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The Battle of the Alpha Chapter 8

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POV of Jennifer

When I heard the purr of a car approaching from a distance of a few kilometers, I realized I had to begin traveling back. By listening to the noises the car was making, you could almost hear how pricey it was. He was the fabled Alpha that everyone was talking about, so I knew it had to be him. No one would need to return to this region because there was nothing nearby for miles. I would know because Ive been foraging and attempting to memorize the area for the past week.

I turned my head to the west, where the car was approaching from. The distant Talk Mountains almost seemed to be tempting me to sprint over to them. I only had to move quickly. I could get away from the Alphas rule and the pack. There was nobody nearby or in the area to stop me. I only needed to be more careful the following time to avoid getting caught in order for me to be free.

Not me. I could have, but I didn . I turned around and went back the other way, east. Running would have been a gesture of disrespect to the Alpha and the pack if I had done so. If they so desired, they would go looking for me and kill me. Additionally, the beta likely had informed the Alpha that I was present.

Just as a sleek, matte-black automobile came into the driveway, I arrived at the pack house. I put on the maroon t-shirt Blaire gave me and my tattered black jeans. I finished off my look by slipping on my leather jacket and ankle boots. I felt unworthy to be able to wear such elegant attire.

For as long as I could, I wanted to stay away from the Alpha. In that case, avoid pretty much everyone. The moment I walked out the front door, I was overcome by the sheer number of people. Ive never liked crowds; in fact, if I consider myself, Ive never liked groups of more than three individuals. The majority of them were hugging and welcoming each other while around the car. Due to the crowd, I was unable to view the Alpha. I wanted to know the mans appearance so that I could avoid him. While the girls were ogling him and chatting to one another, the men were virtually salivating over his automobile.

That must be the Ferrari or Bentley, right? With all of his wealth, it only makes sense that he would have a great car. I have no idea about his car, but I would adore riding on him. The blonde I had just spoken to in the kitchen muttered to her group of pals. They all groan incessantly and shamelessly at his eyes. I disregarded their derogatory remarks and went to the backyard. There were at least 100 tables arranged in various locations throughout the yard.

The seats were being perfectly straightened by hundreds of individuals while they conversed. Children were giggling gleefully while rushing between the tables and trees. I moved slowly, keeping my eyes on the ground, and rested against the massive trunk of an old tree.

While I waited for him to approach me, I tried to keep myself hidden as much as I could in the shade of the tree.

We were practically playing a game of hide and seek. He was the one, and I was going to win.

POV of Damian

I couldn wait to get up and stretch my tired legs. My wolf was giving me a headache since he was whining over not being allowed to run for a long. My ass is hurting.

Be quiet. In my thoughts, I heard a response from my wolf. I rolled my eyes as I exited my vehicle. My pack companions surrounded me right away. First to give me a hug were my parents. I received a strong pat on the back from my father, the former alpha, as he shook my hand. My mother, the Luna, hugged me tenderly. I had once more failed to find a mate, who was nowhere to be found. My mother was still the Luna of my pack because of this. For the past three years, I have been leaving my area in quest of my partner. Mates were expected to cross paths shortly after their first shift and, maybe and incredibly infrequently, a year later. Im twenty-one now.

Five years have passed since my last shift. By now I ought to have located her. One by one, my pack members greeted me. They were also anticipating the return of their brand-new Luna. They once more gave me a feast to welcome me home. I didn feel like going out or making friends. To be quite honest, Im envious of all the couples and mated wolves that I would have to witness.

My parents gave me a pitiful smile when they saw my little attitude change. Although I was beginning to lose hope in meeting my partner, they both knew how badly I desired her. Ill have to mate with the highest ranking female in my pack who isn my sister if I don find her until Im twenty-two. In relation to that, I heard her a few feet away.

I have no idea about his car, but I would adore riding on him. I shuddered in contempt. To my surprise, Rachel was the main female warrior. With all due respect, but I was astonished to find that she was able to land the high-ranking position. More than her training, Ive seen her take care of her skin and makeup, but who am I to criticize that? She displayed her body more than I would have liked, but at least she is happy with who she is. No matter what she does or how she appears, if she can fight, she can fight. However, its her attitude that really annoys me. She would slam them whenever she had the chance. No matter their position or age, Mary diverted everyones attention, and that will always irritate me.

I complied and followed everyone into the pack houses backyard because I didn want to offend anyone. I fiercely grinned at my pack as I swiftly surveyed my Beta. They were laughing and smiling affectionately at one other while he had his arms around his friends waist.

"Im not certain. She often keeps to herself. I don often see her." I gave him a thank-you pat on the shoulder while nodding.

Occasionally, errant members would approach me and start chatting about unrelated topics. I was familiar with everyones names, from the oldest to the youngest. I took a stroll, ate some food, and said "thank you" to everyone I could.

I eventually found my way back to Salman and Terra. With a few of the warriors, they were discussing perimeter patrols. The number of rogues was too large, and they feared that soon some would begin to assault. Although I preferred to keep my pack on the more peaceful side, we were taught to prevail in battle. A delicious smell caught my attention just as I was going to add anything. I took another breath of it, this time deeper.

My wolf was going nuts, and I became a little disoriented. It had been at least an hour since the aroma had been fresh. I started to follow it after making an excuse. Daisy appeared out of nowhere just as it began to intensify. I grew agitated as my inner wolf growled. I moaned. "Daisy, what do you want?" I made a nice request as possible.

"I had a question," She began running her fingers up my chest while attempting to undo my shirts buttons. I gently grasped her wrist and yanked them apart. No Daisy, She pouted and resembled a fish. I stepped away from her as she was going to speak, attempting to retrace the fragrance. Daisy would pass in front of me each time I picked it up, masking the trail with her perfume. I was growing irate and impatient. My wolf seemed to be about to transform as it drew nearer to the edge. Although it was a beautiful party, I wasn really into it. In an effort to restrain my wolf before he became out of control, I went into the woods. From where was it coming?

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