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Chapter 221: Remember what you said

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Before he could say anything, Wen Qiao hurriedly handed him the red packet.

“Your grandma gave this to me.

I didnt want to accept it, but the old lady is so kind.

Im sorry.”

He stretched out his long hands and pulled her into his arms.

The tiny bit of grievance in Wen Qiaos heart immediately disappeared.

She had always been an easily contented person.

She would be grateful for a little warmth.

since the old lady gave it to you, you can keep it.

However, dont see them in the future.

You wont be able to chat with them.

“Yes, I know.”

The two of them went upstairs, and Fu Nanli poured hot water for her.

Wen Qiao clutched the red packet in her hand, still a little at a loss.”I think its too much.”

She felt uneasy about receiving money from the old lady for no reason.

“Its a tradition of the older generation to give red packets to the younger generation.

Keep it.”

She felt even more pressure now that she had a new sum in her little Treasury.

“I heard that your team won the championship.


She was just bored and randomly found a topic to talk about.

She didnt have any intention of blaming him for not keeping her promise.

Fu Nanli reached out and ruffled the top of her head.

“Are you unhappy”

Wen Qiao:


“Ill take you to watch it next season.”

After sorting out his inner thoughts, he would no longer be conflicted.

He only needed to protect her well and be careful not to hide her secrets.

In order to avoid any complications, he would probably have to hide until she graduated.

Wen Qiao knew that he had misunderstood, so she hurriedly said, ” “I know youre busy.

It doesnt matter if I go or not, really.”

Fu Nanli held her hand and lowered his gaze.”I promised to take you there, so I will.

You have to do what you promised me.”

Wen Qiao thought for a moment.

yes, ” she replied, ” I wont meet your mother and grandmother on my own in the future.

Fu Nanlis hand moved from the top of her head to her ears, then to her chin.

His voice was a little hoarse.”What else”

“Is there more” Wen Qiao was slightly stunned.

“Think about it.” Her chin was pinched by the man, and his every move was full of control.

Wen Qiao thought about it for a long time.

She had been thinking about it on the way back, and it was only when they reached the alley entrance that she recalled that she seemed to have promised him that she wouldalways stay by his side.

Her heart skipped a beat.

She had a vague feeling that she did want to stay by his side, not just to save her life.

Of course, she wanted to stay by his side, but she was afraid that he would not want her anymore when the truth was revealed.

“Ill keep my promise to you.” Her eyes were sincere.

He definitely would.

Wen Qiao! Fu Nanli pressed her against his chest.

Wen Qiao, remember what you said.

The weather was getting colder.

Wen Chi was lying on his desk doing his homework.

Now that he was almost fully recovered, he was more focused than before.

In the past, his grades had been bad because he couldnt control his emotions.

Once he did his homework, he would be distracted.

Now that his health had improved, his studies were twice as effective with half the effort.

It was not impossible for him to be in the top ten.

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came from outside, as well as ding hai and Xia Bos panicked voices.

“Brother Chi, brother Chi, bad news.”

Wen Chi finished the last big question on the mathematics paper and glanced at the two people who were panting.

“What is it”

“Ding Hais uncles Club is closing down.”

Wen Chis face immediately darkened.

“What did you just say Dinghai, whats going on”

Ding hai was half-squatting, holding his thigh and panting heavily.

As soon as he received the news, he immediately ran over.

His lungs were filled with cold air, and he felt extremely uncomfortable.

“Hurry up and tell me.”

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