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As Micheal was listening to his grandfather explain how rich his family actually was he kept wondering why did I grow up in such poverty? just then his grand father spoke some word that caused Micheal eyes to light up.

"No doubt you are probably wondering why you grew up the way you did, when your family basically control one tenth of the whole worlds wealth"

Micheal just nodded his head

" the answer is I am the One who ordered it"

What my grandfather had me grow like that and kept all of these family secrets and knowledge away from me. Why, what was the reason he would do that?

The old man looked at Micheal with a single tear in his eye gave his reasons.

"Micheal I have seen to many powerful family rise and fall over my life, and do you know what the main reason was? The family spoiled their heirs and as a result those family business fell apart and their fortunes lost. Thus when I handed over the family to your father I had one requirement, that you be raised in an ordinary way to teach you humility and the value of money and hard work"

These words made sense to Micheal he had seen how other rich kids acted, like the whole world belong to them and that money is just something that grows out of the ground. They never worked a hard job in their life but expected everyone to bend over and bow down to them. Micheal knew that his family did do this to him as some sort of punishment but instead did it to prepare him for life. He nodded his head and and told them that he understood.

After this his parents and grandfather breathed a sigh of relief. However his grandfather then informed him that his hardship would not suddenly today. He informed Micheal that country B requires that every citizen server a year in the military once they turn eighteen and that now Micheal must now enlist. After his enlistment is done he will attend the the university in country B and then enter into the family businesses.

after the meal Micheal was shown to his room. As he entered he was amazed the room looked like something that he seen in magazines. A huge king size bed, walk-in closets and a giant TV. Micheal went to the bed to lie down. As he lay there he just kept thinking about what all transpired today. Amy dumping him for Richard, Mr. Zhaos betrayal. Then I smile appeared on his face.

" huh , you three. You humiliated me, but soon I will get even just wait.

The next morning Micheal got up and got his things together and headed down stairs. As he reach the stair case he saw his parents waiting for him. His father had a sad look and his mother beginning to look like she was about to cry. As he walked towards them he noticed that there was a man in a military uniform. Micheal realized what was going even though he had only been back a day he was obligated to enlist because of the countrys laws.

Micheal nodded his head at the man and asked if he could have a minute with his parents. The man agreed and stepped out side. Micheal the walked over to his parents and gave them each a hug.

As he did this his mother cried "it not fair, we just got you back and now we are loosing you again"

Micheal comforted her and said his good byes. He then stepped outside and got in the car with man and left for the processing station. On the way one thought was on his mind.

" I wonder when I be able to return to east city."


Six years later in east city

Several things have changed in this city. Within two years a new company has emerged.

MR international. It dwarfs all other companies in east city and has branches in everything from finance to construction and even pharmaceuticals. MR also has a reputation as a company that value its workers and is charitable toward the poorer communities. They fund the building of schools and donate huge amount orphanages. Everyone in east looks up to MR International as what a company should be like.

At the east city airport several people made their way to the tarmac. They were the top business men politicians from all over east city and the surrounding areas. They all came to this one place because today a very important person was arriving. As they looked at the tarmac they saw a large private jet taxi in. The engine stopped and the door opened. Out of the plane a tall figure emerged. He wore a top of the line suit and was surrounded by a group personal body guards and secretaries.

As he stepped of the plane every one from east bowed and then simultaneously like they had rehearsed greeted him.

"Welcome to east city young master Yang"

This was none other then Micheal Yang. His year of service was over and in five years he had graduated from the university and established a business that none other could rival. As he stepped towards the crowd the mayor of east approached and extended his hand.

" young master Yang it is a pleasure to finally be able to meet you in person"

Micheal shook his hand and smiled

" the pleasure is all mine sir, I look forward to improving east city even more"

These words put a hug smile on the mayors face. he then proceeded to introduce Micheal to various industries leaders and politicians from the area. After being introduced Micheal made his way to a car that was parked on the tarmac for him. As he approached the car he smiled last time he was here a BMW amazed him now the car in front of him was a limited edition Rolls Royce worth at least 10 million.

He got in the car and headed off. On the way he saw that some things in east city changed but other things had stayed the same. this brought back quite a few memories, some were painful while others put a smile on his face. As they turned around a corner he saw I place that he had not been in for years.

Su pastries. Micheal would often go there to grab a bite to eat because the owner was friendly and would sometimes give Micheal the day old bread to take home. He ordered the drive to stop by there so he could grab a bite and say hello. As he got out of the car and walked towards the door the neighboring shop door opened and Micheal heard a voice that he could never forget.

"Thank you for your business"

He turned around and saw Amy. The girl he had loved for so many years, who broke his heart and dumped him for somebody with more money. He was shocked what was she doing here. He took a closer look and saw that she was getting on a scooter with a rack on the back. " is she delivering meals" he thought. Just then as Amy was turning on the scooter she turned around and saw Micheal starring at her. He face paled and say one word "Micheal?".

The sight of him shocked her. Just then she hit the gas and took off. Before he could stop her she was down the road and gone. Micheal just stood there with a confused look.

Why was she delivering meals her family was well off. Micheal just pondered about what just happened. Then he turned and looked at the shop she just came out of.

"Looks like Ill have to ask around and see just what is going on.

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