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"Hello its a pleasure to meet you. I don get to meet many of Amys friend."

Micheal smiled and shook Mark Wus hand while Amy let out a sigh of relief. Soon after everyone sat down to the meal. Micheal enjoyed every bite he could tell how the Wu prepared the pork and then seasoned it. He also could see how the sour of the pork was paired with sweet sauce and how the vegetables were perfectly spiced. Micheal thought even some of the best chefs could never perfectly balance their dishes however the Wu were and they sold them for a affordable price to people who needed them.

Just then Amy looked at Micheal

"Micheal what do you think"

He looked at her and smiled

"Its really good. Do you make this every day"

Just then Mark intervened

"Not everyday , we usually have a different menu of certain dishes on certain days"

Amy then remembered and look at her mother and grandfather

"Mom, grandpa what are we going to do about the food service now that we got everything back?"

Elizabeth put down her fork and looked at Amy

"You grandfather and discussed about that while you out and we decided that we should continue to make meals and even expand, the fact is these people have helped us over the years and we will not forget them"

Micheal was a little surprise he thought that they would try and regain some of the Wu company and start everything back up, but instead they wanted to still provide meals and didn want to forget the people that were there for them.

Micheal decided to compliment them for the idea

"That a really good idea Mrs Wu, you are bound to see an increase in business do to all of the investment made by MR and congratulations on getting you

e property returned"

However just then everyone looked at Micheal with a confused look. How could he know about all this. Amy thought this most of all, she only told Micheal that her family was celebrating and the news that MR was returning everything was still new how could he know.

"Micheal how do you know about what MR is doing and that they returned everyone property?"

Amy just looked with a confused look on her face.

Micheal new he messed up. He had to think of something soon.

"Well I work for MR in the financial department, I spent a few years out of the country but when I came back I was assigned to the new project"

Everyone was amazed, Micheal worked for such a big company. Elizabeth breathed a sigh of relief. This would explain his car, she was a little worried about him working for illegal groups but now she saw that he had made something of himself but she still had some questions.

However as everyone was celebrating all of the good things that the future had to offer. There was a violent knock at the door followed by a familiar and unwanted voice.

"Elizabeth, Amy I know you are in there come out now or else."

It was Brandon Chen. Having no other place to go he got drunk and ended up in front of the Wu house. He thought that they had something to do with what happened so he decided do get some answers.

"Come out now, Im warning you"

The door opened and everyone stood there looking at Brandon drunk and barely able to stand. When Mark saw him he was furious. This man he trusted betrayed him and had the audacity to come to their home drunk.

"Brandon, you have some nerve coming here. Now that you lost everything that was stolen why have you come to beg that we would petty you"

Brandon eyes grew red. He rushed in and pushed Mark to the ground.

"Im not going to beg you. I know you had something to do with my downfall so today your going to compensate me wether you want to or not."

Amy rushed to her grandfather with Elizabeth who was looking at Brandon with absolute hatred.

"Brandon you really are low don expect to get anything other then a ride to jail."

Right then Brandon raised his hand ready to strike Elizabeth. He was going to make them pay. But before he could do anything.


Micheal rushed forward and kicked Brandon and sent him flying outside. As Brandon was rolling on the ground everyone was shocked. Micheal moved so fast he was like a blur and his kick was so powerful that it sent Brandon flying. Looking at him standing I front of everyone Brandon got to his knees.

"Who the hell are you and what gives you the right to hit me."

Michael just sneered.

"Me, Im Micheal Yang and as to what gives me the right to hit you well thats because you a piece of scum that steals and try and bully those weaker then you"

Just then he remembered were he had heard the name Micheal Yang

"You, your Amys ex boyfriend"

Amy walked forward and looked at her father.

"Thats right and he even works for MR international, so he knows about all of the stuff you and Richard did."

When Brandon heard this he realized something. Lisa said that the person who hit her was called Micheal and that he had people working for him. Plus Micheal worked at MR, could he be master Yang and has been just hiding his true identity. He knew that if this was true it could be valuable information to Richard and he had to talk to him.

Brandon got up and ran off he needed to see Richard. After he left Micheal walked back to check on Mark. Later when Amy was walking with him to see him off she looked very embarrassed because of what all had happened just the she looked at Micheal.

"Micheal do you think if you are free some time we could hangout, maybe have dinner?"

Micheal was a little surprised was she asking him out. Micheal told her yes and they exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch. As he left he felt a little torn, over the past six years he had been planning his revenge for Amy dumping him. However after seeing how she suffered he didn want to get revenge but he wondered if he still loved her.


Over at Richards apartment Brandon Chen just arrived. He started knocking on the door.

"Richard it me let me in please."

Richard opened the door, and Brandon saw that he was not alone. Inside he saw Mr. Zhao standing there with an angry look on his face. Cause of what had happened he had been fired from the bureau but because his supervisor didn want to dig up any unwanted dirt they decided to just fire him. When they saw Brandon reeking of alcohol it was an unwanted sight.

"Mr Chen I have made myself clear before its best that we don have business with each other from now on"

As he tried to shut the door Brandon barged in with a smile on his face

"Oh trust me Richard what Im about to tell you will make you reconsider"

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