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After seeing Amy ride away on the scooter Micheal knew something was off. So he turned to the shop she just came out of. It was a dry cleaners shop. He remembered walking past it a couple of times when he was in high school but seeing how at the time he didn have any nice clothes that needed to be clean or the money to have them cleaned he usually never bothered with it.

As he opened the door the bell rang and then a voice came from the back. "Welcome, I be with you in a minute". He then saw a man approach the counter.

" good evening sir how may I assist you today?"

He looked at the man and noticed that he had some rice on his chin. And out of the corner of his eye he saw I woman in the back still eating. It didn take much for Micheal to put two and two together. He looked at the man and smiled.

"Yes I have questions about the woman that was just here. Was she delivering your food?"

The man looked confused, he saw that Micheal was wearing a expensive suite and had an on what looked to be a Rolex watch.

"Sir what is your reason for asking about that girl" the shop keeper asked.

Micheal did hesitate and simply replied

" well you see I was walking buy and I notice that she drop something, but before I could catch her she road away on that scooter. I saw that their was a rack on the back so I figured she must have delivered you guys food."

" would you please tell me the delivery service she works for so I can return her stuff."

After that the man breathed a sigh of relief.

" thank goodness I thought you were one of Richard Lu men"

"Richard Lu?" Micheal asked

" yes sir her name is Amy Wu she works for her mothers home cooking and delivery service.

Wu home cooking is what it is called."

The man proceeded to tell Micheal what all has happened while he was away. He told Micheal that Amy and Richard were engaged, and that the whole thing was set up by their fathers, in hopes of merging the to business. However it turned out that Richard was not a good person and had used his influence to take control of the Wu company with the help of Amys father who had married into the Wu family. Amy father had then kicked Amy her mother and grandfather out of their home which belong to the Wu family for almost a hundred years. Then he brought in his mistress Susan and her daughter Lisa. Lisa and Richard were then engaged.

What Richard did that to Amy he threw he to side the moment he had her company and even her own father betrayed her. This news shocked Micheal, he had planned on showing off his wealth to make Amy turn green with envy. But now all his hatred for her was gone there was only pity.

"But thats not all" the man said

He went on to tell Michael that Richard and Amys father Brandon Chen had put a huge amount of debt of Amy and her mothers shoulders. In order to pay off the debt they started making and selling home cooked meals to make money. At first they were successful at paying it off but then Richard started sending people to harass and sabotage their work thus keeping them in debt. All this information angered Micheal. Amy had been used and now she was suffering. He now new what he needed to do. He was going to make the Chens and the Yus suffer.

As he left the shop he remembered why he first came here. "Oh right the pastries" he thought.

As he entered the shop he was met with quite a surprise. At the counter was the owner and his wife. Jack and Margaret Su, however they both had a scared look on they face. Facing them was a woman dressed very expensive cloths.

"Why are giving us such a hard time, just sell us the shop. You know you can keep this up for long."

Who was this woman. And why was she taking to them like that?

"Miss Chen I cant sell my shop. First is because my family has operated this shop for almost 30 years and second the price you giving is only a quarter of what it is worth."

Chen huh? Micheal knew what was going on. This must be Lisa Chen Amys half sister, and it looks like she is trying to bully the Sus into selling their business to her. Micheal just smiled, it looks like fate is being really kind to me.

Just then Micheal walked forward.

"Uncle, Auntie how have you been."

Everyone turn and looked at Micheal. Jack and Margarets eyes lit up.

"Micheal is that you" both rush from behind the counter to greet him.

Lisa was left there looking ugly. Who was this guy how dare he interrupt my business deal.

As Micheal was talking to the couple. Lisa stepped forward.

" sir I hate to interrupt this little reunion, but I have business with both these people so I would like you to leave now"

Mr. Su turned around with an angry look on his face.

"I told you I am not selling, you are the one that should leave."

Lisa face then turned red with anger.

"Mr Chong you have tried my patience if you don sell right now I can assure you there will be consequences".

Suddenly there was a burst of laughter. Everyone turned and look at Micheal. He had a smile on his face. He then walked towards Lisa and towered over her.

"Miss Chen just what consequences are you referring to?"

As Lisa opened her mouth to speak.


Micheal had slapped her across the face and she fell to the floor. Everyone one in the room was shocked. They all looked at Micheal. Then Lisa got up and looked at Micheal.

"Are you aware of what you have done!"


Micheal had hit her again and she fell back to the floor.

He then spoke " did I say you get up"

Lisa face was red her eyes filled with murder. She looked up at Micheal and replied

"Do you know who I am"

Micheal eyes narrowed as Lisa started to have a ugly smile on her face. This fool dares to hit Ill make him suffer and beg for death.

Just then Micheal spoke again

"Lisa Chen daughter of Brandon Chen and fiancé to Richard Lu. Am I right?"

Lisa was amazed. He knew about her and still had the guts to hit her is he insane.

"Tell me miss Chen do you think I care about insects like you or your family?

These word shocked Lisa. She had never been treated this way and by someone who new about he connections. She got up and ran towards the door before leaving she turned back and screamed.

"Don you go anywhere I will be right back and Ill make you kneel before me and beg for mercy "

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