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The Battle of the Alpha Chapter 9

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POV of Jennifer

As more people started showing out in the yard, my anxiety levels increased. I started to walk back to my house since I was too overwhelmed. I merely wished to isolate myself from everyone in my room. I was significantly outnumbered, it was too much, and I felt frightened. This pack was far larger than mine, with more individuals who may potentially strike me. The thought made me feel even more anxious, so I hastened my pace without really paying attention to where I was going. I simply had to leave this place.

I quickly turned around after feeling two hands grab my shoulders to see Miss. Cindy. Her nails were tearing into my shoulders like claws. I wrenched myself out of her hold. "Bitch, listen to me." She gave me a growl. "I own Damian. He and I are supposed to mate. I won let some pitiful rouge stand in my way because Im supposed to be Luna!" She yelled. "I simply trained with the intention of becoming the best woman and his mate. You won interfere and muck things up. Got it? Hes my boy!"

My anxiety increased as a result of her screaming. I fled as soon as I started to feel anxious. I rushed towards the woods while holding my chest tight. My heart was racing, and I was heavy heaving. I fell over sticks and occasionally got tangled in tree roots as I wandered through the forest. The lack of oxygen caused black spots to appear in my eyesight. In my head, I could hear my dad screaming. As my memory played back the memories, my scars appeared to burn. I tumbled down a tree after backing into it. I tucked my head between my knees and encircled my legs with my arms. I prayed for it to end while I was trembling.

My head shot up as soon as I heard a stick break. Darkness and a sinister atmosphere pervaded the space around me. The crickets abruptly halted their chirping. I grew more frightened as I feared something may saunter out of the shadows and grab me. I rolled up even more tightly.

Sparks flew off my skin as two hands softly grasped me from behind. I screamed and sprinted away from the individual. I initially believed it was my father, who was probably reusing the taser or shock collar. The man seemed to demand attention and screamed power. "Its father," I guessed. Even though my vision was still fuzzy, I could make out a black haired head. Father is there. He was now standing in front of me as I screamed and pressed myself up against another tree. I heard him speaking. I could make out some of what he was saying, but voice was audible. That isn your father. I started to relax, and I could now clearly hear his voice.

"Its alright. I apologize. I had no idea that I would frighten you." I shuffled up the tree to escape as he began to approach me. He came to a stop, his face displaying pain.

"Are you alright?" I blinked. I gasped quietly as I cast a wary glance at him.

The man was a little taller than Terra in height. He had sea green eyes and long, unkempt jet black hair. He had full lips and a sharp jaw. He gave me a quiet smile and knelt down in front of me.

Im Don Damian, the Black Aries packs Alpha. I quickly lowered my eyes out of respect and dread. I was never allowed to gaze directly at my father. I continued to look at his chest. His lean muscles were visible through his shirt, which further added to his threatening presence.

I afterwards smelled it. Ablend of cedar and pine trees with a touch of Axes seductive darkness.

He muttered, "Mate. Mate. My wolf endorsed that. I then took off running.

I was best at it, that was all.

Actually, I updated Damians image. He seemed too soft, and I agreed with the many people who remarked so, so I changed him. I recently discovered the new picture and thought, "Hot damn," because the one I had up previously just didn fit the impression I intended to make.

POV of Damian

Currently, I was occupying the head seat at one of the pack dinners. Only the male Warriors of my beta, delta, gamma, and high rank were present. Around me, the men were chatting and debating various fighting techniques. I wasn paying attention, though. My eyes kept wandering to my right, where my mate was supposed to be seated in the vacant chair. My mates chair was still next to mine at the head of the table even though the pack was unaware of her latest finding. It was put there to honor her.

Its been three days since I was discovered absolutely terrified here in the woods. She was afraid of me, my own mate. She raced away from me, and I felt a sharp sorrow in my heart. I made a small fist towards my chest. Why doesn she desire me?

Does she fear me? Would she turn me down? When I considered that our mate might reject us, my inner wolf howled in agony. I tightened my grip on my chest as the pounding ache increased.

I was unaware that the talks had ended and that numerous sets of eyes were fixed on me.

"Alpha?" The voice of Terra cut through my thoughts. "Are you alright?" I briefly blinked to clear my vision before turning my attention to him.

Yes, Im all right. Because of my emotions, my voice was a little deeper and hoarse. His eyes widened.

Did you say "In an effort to inquire", he said connecting me

Later, well chat.

I stopped him. He acknowledged me with a hesitant nod. He started the chat my men had been having after clearing his throat. He was obviously not paying attention, too. He had his hands clenched and was leaning against the table with his brows furrowed in thought. My gaze then returned to the chair, lingering over the vacant seat.

POV of Jennifer

I fixed my attention on my rippling lake-water reflection. I was in utter distress with my wolf. My wolf was yelling at me to return to our mate, Alpha. Although my brain was telling me otherwise, it was what our hearts desired. My mind started bringing up old memories and concerns. It kept telling me what would happen and cautioning me that I would only suffer harm. I was kept back by my concerns. My lack of trust kept me back. I was limited by my past. My reflection was distorted when I growled and slapped my fist into the water, sending irate ripples through the still water.

I was unable to go on because of my history.

POV of Damian

Terra slammed the door after shoving the last complaining man out of my residence. "You." He made a point at me. "Explain." My wolf growled at him because he was making too much of a demand on me. I followed him as he made his way to the living room while displaying his neck in surrender. We both sat down on the couches and buried our faces in the plush leather. He grew tired of the silence after a while.

"Who is that?" Terra enquired. I moaned.

"Im not sure, Her name eluded me",I answered.

"Well, tell me about her."

She has gray-blue eyes, long blonde hair, and freckles. She may be around 5"7 tall and in excellent shape. When I was done, he gave a tiny nod and smile.

"That is the rouge I was referring about. She goes by Jennifer. About her, we don really know anything."

"What are you aware of?"

"We do know her name, though. She remains private. She just exchanged words once. We don even know her last name or why shes a rouge. She has a sense of power about her, thus I am certain that she was a member of a pack. Although she doesn force people to accept it, I can feel it". Humming in response to the little details. I got up and walked out of the room. He shouted after me, but I continued to move on. I was bound and determined to learn more.

POV of Jennifer

I was leaning against the porch rail on the pack house side. I could hear the trickling of the water in the neighboring stream and the chirping of the crickets in the nearby woods. My wolf wanted to change and howl as the full moon rose high in the sky, but I restrained her. The stars could be seen clearly because they were so bright. They stood out because they were so remote from any kind of civilization or light pollution. I could see the two bears, Big and Little Dipper, being pursued by hunters. They caught the attention of the Moon Goddess, who then placed them in the night sky. I recognized a handful of them, including the renowned hunter Damian.

"Hey." The abrupt voice stunned me, and I whirled around. By the open sliding door, Damian was standing. He was looking at me while his hands were in his hoodie pockets.

"I apologize. I hastily averted my eyes and lowered my head, saying, "I didn want to scare you. He moaned and followed me as I walked. He leaned against the railing too closely for my taste, and I stiffened up. My knees were weak from the scent of him and the heat he was giving out. I like the aroma so much that I shuddered.

"Are you chilly?", He queried. I nearly responded, but I restrained myself. He handed it to me after removing his sweater. I hesitated to look at it, but I took it and wore it nevertheless. Not taking it would have been impolite. His scent and the body heat he had left on the fabric enveloped me. I gave him a thank-you grin and leaned more firmly against the railing out of concern for my already frail knees. I could see the smirk on his lips and feel his scorching gaze on my side. "You hardly ever speak, do you?", I sighed. He nodded.

"Im interested in learning more about you". Would it be okay if I asked you a few questions?" I shook my head and wished he would continue.

"What hue do you prefer?", He enquired. I gave it some thinking, but they pointed to my eyes. "Gray?" He queried. I pointed at him while shaking my head.

My eyes In order to hide my flush from him, I nodded and dipped my head, covering my face with my hair. My heartbeat jumped as he laughed. I could see through my hair to his straight, white teeth, and he had a lovely laugh. My hair was tucked behind my ear by his outstretched hand. I jumped backwards and moved a step away from him, but he didn comment on it. The match continued for a short while. Id do my best to respond being asked a question, I would simply shake my head or point at it if I couldn answer it. I was too nervous to talk to him because I thought I would be punished. When I was older, my father would hit me if I interrupted him. I would simply point to him and ask him the same questions he had asked me when it was my turn to ask them. "Do you want to become a part of my pack?". I panicked as my breathing became labored. What if I gave the incorrect answer and angered him? He perceived my fear. "If you don want to, you are not required to. If you decide to join, you can always quit if you change your mind". He seemed quite dejected.

"Answer yes." said my wolf. His wolf is telling the truth. We are free to depart whenever we wish. I hesitated before slowly nodding. His face was covered in a broad smile. "When is best for you?". After giving it some thought, I extended seven fingers. "A week?" I blinked. "Okay. "Now since its late, I guess you

e sleepy. I don intend to keep you awake". I nodded and drew up my own hoodie sleeve over his." Keep going". I gave a little nod before returning inside. I waved at him briefly before closing the glass door and going up to my room.

I had a week to identify him. Until I joined his pack, a week.

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