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"Listen well to my commands, otherwise Mr. Lu i will put you back in that gutter were I found you"

With these words Daniel began to quiver. All he had accomplished was do to this man and his directions. With him the Lu family would be nothing. He bowed his head and simply replied.

"Yes sir i understand"

The voice on the other end then began to lay out what then men were supposed to do.

"I am sending some men to take care of the underground situation. you are to introduce them to all of the men that you have been recruiting over the past few years and hand all operations over too them."

Richard was furious. he had been building up those Gangs for years and setting up fronts, now he was just supposed to give it all away. However, there was nothing he could do this man they were talking to was someone they could not afford to offended.

"Next i will send people to take care of the Wu. If what you say is true and there is the possibility that they have the backing of MR and this Master Yang, am i correct in assuming you are at least coming up with a plan to have them loose that support?"

Richard bowed to the phone

"Yes sir, I have a plan that i am about to execute in order to force MR out of Est City"

the voice did not take long to respond

"Very well. Finally as to the matter with Brandon Chen, he is of no further use to us now that there is a wedge between him and the Wu. Mr. White you are to bring Brandon to me, it is time that i settle a score. that will be all."

With that the person hung up and Richard and his father breathed a sigh of relief. Just then Mr. White stood up and retrieved his phone and placed it in his pocket. as he was walking out he stopped and looked at Daniel and his son.

"The Lu family has been given a second chance, both me and my employer pray you do squander it"

As he turned to leave the two men Daniel brought with him blocked his way and looked down on him.

"who do you think you are to threaten our boss?"

Daniel panicked and tried to stop his men, but it was to late.

Within a blink of an eye Mr. White struck, one puck was all it took. the men lay on the floor dead and Mr. White turned and looked and Daniel.

"do try to keep you

e men in line Mr. Lu"

after this he turned and walked out.

The Three men in the room just stood there, not knowing what just happened. Then Daniel pulled him together and looked at Richard.

"I am going to go get this cleaned up you focus on you plan to deal with MR and Master Yang."

As his father left Richard then turned and looked at Andy.

"Andy, if you know what is good for you will forget what happened here today. Otherwise not even a god can protect you. do you know who the person on the phone was"


Back at the Wu household after telling everyone what happened everyone was shocked. Especially Amy who could not believe what she just heard.

"What, all that has happen to us was with Brandon and the Lus was because of one man. How is that possible?"

She then looked at her mother and grandfather.

"why would some one be after us and plot against us like this"

Mark shook his head

"I do not know, while i have made my share of enemies in the business world. i have never encountered a person who had such abilities or the motive to seek our absolute destruction"

At this Point Michael held Amys hand and tried to calm her down.

"Don worry, you heard it yourself this man will not act on you

e family as long as you have my backing"

These words did put Amy a little bit at ease and when she noticed him holding her hand she began to blush, which made Elizabeth giggle at her daughter reaction. However, the mood in the room would not last, at this point Michael then turned towards Andy and asked him a question

"Andy did Richard or his father tell you who their backer was. If so this could help us better prepare incase he does something"

Andy then lowered his head and began to tremble. This caught Adam attention and he spoke up.

" Andy you need to tell us if you know. i promise nothing will happen to you"

Adam actually felt a little guilty since it was he who wiped out the black hawks and caused the backer to come out,

Andy then lifted his head with tears in his eyes and stated the name of the backer.

"The Backer is called the Black Death"

When Andy said these words Adam dropped the glass in his hand and Michael quickly stood up. both had a look of shock on their face as though Andy had mentioned something that should never be muttered. Michael could only stutter as he repeated what Andy said

"Th.. The Black Death. how, why?"

Adam stood up and walked over to Andy and looked at him

"Andy are you sure that is what Richard said his backer was called. You did not mishear him or anything"

Andy shook his head

"no Richard told me that the man on the phone was him the Black Death, and that he has been backing the Lus for almost 2 decades now."

Adam took a step back and looked at Michael, both had the look of despair in their eyes.

then Amy stood up placed her hand on Michael to comfort him as he did with her just awhile ago. then Elizabeth spoke out.

"who is the Black Death?"

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