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Michael stood there, he eyes grew larger. How could Amy have guessed he was master Yang. She was right but still he took a lot of precautions to ensure that his identity was kept secret. Were did he mess up, was this Amy who came to this conclusion or did somebody else tell her. Could Richard have figured it out. While all of this was going through Michael mind Amy repeated her question.

"Michael are you master Yang?"

This time she took a more serious tone due to Michaels silence. Just then Michael stepped foreword and looked Amy in the eye.

"Lets continue this topic in my office, out here there are to many prying eyes".

Hearing his answer Amy then new beyond a doubt that Michael was master Yang. She and her mother Elizabeth followed Michael into MR. as they did Adam just looked on scratching his head.

"What just happened"

However just then his phone rang, as he looked at the number he smiled and answer it. On the other end a man simply greeted him.

"General Song, the snow leopards are in east city awaiting your orders."

Adam simply replied "good Im on my way"

He then hung up the phone when just then he got another call. He looked at the number and saw that it was Stacy. He remembered that he gave her his number in case she needed his help again. He answered it but before he could say a word he heard a woman crying on the other end.

"Master song is that you, its Stacy Lin. I sorry to call you right now but Those men from the black hawk gang came after me and my mother. They said they were looking for you and they were going to make a example out of you."

Her words shocked and angered Adam. These gangsters have to be so low as to attack a innocent women and her mother to get to him. Adam was now even more convinced he need to break the hawks wings and turn it into stew. Adam then calmed Stacy down and told her to go to MR international building. Stacy agreed and hung up the phone.

After he hung up with Stacy, Adam told Michael he was heading to go take care of something and that Stacy and her mother were coming by and asked Michael to take care of them for him. Michael agreed and saw Adam off.


Over at the black hawk gang headquarters big Jon was in a fit of rage. The men he sent to get Stacy Lin failed. Stacy was able to outwit them and run away.

"What the hell kind of people serve under me. You could not even do a simple task of capturing one women and bring her to me"

As he said this one of the men spoke up

" sir it not our fault, she and her mother used pepper spray and blinded us all. By the time we were able to regain our sight she and her mother fled."

As he said these words David Jiang stepped foreword and punched him in the face breaking his nose and sending flying across the room.

Still unable to speak David turn and nodded at big Jon who just smirked.

"Let that be a lesson in failure. Now does anybody know were this Stacy Lin and her mother are?"

A man stepped forward

"Sir I just received word that they both have gone to MR international."

Jon and David raised their eyebrows

"MR international huh, do they think that will save them. I think its time I got meet the great master Yang and show him who truly rules this city."

After he said this every man in the gang started laughing.

" yeah lets go there and make this Master Yang pay us."

" lets make him give us sunset strip."

Everyone was laughing and dreaming of the money they all will get when just then the doors to their headquarters were kicked in and flew off the hinges. Everyone turned to look and see what was happening. Then in walked a lone figure, nobody could make out who it was but as he walked closer David eyes widen and he started pointing at the man.

Jon saw this and was confused at his reaction, so he decided to ask first who was this person.

"Who are you? , don you know this is the headquarters of the famous black hawk gang"

Adam just smiled

"Oh I know, word is you are looking for me."

As he said this he looked at David Jiang and then gave off an terrible aura.

Just then Jon put it all together, the man before was the one who attacked David, who disgraced the black hawks. Jon just smiled this man must be a fool.

"So you are the one who attacked my men huh, well I got to say I appreciate you saving us the trouble to find you. If you kneel and beg for mercy ill make your death quick and painless otherwise I go get that Lin girl and make you watch as we all have fun with her."

Hearing these words made Adam furious. He just raised his head and looked at Jon.

"Jon you misunderstand my intentions, I did not come here to beg."

Adam raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Then in a blink of an eye 5000 soldiers stormed in from every door and window and surrounded Jons gang.

Everyone in the black hawk gang was stunned. Who were these people, they were not cops they look more like soldiers. Just then Jon looked at Adam

"Mr Jon, let me introduce myself, my name Is general Adam Song and these men who serve under me are the snow leopards. Our purpose here is very simple, we are going to destroy your gang."

When Jon heard these word he went into a rage

"Kill us don make me laugh. The only one who is dying here is you"

Jon the rushed forewarned at Adam and raised his fist to strike. All eyes were on these two. Just then as Jon fist was about to hit Adam, Adam resided his hand and with one finger stopped Jon fist. Everyone in the black hawks had eyes as big as dinner pates. This man stopped the bosses attack, how is that possible. Even Jon could not believe it. Adam just looked Jon in the eye

"Hm pathetic"

Adam the punch Jon in the chest and sent him flying. As he landed everyone could see his chest was caved in and blood coming out of his moth. Big Jon was dead. Adam then turned around and started to walk away but before he stepped out the door he gave one order


All that could heard then was the screams of people begging for mercy and then silence. It was clear that street fro the next couple of days will run red with hawks blood.

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