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As the lieutenant saw the chief of police and mayor approach him, he felt a chill down his spine. Why were these people here? Wasn he told by Zhao that Micheal was just a simple employee from a poor family? He then rushed over to greet them.

"Chief, I was not expecting you to be here."

The chief of police narrowed his eyes.

"Tell me why are you here lieutenant, and why are two of your men on the ground?"

The fat lieutenant pointed at Micheal And shouted.

" I have a warrant to arrest this man for fraud and embezzlement. My men tried but he assaulted them"

As he said this Micheal raised his eye brow. Just then a man in a straight suit walked forward.

"Let me see this warrant!"

This man was the attorney general for east city. As he approached the lieutenant he stuck out his hand and asked that he see the warrant for Micheal arrest. The lieutenant was a little nervous, while he had connections through Mr Zhao these three people dwarfed Zhao.

The lieutenant pulled out the warrant from his pocket and handed over with his hands shaking. The AG took the warrant and looked at it and then looked back at the lieutenant.

"Who gave you this warrant? it says it was signed by my office but we never approved such thing."

Everyone was looking at this lieutenant and the two men on the floor and some started to whisper. If the AG didn approve the warrant why were they here. Were they trying to arrest Micheal illegally.

Just then Micheal stepped forward

" lieutenant it appears you have been forging official documents and have been taking bribes."

As he heard these words the lieutenant turned around and looked at Micheal.

"Just who the hell are you, I am still an officer of the law, and I am merely acting on the warrant that was given to me."

Just then the chief of police stepped forward and raised his hand


He struck the lieutenant so hard that the fat man was knocked to the ground.

As he looked up he saw all three men bowing to Micheal

"Master Yang we apologize for what has happened here today."

WHAT? The lieutenant and two other officers were stunned. The mayor, chief, and AG were all showing this man respect. Wait did they just call him master Yang? As in the owner of MR.

All three had a look of dread on their face. They knew that their lifes were going to be over.

Micheal walked over and looked at the lieutenant. His gaze was so fierce it was like a demon was staring down at a helpless child. The lieutenant tried not to make eye contact. Then Micheal squatted down and had the man look at him.

"Tell me who gave the guts to try and arrest me, and frame me for these crimes?"

The lieutenant didn have any other choice, his life was over if Micheal didn kill him now the chief would throw him into a dark cell and he would never see the light of day again. He looked at Micheal and began crying.

"It was Zhao, he threatened me to arrest you and forge the evidence so Andy Mo could be released from prison"

As Micheal heard this a smile appeared on his face. He knew that Richard would try and retaliate, and now it looks like he was going to use Andy to find out about Micheals identity.

However, what Richard didn know is that the person he tried to frame to get Andy off was none other then the person whos identity he was after.

Micheal looked at the lieutenant and simply said.

"From now on you work for me, not Zhao. You got that?"

The man shook his head

"Yes I understand what ever you say"

Micheal stood up and told the lieutenant to follow him and together they walked towards the chief.

"chief I think that the three of us should go pay Andy Mo a visit"

The chief nodded his head and then told his men to prepare a car and to have the two officers lying on the ground taken away.

At the prison Andy Mo was laying on his bed starring at the ceiling when a guard opened his cell door.

"Come on you got a visitor"

Andy was a little surprised he was not expecting anyone, was Richard back to ask him about Micheal? Andy got up and was lead to a room as he entered he saw a face that him made shake. There sitting at the table was Micheal with a smile on his face.

"Hello Andy, how are holding up in here?"

Andy just looked at the floor he was to scared to make eye contact. All that was running through his mind what was Micheal doing here. Was he going to get payback for high school. However Micheal simply looked at Andy and pulled out a chair.

"Have a seat"

As he sat down he still tried his best to avoid eye contact. However Micheal pulled out two cigarettes and gave Andy one.

"Andy, do you know who came to visit me today?"

Andy was confused and just shook his head and said no.

"I got a visit from some police who tried to arrest me, and they told me that they were to arrest me frame me for your crimes and then release you."

Andy was shocked. He never thought that Richard would try and frame another person for this crime and that the person would be Micheal. Now he was terrified beyond belief.

"I had nothing to do with that I swear"

Micheal raised his hand and calmed Andy down, he then lit his cigarette and handed the lighter to Andy.

"I know, the person behind it was Mr. Zhao, however I don think it was him alone. I looked at you visitor logs and it said that Richard came by to see you right?"

Andy just nodded his head yes

"So I am safe to assume that Richard is working with Zhao to get you out because you have information that they want"

Again Andy nodded

"Good that means that you have not told them my real identity correct"

Andy blurted out

"No I didn tell them anything I swear"

Micheal just grinned and calmed Andy down.

"Alright calm down I not going to do anything to hurt you, however I am a man that believes in second chances"

These words made Andys eye grow as he looked at Micheal

"I am going to have the police release you. However you freedom does come with a cost, you will give Richard and Zhao false info about my identity and stick by Richard side. Anything that he does I want to know, understand?"

Andy then fell to the floor and grabbed Micheals leg

"Yes yes anything you want I will do, I will not let you down"

Micheal just finished his cigarette and got up left. While walking out of the prison he pulled out his phone and dialed one of his secretaries.

"Have you made the arrangement?"

The other end simply replied with yes.

"Good I will let you know when to begin"

As he hung up the phone Micheal looked at the sky.

"Richard this time you won get away"

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