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When Amy heard Brandon say this she became confused . What does he mean by another mans child. Could he be talking about Lisa. She heard that Lisa and her mother left town after everything had happened to Brandon. Amy decided she wanted the truth.

"What do you mean, was Lisa not you daughter after all?"

Brandon just looked at Amy with cold eyes.

"Both, neither Lisa nor you were my daughters!"

When Amy heard these words she nearly fainted. What was he talking about, this man who she had always called dad says that they are not related. She then thought back, all through her life Brandon would call himself her father but never acted like it. He always acted coldly towards her and never showed any love.

Just then Brandon spoke again

"While I honestly believed Lisa was mine because her mother came to with a DNA test. I knew you were never mine. Your mother only let me touch her once on our wedding night. Then 8 months latter you arrived. i decided immediately to have a test done and confirmed you were not mine."

All of Brandons words were like rocks falling on Amy head. she was not Brandon daughter and her mother only slept with him once.

"I confronted your mother about it, however she said if I told the truth to anyone she would divorce me and kick me out of the Wu house. So I had to keep quite about you."

All Amy could think about was her mother. Why did she do this why did she get pregnant with another man child even though she was marring Brandon. As these thoughts were spinning around Amys head a voice rang out.


Just then the two looked and saw Elizabeth and Mark Wu running towards them. As the two approached Amy the were surprised to see Brandon standing there. Seeing him standing there made mark angry.

"Brandon what are you doing here! Leave our family alone. You are nothing but a liar and a cheat"

Brandon just smiled

"I may be that but you know what mark so is your daughter. Isn that right Amy"

As he said these words he looked at both Elizabeth and Amy , the latter of whom started crying.

As Mark and Elizabeth were comforting Amy, Brandon turned and left. However he then turned his head and told them.

"By the way don try and depend on that Michael kid for help. He no good now that he is in jail."

The three eyes grew wide. How did Brandon know that the police tried to arrest Michael. Did he and Richard have something to do with it. Amy wanted to say that Michael was not in jail but mark stopped her. Mark then knew what all was going on. Brandon, Richard and others set up Michael however Michael is still free but they don know yet.

As Brandon left one thought was going through Mark Wu mind.

"The hunters are now being hunted and they don even know."

Mark and Elizabeth then calmed Amy down and took her home. When they got home mark decided to ask Elizabeth what Brandon meant by her being a liar and a cheat. Then Amy looked at her mother.

"Mom, Brandon told me everything, is it true?"

Elizabeth just sat there with a sad look on her face. She then raised her head and made the decision to tell both her father and her daughter the truth.

"Yes. It is true. Brandon Chen is not your father. "

These words shocked Amy and Mark

Elizabeth then went on to tell them that Amy real father was the boy she had fell in love with when she was younger. When she found out she was pregnant she planned to run away with the man. However Brandon and her father already acted and chased him out of East city. Thus she had no choice but to marry Brandon.

When mark heard this, all he felt was guilt. He was so desperate to ensure the prosperity of the Wu family and company that he turned to under handed methods with Brandon to frame that man and made him believe that Elizabeth did not love him anymore to drive him out. All of what has happened to him and his family is because of his actions.

Then Amy looked at her mother and asked her one more question.

"Who is my real father?"

Elizabeth now knew that she has to tell her daughter everything.

"Johnathan Song. He came here from north city. However I don know were he is now."

Hearing the name of her real father Amy stood up. She thanked her mother for the truth and started to head towards the door. Elizabeth and Mark asked her were she was going. Amy just turned to them and said.

"Im going to talk to Michael and get the truth from him as well then Im going find my real father"

As she was leaving Elizabeth got up and walked with her. She told Amy that she will go with her for support and also wishes to find the man she loves.


Over city hall both Michael and Adam enter to talk to the police chief. They wanted to everything about the black hawk gang and decided that they should go to the man at the top of law enforcement. As they entered his office the chief saw them and immediately stood up to greet Michael.

"Master Yang what a pleasure it is for you to drop by. I hope my officers have been helpful to you in your efforts."

Michael shook his hand and smiled

"Chief the men and women who serve under you have been a great help"

This made the chief feel at easy.

Just then Michael then asked the chief

"Sir what information can you tell us about the black hawk gang"

When he heard Michael say this a chill went up his spine. Why was Michael asking about them. Michael and Adam saw how the chief reacted to them mentioning the black hawk gang. Adam decided to be straight forward.

"Is there a problem sir?"

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