk. "And I won let some slobbering mongrel stand in my way! Understand?"

I pretended to yawn before turning away from her and heading for the stairs. She walked away while stamping her foot and yelling for someone to pick up her broken glass. I climbed the stairs to my room and shut the door.

Fearing that the Alpha might return home, I felt hot tears of terror start to stream down my face.

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