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Damien carefully scrutinized the knife Lilith had bestowed him, it was almost indistinguishable from the one she wielded on the Reaper. She declared it will restore the missing thread in his system.

He knew she was still in the basement, she wasn leaving because she had spoken of a blood sty. She said that the basement was a blood sty to her. Whatever that implies.

As he laid his head on his bed, he knew that Reapers wouldn come over again.

He just wishes he could see his family one more time.

As he was lost in his thoughts with a twirling knife in his hand, he didn comprehend the abrupt appearance in his room.

"When Kai urged me to look deeper and retire late, I thought he was just being paranoid. A fourteen-ranked Reaper wouldn lurk under the wings of a trickery Fucking boy." He knows that voice.


A Goddamn tenth-ranked Reaper. Despite his rank, he was known as the most knowledgeable Reaper in the Academy.

Hearing no response from him, the Reaper continued. "But I see why, your grim thread is absent."

Damien grimaced at that. He and Alceste were never really on good terms, not when he leveled up faster than his peers. "What do you want, Alceste?"

"You took an undue soul, Germain, and now you need to face the punishment."

He hated the sound of his name on his lips. "I never did that. Why don you all believe me?"

Alceste scoffed. "You becoming a top ranker within a short time seemed overly odd to me, and now you want me to believe taking that undue soul wasn done by you?"

Finally, Damien snapped. He hated it when people thought his rank wasn earned the right way. Like hell, he performed every task the council assigned, not resting one bit. Hes one of the youngest Reapers meaning his rank should be between five to eight.

"Leave. I don wanna hurt you." His voice was dead grim.

Alceste chuckled hearing this. "You

e powerless, Germain, just like a **ing stage one ranker." His amusement didn bother Damien.

"You sure?" Damien asked with a strange expression on his face. The knife in his hand suddenly felt heavier than before.

Alceste realized he wasn scared as his overly confident expression was visible on his face. This change in his aura didn go unnoticed by him.

He lifted his rod and scampered with an unimaginable speed towards Damien, but Damien whirled and swiveled the knife in his hand before striking it at Alceste. The two jumped back and almost made contact.

Alcestes eyes narrowed at the knife in his hand, he recognized the knife. "Vampire heirloom? Didn know youve sided with vampires." He said with distaste in his mouth.

If it was anyone else Damien would have shrugged thinking he was lying, but Alceste wouldn lie. He spent most of his time studying ancient and immortals.

But Damien didn care if it was the Reapers heirloom if it would keep him out of danger.

Something devious flashed in his eyes, causing Alceste to stumble backward in confusion. Damien lunged after him with a strange force, thrusting the knife into him. He was half expecting the Reaper to turn into dust, but instead, he turned into a dark shadow and faded into the knife.

Strange energy surged through him as the shadow infiltrated the knife. Goodness, he felt strange… powerful.

He clutches his chest as he feels a throbbing pain.

He fluttered his eyes as he struggled to comprehend what just happened. His eyes met the knife in his hand and he tossed it away with dread.

Taking an undue soul may have warranted death by obliteration, but destroying a Reaper brings turmoil to the Academy. So the penalty was mostly delivered to your family. Your family would be erased along with you.

And he wouldn do anything to put his family in danger. His brother was all he had.

Right now he needed to hide the traces of the Reaper. Nobody knew he came to his room, nobody–

"An energy-absorbing weapon? Thats the first Ive seen in forever."

He snapped around to meet the eyes of the succubus, her lips were tilted to a smirk.

When he said nobody needs to know, then nobody needs to know. Not even a walking pussy.

Without further delay he hurls after the succubus with an impossible speed, taking the female off guard, and planting the knife around her throat.

"Why don you just Fuck off?" He sneered against her ear. He realized he was becoming more aggressive and vicious, this wasn him.

The female only kept the smirk on her face, not caring about the knife against her throat. "Youve got what the Young Master has wanted in a long time; The energy absorber. Don you feel honored?" She said with a seductive tone against his ear. But he applied force on the knife erasing the smirk from her face.

"Doesn that mean I can absorb your energy?" His tone was cold and emotionless. He could see her shiver as she gulped. "And kill that Young Master of yours?" He smirks as her already pale face becomes paler. He didn know why but he was suddenly feeling pleasure in her misery. Her submission. Its something hed never experienced before.

"D-don . Ill keep my mouth shut about the weapon." She was terrified. He liked that.

Shit! The absorbing tool was affecting him. Making people terrified and loving watching them in pain was something Alceste loved achieving, so why the hell was he suddenly feeling that way?

"Keeping your mouth shut doesn help keep your life, think of something more worth it, or I won hesitate. Last chance." He warned.

"I… Ill… Ill answer all your questions… and keep this a secret." She shuttered. She was pressed against the wall by him and she was withering under his towering body. Why does this position appear familiar?

He contemplated this for a moment as he stared at her. "I don appreciate the deal since you

e getting more from it; your life, but its okay for the meantime." He shifted backward a little. "Whats your name?"

He watched as her jaw ticked with annoyance which she covered quickly. "Jasmine. My name is Jasmine Levett."

The sudden shock that ran through his body was quivering. But the hidden smirk struggling to surface on his lips was unnoticed.

With the help of Alcestes knowledge, he just discovered something he shouldn have.

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