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The next day, as things were going as planned with Richard, Micheal decided that it was time to get a house. He was tired of staying at his hotel and thought it would be best to have a place in east city to call home again. As he was driving around he passed by the old rundown building that he grew up in. However, it was gone, it had been torn down to make way for a new shopping district and offices that brought jobs into the local community. Seeing this made Micheal remember everything how he thought that now matter how bad things were as long as he people who cared about him he could overcome anything thing. He also remembered how his parents used to act to keep the charade of being poor, he still remembered how his father would dress in a old low cut suit and his mom would have worn ugly looking dress. To this day even though they were some of the wealthiest people in the world , what they went through to ensure that there son would learn the value of hard work still amazed and inspired Micheal.

After Micheal left he met with the real estate agent, and she began to show him some of the homes she thought he would like. As Micheal was going through the list he noticed that one place stuck out. The listing was for the golden tiger villa, a estate that was built four years ago. It was designed by a famous architect and was built right on the side of the tiger mountain. The price tag for it was 350 million. However, it was this price tag that deterred many potential buyers. Not that many people had that kind of money, but Micheal did. His MR brought in a couple billion a year, and his family assets alone was enough to buy a country.

Micheal decided he wanted to take a look. However, the agent was a little hesitant she tried to tell Michael that the price tag was a little steep. Just then Micheal waved his hand and told here money won be an issue. The agent had dealt with with people like this before, those who thought money was just something that could solve all there problems. She decided to tell Michael the asking price of over 300 million, but instead of shock Micheal just laughed.

"Well that seems pretty cheap."

These words amazed the agent and thus she decided to take Micheal to see the villa. When they arrived at the villa Micheal began looking around he saw that from this place he could see the whole of east city. The place was very tranquil and allowed the person who owned it to achieve piece of mind. The agent then informed Micheal that along with the scenery the architect also build this to be a place to raise a family. She showed Micheal all the accommodations that came with place. After a while Micheal took out his phone and transferred the money over to the real estate office and signed the papers for the house. When the agent saw how quickly this had all happened she almost fainted, then when she realized that here commission for selling this villa would be a over 20 million she stated acting like she was on cloud nine.

In the afternoon Micheal sat in his new villa drinking some wine while his things were moved in. As he was enjoying the view Adam arrived.

"Man this some place Micheal."

Micheal looked back and smiled at Adam, then poured him a glass of wine.

"Glad you think so Adam"

As the two sat they started talking about the trap for Richard. Micheal plan was simple have Richard try and go after Adam thinking he was master Yang grandson. Then when he tries to get Adam in trouble they double cross him and have the authorities arrest him. Thus Micheal had Adam go to clubs that he owned and drink and flirt with women. Adam of course wasn going to miss this opportunity, his grandfather always kept a eye on him and would let him play around because one he was the future heir to the Song family, and two he was an office in the army. Any kind of playing around was seen as unbecoming.

Suddenly Micheal phone rang , as he looked at it he saw that it was Amy. He just remembered that he hasn talked to her since Richard tried to have him arrested, his mind was racked with guilt she has probably been worried sick.

"Hello, Amy?"

"Micheal are you all right? I didn hear from you I thought something bad happened the other day"

Micheal now felt terrible

"Its ok, Im fine the cops didn arrest me, they had the wrong person on the warrant"

Hearing thing this Amy became confused. The cops were specifically looking for Micheal the other day, how could they have the wrong person on the warrant?

"Ok Micheal as long as your alright thats all that matters."

Micheal and Amy talked for a little while longer and then decided to meet up latter and talk.

As Micheal hung up the phone he looked over and saw Adam with the biggest smile. at that moment Micheal realize that taking that call in front of Adam was a big mistake.

"So Micheal, tell me about this girl, you called her Amy right?"

Micheal got up and walked towards the kitchen, however Adam was like a bloodhound, once he got a sniff of dirt he would not let go.

"Hey were are you going, you can tell me Im you friend remember"

Micheal just lowered his head and sighed

"Alright, her name is Amy Wu. She and I grew up together here and we even dated back in high school. It was also her family that was wronged by Richard"

Now Adam was completely interested

"So you two gonna started dating again?"

As he said these words Micheal was taking a drink. Hearing this Micheal nearly chocked. As he was coughing up the wine he looked at Adam.


Adam just pointed out that he and Amy used to have feelings for each other and the way they talked over the phone, he could tell that those feelings were still there. Micheal didn know what to say. When he first came back he wanted to show off his wealth to Amy and make her green with envy for dumping him. But now after everything he wonder if he still loves her however he still remembered how she broke his heart and left him for Richard

Just then Micheal got another call, this time it was from Andy Mo. The situation with Amy would have to wait. Micheal answered his phone.

"Yes Andy"

"Boss, Richard just told me of his plan, can we meet?"

Micheal smiled, Andy was proving his worth. Now he would know what Richard was going to do.

"Alright my office in one hour"

Micheal hung up the phone and looked at Adam.

"Lets take a rain check on this conversation, my little bird says he has a good song that we should hear"

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