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The Devils LilyA forbidden love Chapter Four:Wh..at Are You?

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Twenty years ago.

[Earth Realm]


He couldn afford to see her die,even the mere thoughts of having any slightest injury from Azriels attack had him drawing his sword against his twin brother.

Azriel wasn expecting it,He simply took it that his brother might be bluffing,but has he ever known Damon as someone who would take the matter of life and death as a joke?

But to draw his sword against him…his very own twin brother had Azriel fuming in rage,he went livid at the thoughts of his brother being stupid because of a cursed human baby.

Damon could see through him,he knew that Azriel would soon get angry and then lower his chances of him leaving this place with the human baby alive.

"You would dare raise your sword at your own brother because of that thing?"Axril rasped in between grunts,as he tried pushing Damon off.

He tried not to use his power on him, because he had a leap of faith that he would change his mind when he realizes that he was doing this to his brother,his very own family.

Azriel took back his pity towards the child,it was very stupid of him to sympathize about the child simply because he didn take the situation serious.

But watching as their grandfather interfered in this,the very moment a listening strike divided the pathway against the border between hell and heaven had him thinking twice.

It didn take much for him to understand that indeed there was something mysterious about the baby,and for the fact that their grandfather was perturbed about her presence on earth,only meant one thing.

He was scared for his throne.

That child was a threat to every immortal creature, humans and that includes him too.

Thats a fact that had him reconsidering, even their father was no stranger to what was happening.

If anything after he saw the red sky,he was bothered about Damon and had sent him to bring him back alive.

But his brother right now, wasn thinking clearly and was only creating problems that would end up biting him in the back later on.

"You can kill her Azriel,I will die if you do that and you know that,"Damon told him, hoping that hes going to buy his lie.

After all he knows nothing about how all these works,hes totally as clueless as he was on what their child is,and why everyone wanted her dead.

"Do you think Im joking? Shes carrying half of my energy within her,so would you kill your very own brother because of her?"Damin twisted his words, he had to make him believe him and let them walk away from here,alive.

But if he doesn bug,then the child is probably dead because he can unleash the spell Azriel had on her,only him can do that and hes sure that after this hes going to…

"Do i look like a fool to you?"Azriels words had him distracted for a while,and he was late to see him holding his hands up to the child whose cries of pain had filled the atmosphere.

"Azriel st..\He tried to counter his spell,but it was too late for both brothers because they were flung to the ground by an angry looking Micheal.

The look on his face explained what exactly he had in mind towards both brothers, because they were strapped, unable to do anything as they floated in the air.

"Its such a pity that hell would be losing not just one, but two princes today"He laughed hysterically, turning to the baby whose cries had died down and that attracted everyones attention.

"I can let her die Azriel,Shes ..not cursed.Shes just like me"Damon barely said,this hold on them rendered them immobile and not just that,it also made it difficult for any of them to speak.

Azriel ignored him, but let himself be captured by Micheal.After all,it won be long before they are rescued, but this was all his brothers fault,and he won be taking the punishment when they will be back in the immortal realm.

Micheal ignored the two, but rather had his attention on the child,who he tried controlling her to come closer to stay on his eye level.

He took out the dagger that he was given to him by his father,and walked up to where the child was.

Damon struggled watching this scene,it felt as if some part of him was about to die at the thought of watching his mate die in front of him with him unable to do anything.

He knew that it was a reckless action marking her as his mate, without her having any idea of what that meant.

But he did her a good favor by keeping her alive,he was betraying his family for her,so he was the one that was suffering and not her.

But then he couldn watch,Damon didn know if this was a side effect of the bond between the both of them that had him feeling this way.

But whatever one it was,he just couldn watch,so he struggled.He even tried turning into his true form just to break this spell,but Micheal was one clever man because it didn go successful either.

"Give it up brother,she was meant to die anyway.So be glad that you are getting your life force back"Azriel smirked devilishly.

With the dagger in his hand raised up,both brothers were spectators to what was happening, Azriel didn fight ,he wanted this to be over so that he could go home.

But Damon was different,he acted foolishly to the extent of begging for the life of that pathetic human baby,which made both Micheal and Azriel angry.

So,with no hesitation nor any disturbance,he brought the dagger down so close to her chest.

But the sudden blinding light that surrounded both him and the child, halted his movements.it rendered him on pause and that made Micheal look over to the two brothers to know who exactly was fighting him.

But he couldn see anything,the light was eye blinding,so bright that neither Azriel nor Damon could see what was happening between the two.

Micheal tried bringing the dagger down,but it was stuck in the air,just right above her heart that any slightest movement would kill the child.

He was frustrated,well thats until the childs eyes opened instantly,and he saw black iris staring back at him, with a smug smile edged on her lips.

Is this even a child?

"Wh..at are you?"He trembled in fear,he was no fool not to notice that this was way above his leaque.He was no match for whatever this baby is,or whoever might be in control of her.

"How about i show you ?\The little girl asked, dragging her hand up to touch his face,and the moment she did that,the two disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Nooo?"Damon fell to the ground,touching his heart when the hold on both of them disappeared just after Micheal disappeared with the girl.

He didn have a heart, but he felt something die within him that moment.That connection he shared with the child felt distant and suddenly died.

He wasn able to do anything about that,he watched her die and its all his fault.

While deep in thoughts over the loss of his mate,he didn notice the company they had ,until he heard Azriels voice.

"Im so sorry brother"He apologized,before he felt a hand touch his temple,and right there..he felt dizzy.

"Wha.t have you..uu done?"He managed to get up,and turned to look at the five unhappy faces of angels where his brother stood.

"Im so sorry,but you brought this upon yourself "Azriel said, shifting back before an angel touched his temple and that made him fall to the ground in pain.

Azriel stood unable to do anything,while they manhandled his brother like hes a criminal,who was going to face a query before the twelve elders of crystal palace.

He tried to warn him, but he was way too stubborn and right now, he would face the wrath of their grandfather and it was all because of that child.

The cursed Human.

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