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Chapter 220: He was the one who felt heartache

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“Im sorry,” Wen Qiao lowered her eyes and said in a low voice.

Seeing her guilty look, Fu Nanlis voice became even gentler.

“Dont see them in the future.”

yes, ” Wen Qiao nodded.

I understand.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at the entrance of her houses alley.

Fu Nanli said in a deep voice, ” “I still have a meeting to attend, you can go home first.”

Wen Qiao stood in the wind, watching as the car with the red light gradually disappeared from her sight.

Her fingertips turned cold, and she put it into her pocket.

With her head lowered, she walked along the long alley towards her home.

At 8 p.m., In the meeting room of Dongchuan airlines, Ji xiancheng lit a cigarette after the meeting ended.

He looked at his cousin, who seemed to be troubled.

the meeting was going well just now.

Why did he suddenly go out ”

His cousin had always been calm and rational, and he had never seen him so flustered.

Fu Nanli leaned back in his chair and rubbed the space between his brows.

“Wen Qiao went to YuanNan mansion, I brought her out.”

“Eh She went to see the old lady So what if you want to see her, why did you bring her out Whether she likes her or not, the old lady would never make things difficult for others on the surface.”

“Although the old lady is old, she is very wise.

My mother has sharp eyes and is afraid that she will say something wrong and give herself away.”

Ji xiancheng was puzzled.

she didnt commit any crimes.

How could she have given herself away ”

Fu Nanli lit a cigarette, his brows furrowed deeply.

“Its nothing,”

“I dont understand you.”

Wen Qiaos kitchen was a single-story house.

She climbed up the ladder and lay down on the flat concrete roof.

She needed to use the cold to clear her mind.

She couldnt figure out why he was angry, but she didnt dare to ask him.

She always felt that he didnt like her asking.

She was a careless person, and all her sensitivity was focused on Fu Nanli alone.

Perhaps Fu Nanli had been too nice to her usually, but when he was a little cold and fierce, she actually felt a little aggrieved.

She stretched out her hand and gave herself a light slap.

This fellow was insatiable.

You shouldnt have such a luxury item.

Bei Feng brushed past the top of his head.

The sky was high up in the sky, and a few stars dotted the lonely sky.

Wen Chis voice rang out, ” “Wen Qiao, what are you doing Lying on the roof on a cold day.”

Wen Qiao hurriedly got up and went down the ladder.

She returned to her room and sent a message to Dong Yao: [ has your grandfather heard of my symptoms ]

The other party replied very quickly: [ Ive never heard of him.

He needs to look up some ancient books and ask some of his friends.

He needs time.

Whats the hurry ]

Wen Qiao sighed.

She could only be a little liar by Fu Nanlis side.

She had wanted to tell him everything, but he didnt seem to want to hear it, so she didnt dare to act rashly.

Lets wait a little longer.

She would confess everything after Dong Yao had come up with a feasible solution to solve her worries.

She touched her pocket and realized that the red packet from the old lady was still with her.

When she received the red packet, she felt that it was very thick.

She opened it and counted it.

It was 3600 Yuan.

It was too much.

She felt a little hot holding it.

She stood up and walked out, walking from her house to Fu Nanlis apartment.

It took less than twenty minutes.

She had just arrived, and the headlights of the cars behind her were so bright that she couldnt keep her eyes open.

The car lights suddenly went off, and it was only then that she saw clearly that it was Fu Nanlis car.

Wen Qiao quickly stepped forward.

Fu Nanli alighted from the car and saw that the tip of her nose was a little red from the cold.

His heart clenched.

He had been too anxious to take her away just now, and his tone didnt seem too good.

He must have made her suffer.

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