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As Micheal got in the elevator to head towards his room the others helped Luke up. Luke eyes were filled with absolute hate. He had wanted to show how powerful he was in front of everyone especially Lacy but now he just looked like a fool. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

"Send some men over to the morning star resort now, I need some help getting rid of a pest."

After he hung up the phone Lacy moved close to him with a curious look on her face.

"Luke who did you just call?"

Luke looked down at her with a twisted smile on his face.

"Some of my dads men, they are going to assist me"

At first he was going to have this guy beg, but now he wanted this guy to be beaten to a pulp and left for dead on the street. He was going to let everyone know what happens when they cross him.

Up at his room Micheal got undressed and hopped in the shower. After he was done he sat in a chair wearing a bathrobe and played on his phone. While he was playing several cars pulled into the garage and men in black suits got out. As they headed for the entrance they greeted Luke Zen and the others and followed Luke into the resort.

Once inside they sent a man to look at the security footage and see if he could find out were he went. A few minutes later the man returned and told them that Micheal had went to the top floor and entered the penthouse suite. Everyone was shocked especially Luke his father told him that the penthouse was being used by master Yang the owner of sunrise strip.

"We have to get that man out of there now if he is making trouble for master Yang my dads career will be over."

Luke was very nervous, he then looked at one the men.

"You call my father tell him to come here now somebody has broken into master Yang suite."

As the man proceed to make the call the rest headed for the penthouse. While everyone was making their way Micheal decided he had played enough and got into bed. As he was about to fall asleep when there was a knock on his door.

Micheal sat up, who could that be at this hour. He got out of bed and made his way to the door. Just as he was about to open it he stopped. Something didn feel right, he decided to look through the peep hole and see who was knocking. When he looked through he saw Luke standing at his door surrounded by several men.

"Man what a pain, this guy really has no respect for the resorts guest."

Outside the door Luke stood there very nervous, his dad told him that master Yang was not a person that he should cross and that with one word he could ruin all of their lives. Just then an idea came into his head, if he could catch the man that broke into master Yang suite his family would look better in the eyes of master Yang. This thought made Luke smile.

Just then the door opened and Luke received a surprise. The person standing in front of him wearing a bathrobe was Micheal with a look of annoyance on his face. Luke didn know what to make of it, this guy broke into the penthouse and was wearing master Yang bathrobe, just how bold was this guy. He looked back at his men and pointed at Micheal.

"That the guy we are looking for grab him and break his legs."

As Luke said this the men rushed forward to grab Micheal who was surprisingly calm. As one of the men grabbed his collar Micheal quickly grabbed the mans wrist and with one hand through him at the wall.


The man fell to the floor howling in pain. The others including Luke took a step back. What just happened he was so quick and het he took down that man single handed. As they all stood there with a look of amazement Micheal walked towards Luke.

"Did your father not teach you how to treat resort guest?"

After Micheal said this he grabbed Luke by his collar and with one hand lifted him up in the air.

Luke who was terrified at what was happening tried to think of a way out of this.

"Do....do you know who my father is.?"

As he said that Micheal lowered his head and started lowering Luke back down. Luke thought that it worked, that this man knew who his father was and was scared of him. However Micheal grinned and looked Luke .

"Oh I know him and I thought he would have raised his son better."

Micheal raised his other hand and started slapping Luke repeatedly across the face.




one of Lukes men tried to stop him but just as he started walking towards the two, Micheal gave him a look that sent chills down the mans spine so he took a step back and decided not to intervene. Meanwhile Micheal kept slapping Luke to the point were his face was bruised and swollen and his lips had been split.

Just then the door to the elevator opened and out walked a tall figure, It was Lewis Zen. As he approached the scene he saw that his son was being beaten. This made him furious.

"Who dares to strike my son."

As he said this Micheal let go of Lukes collar causing him to fall to the floor. When Luke saw his father he crawled to him and hugged his leg.

"Dad thats him he hit me earlier and then broke into master Yang penthouse"

As he said this Micheal walked towards Lewis and looked him in the eye.

"Mr. Zen you should really teach your son some manners"

Lewis saw who had hit his son. The man standing in front of him was none other then master Yang. What did his son do to offended him, his career at this resort, no his life and his familys life would be over. Lewis just stood there frozen, then he raised his hand and slapped Luke.

"Dad what did you do that for"

If Luke wasn surprised yet he was about to be. Lewis stepped forward and looked at Micheal. He then bowed.

"Master Yang I apologize for my sons behavior tonight please leave this matter to me."

He then ordered the men to take Luke back to his car outside.

Luke was in complete disbelief. The man who hit him was master Yang, all of his action tonight went through his mind. How he talked and acted and even wanting his men to break Micheals legs.

"Wait it a misunderstanding. I never intended to offend master Yang. Please let me explain myself"

Luke kept scream as his fathers men dragged him away. All the while Lewis was standing there scared out of his mind. What was going to happen to him and his family.

Just then Micheal looked at him

"Mr Zen there is no need to punish your son any further."

Lewis eyes grew wide, was he and his son being forgiven.

"Tonight I taught your son a lesson, however I trust you will ensure that he won forget it"

Lewis just bowed

"Yes master Yang thank you."

Micheal went back to his room and got into bed. As he laid there only one sentence came out of his mouth.

"Man what a day."

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