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The Bored Immortal Chapter 30 - A Yoga Instructor

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"Perfection…" Viktor mumbled as he saw her pale olive-skinned breasts, looking rather plentiful and plump, proudly up-jutting against her black strapped bra and at the same time revealing her deep cleavage.

Her big breasts were literally overflowing and looked quite soft and smooth that could make any man drool at just taking a glance.

Umilia became self-conscious as she timidly tried to cover her half-bare breasts using her hands while avoiding his sensual gaze. She could feel his gaze caressing through her body top to bottom even without him touching her.

Even her G cup bra barely seemed able to contain the ripe and marvelously soft plump pair of mounds. He also felt that her boobs might only barely fit in his palms.

But what astonished him was that she looked so fit, especially her stomach, which looked toned with the outline of four-pack abs showing. And this was quite an achievement, especially considering the fact that she had birthed a child in the past.

Now that he got a good look, he saw that even her arms and legs were toned without losing their slender look. In fact, her toned body made her look more attractive and younger, especially considering her age, while also highlighting the perfect curves of her breasts.

Even her buttocks were full and firm with well-rounded sensual hips, making Viktor feel that he had never seen a woman of her age look so attractive. He thought that if she wanted to, she could pass off as a woman in her twenties.

He brought his hand up and caressed her well-toned stomach, "How did you get so fit Do you exercise every day"

Umilia felt her stomach becoming feverish as she shyly replied, "I am actually a part-time yoga instructor. Still, for all these years, Madam had advised us to exercise and lift some light weights to keep our health in check. Even she does it along with us. But of course, not everyone follows her advice since some got tired of it after a while."

"No wonder you look like a young maiden at this age. I bet you could even pass off as a graduate student."

Umilia felt her face becoming impossibly hot, "Master, please don't joke like that…I still feel like I look too old for someone like you..."

Even though Umilia knew that Viktor's looks were nowhere near his true age, she still couldn't help but feel that it was a bit of a taboo for engaging in such sensual activities with someone who looked her daughter's age, especially him being the first man she was trying such things with.

After shaving off his beard, Viktor looked so young and impossibly handsome; she felt that he looked no more than a twenty-year-old young man. She also felt a lack of confidence since Viktor was no ordinary human but someone that transcended mortality and had a mystical aura about him that could fatally attract someone.

She still found it surreal how it was possible for a man who lived for so long could still look so young. She couldn't help but be really curious about his origins while wondering if he was an angel in disguise.

Viktor's hands crept upwards as he said, "Now I feel like you are making fun of me using my age. Not even your earliest ancestors could match my age. So shouldn't I be the one feeling that you are too young for me"

Umilia felt tongue-tied as she knew that it was true, but her thoughts were getting muddled as his hand crawled upwards and caressed all over her upper boobs and her chest.

"Ahn~" She couldn't help but let out a moan, feeling aroused from his gentle caress that seemed like a feather brushing past her breasts.

But then she covered her mouth, realizing that she let out an indecent sound and was afraid if anyone outside might hear it.

Even though the glasses had some level of soundproofing, she wasn't really confident about it.

Viktor moved his hand over to cup her right boob over her bra and gently pressed it, enjoying how his fingers were melting into her soft skin. And just as he expected, even with his big palm, he found it hard to cover her entire boob.

However, he felt like his fingers were squeezing a huge marshmallow, pleasant to the touch as well.

"Mmhh~" Umilia let out a suppressed moan as his naughty claw pressed onto her boob.

"So big and soft. Who would have known you were hiding such a bombshell of a body underneath those boring maid clothes. But I am glad you did. Otherwise, who knows how many men might have tried to snatch you away," Viktor said with an exploring gaze as he trailed his finger down her deep cleavage.

"It's not true…" Umilia mewled as she bit her lips. Viktor was already feeling turned on by her natural actions and suddenly grabbed her silky buttocks to pull her body closer.

"Ah!" Umilia was startled since she didn't expect Viktor to move his hands from her boobs to her butt suddenly.

He squeezed her bouncy butt as he gave a hot kiss over her toned stomach. He erotically kissed her belly button and trailed his lips upwards before sensually kissing her midriff.

"Mwah...you taste just like strawberry…" Viktor commented in a captivating tone as he continued to plant kisses all over her flat stomach.

"Mhnn~" Umilia felt her heart pounding faster hearing his sweet comments and also feeling his soft wet kiss over her stomach.

Viktor's lips sneaked upwards as he slowly got up from the stool till he sunk his nose into her deep cleavage, enjoying the pleasurable feeling of two large olive smooth, scented mounds massaging his face.

One of his hands was kneading her left boob as he licked her cleavage while his other hand was still busy squeezing her juicy buttocks.

"Mmmhh~" Umilia could only continue to suppress her continuous moans as she felt fluttery sensations all over her breasts and buttocks.

"Mwah! You are so impossibly ravishing," Viktor remarked as he gave a hot smooch on her right boob.

Umilia felt euphoric satisfaction hearing his sensual comments and couldn't help but smile in a silly way.

He then completely stood up as his head towered over hers, his eyes peering into her soul. His hands had already moved upwards to hug her curvaceous waist.

Umilia was 170cms tall, but still, Viktor was way taller than her, and so she unconsciously moved her arms over his neck and looked up as she returned his burning gaze.

As if in sync, the two closed the distance between their lips at the same time and engaged in a passionate kiss


*Knock! Knock!*


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