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Over at the Car dealership Adam Song and Stacy Lin were singing the paper for a new Ferrari that Adam had bought with the money Micheal had given him. After everything was done and the two were leaving , Adam thought he should take Stacy out for a meal feeling that she had earned it for all of her hard work.

"Hey Stacy what is one place you have always wanted to eat at here in East city. ?"

When Stacy heard Adam ask her that she became a little embarrassed. Was he asking her out, she has not dated anyone since high school. Just then Adam saw that she was getting nervous and decided to put her at ease .

"Youve been such a big help today I thought I should treat you to a meal"

After he said this Stacy returned to her calm self. She then thought for a minute and knew exactly were they should go eat.

"Hidden stream restaurant. I have always wanted to try that place."

Hidden stream restaurant opened two years ago and is owned by Micheals company. It has quickly become the top spot to eat in East city. They serve dishes from all over the world and it host some world renowned chefs cooking there as well.

Adam seeing the smile and glimmer in Stacy eyes knew he could not say no.

"Alright lets go, Ill drive"

Just as the two were about to head out a voice yelled out.

"Hey were do you think your going?"

As the two looked to see were the voice was coming from a group of five guys walked towards them. They all had tattoos and had a malicious look in their eyes. When they approached Adam and Stacy they repeated what they had yelled.

"Hey just were are you going?"

Adam became very cautious, who were these guys. Were they Richards men? Does that mean that Richard was going to come in and save him. While all of this was going through Adams mind the men were all looking at Stacy.

"Hello Stacy Chu, Its been awhile. Were is you father Robert?"

Adam heard this and was a little confused. Micheal said her last name was Lin not Chu. Are these guys getting the wrong person. However, just then Stacy spoke up.

"Ive told you my name is Lin now not Chu, and my father has nothing to do with my mother and I so quit bothering us."

The leader of the group became angry. He got close to Stacy and began to yell at her.

"Lin, Chu it doesn matter to me. The point is your father owe us a lot of money and if he can pay us back we will take what is owed."

He then started looking at Stacy and noticed that she had a pretty good figure. Just then he reached out and grabbed her arm.

"You know with that kind of body you could easily pay off your fathers debt, although you might have to serve several customers"

After the leader said this the others started laughing. However there good time was end in a flash.


Within a blink of a eye the leader who grabbed Stacy was laying on the ground with broken arm and nose. As he was crying in pain the others were stunned at what just happened. Stacy couldn believe it, suddenly Adam was standing in front of her.

The leader looked up and saw Adam standing over him with a vicious look in his eyes. Scared about how this guy just broke his arm with no effort knew he had to do something to save face. He looked over at the others guys.

"Well what are you waiting for get this guy"

Just then the other four guys charged at Adam who only smiled and muttered

"This isn even a warm up"




just like before it was all over in the blink of an eye. The other four men were lying on the ground in pain with broken limbs. The leader was shocked, how could this have happened they had this guy outnumbered yet he just took them down without even breaking a sweat. Stacy just stood there in amazement not knowing what she just witnessed.

Now Adam walked over and looked down at the leader.

"Is that it? "

While he said this he began to radiate a powerful aura. Stacy became scared she had seen this back at Micheals office. Both Stacy and the leader had the same thought going through their minds just who is this guy. Just then the leader scared decided he needed to play his last card.

"You don know who you just picked a fight with do you?"

Adam raised a eyebrow hearing this.

"Oh should I be scared?"

The leader gritted his teeth and got up.

"We are all members of the black hawks gang. Our leader Id one of the best fighters in all of east city and we have over 500 members. Know this if you don hand over that girl and then beg me for mercy you will never know a moment rest"

Adam just stood there. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The leader was feeling confident he figured he could take the girl back then get more men to finish this guy off.

"Well asshole are you going to beg or wha....?"


Before the guy could finish his sentence Adam had kicked him, sending flying back. As he lay there on the ground all this guy could think was what Adam was going to do now. Adam just walked over and put his foot on the guy jaw.

"Let me tell you something Im not from East city so Ive never heard of your gang, and as for this leader of yours. The fact that he would allow weakling like you to serve under him doesn add to his reputation."

Hearing Adam say this infuriated the group leader.

"You might talk big but I swear I make you wish you never born."

Adam narrowed his eyes

"I don like the way you talk. So Im gonna help you with your speech problem"

Just then Adam lowered his foot on the guys jaw and everybody there could hear a loud snap. Stacy still standing there covered her mouth, what she just saw sent a chill down her spine. Adam then turned around and walked towards her.

"Stacy Im gonna have to take a rain check on that meal, Im sorry"

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