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Falling to the floor and landing on my bottom, I lifted my head despite a sharp pang I felt. 

Argh, what

What did I bump into Wait, there was someone who popped out of nowhere. 

“You hit me!” 

Just then, a girl who had bumped into me, looked down at me with her arms folded. 

“Who are you” she asked. 

She was a cute-looking girl who looked about 12 years old. 

She had reddish-brown hair which was curled up and wore an expensive-looking dove-colored dress. 

However, her eyes in contrast were different.

The stare she gave me was venomous. 

“You should watch where you’re going!” the girl exclaimed. 

“No, shouldn’t you be doing that!” screamed my inner thoughts. 

…the desire to shoot back at her was almost through the roof but I got up and bowed my head. 

At first glance, she seems to be a young lady from a noble family. 

“I’m so sorry, miss.”

“Don’t you know who I am!”

Hey, what did I ever do to you

Aren’t you the one who ran and bumped into me

I’m the one who fell to the floor, not you!

And what a great noble lady you are.

How would I know who you are when I’ve just met you 

…..I wanted to say all these things but I’m not allowed to.  

As I stared at her, I wanted to pound my chest in frustration. 

“My name is Leona Bennett, the only daughter of Baron Bennett!”

Baron Bennett

Hmm, I’ve heard that name somewhere. 

After thinking for a long time, I remembered Baron Bennett. 

It was while working with Senior maid Weber, she mentioned his name. 

‘However….I don’t want Baron Bennett’s young lady to come.’

‘May I ask why’

‘Um, that’s……’

After hesitating for a while, Senior maid Weber opened up to me. 

Baron Bennett was a distant family relative of the Duke of Rochester. 

The Bennetts are a family that have a level of influence similar to the Viscount of Weber’s family.

They also happen to live in a neighboring estate so there have been some interactions in the past. 

However, as the Rochesters helped us a great deal in usurping the throne and then establishing themselves as the head of all aristocratic families……

‘Huh Why is she trying to hide her face’

Senior maid Weber had tried to conceal her bitter face with her shoulders. 

‘Like my own family…..I don’t want to get entangled anymore.

That’s it.’

‘Oh, really’

‘Well, it can’t be helped.

In fact, it’s because of that family that I became a maid…..’

Senior maid Weber blurted out that last bit.

Things seemed complicated, so I didn’t pry any further. 

It’s not something I can solve just by listening but I am worried that Senior maid Weber will be upset. 

‘You will see the young lady of Baron Bennett at the tea party,’ said Senior maid Weber. 

Come to think of it, the reddish brown hair kinda reminds me of the Empress. 

Back to the present.

Young lady Bennett stared at me fiercely for quite a while. 

Then she blurted out…..

“Is it you”


“I heard a claim that these days a lowly maidservant has monopolized the love of the Empress.”

Young lady Bennett spoke with ridicule in her tone. 

What That’s not true!

I choked up a little. 

“She was a probationary maid at the education center, correct” 

“Yes, that’s right,” I answered.

“I don’t know what the Empress saw in her or how she caught the eyes of the Empress, but don’t be presumptuous.

Young Lady Bennett who said so, folded her fan and poked me in the chest with it. 

“That lowly maidservant won’t outdo me.

From this moment on, I, Leona Bennett will be favored by the Empress.”

For a split second, my heart froze as if I swallowed a large chunk of ice.

Of course, I’m lucky now as I have the Empress’s affection. 


‘Truthfully, no matter who the Empress chooses, that’s up to her, isn’t it’

I held my breath. 

But what if the Empress likes another child more than me

And it could happen because she’s actually related to the Empress…..

‘If that’s so……I’ll be heartbroken.’

No matter how hard I might try, I can’t be as close as family, right

With a wry smile, I stopped thinking at that point. 


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