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There’s no point in thinking like this. 

I’m the Empress’s maid and I aim to make today’s tea party a success. 

“If you do anything to hamper my efforts in front of the Empress’s view, I’ll tear your hair out.


Lady Bennett who threatened me fiercely, suddenly turned her back indicating she was done talking. 

With an arrogant gait, she walked away. 

Well, that was something. 

‘How did she even get into the palace’

The tea party hasn’t even started yet.

I tilted my head. 

Did they let her in early because she was a relative of the Empress 

While contemplating, I came to my senses. 

‘Ah, shoot.

I was supposed to head to the kitchen!’

Seriously, I just had to waste my time on her, didn’t I!

I grumbled to myself and started walking at a brisk pace. 




I last saw Head maid Hayden in the small banquet hall where the previous tea party was held. 

Though she’s not here.

I’ll just have to tell one of her maids. 

I walked up to one of Hayden’s maids, giving her my report. 

“Madame, please tell Head maid Hayden that the kitchen is finished with their food preparations.”

“Already Alright.”

All seemed to go according to schedule until-

The eyes of the maid I was speaking to, suddenly widened at the sight behind me. 


I too was surprised when I turned around. 

There she was, Lady Bennett, sitting at the small banquet table with a prideful look. 

“Would you bring me more ice, please It’s quite hot today.”

…Even the maids of the Empress’s palace were unsure of how to react as she beckoned them to fulfill her request with her chin. 

Hayden’s maid who still had a surprised look then asked me a question.

“Lize, who is that young lady”

“That’s Leona Bennett, she’s a distant relative of the Empress.”

“Oh, she’s the daughter of Baron Bennett So you let her in early”

“What No, I didn’t.

Didn’t you let her in”

The maid and I exchanged puzzled expressions. 

In just a brief moment, the maid concluded what happened. 

“Then that means she entered the palace without anyone’s permission…”

With a rare stern voice, I said what was on my mind. 

“I think I should report this to the Empress.”

I glanced at Lady Bennett. 

She’s not small enough to pass by unnoticed. 

How could she just enter the palace without anyone’s permission

Just then, Hayden’s maid tapped my shoulder, disrupting my thoughts. 

“By the way, Charlize.

It’s almost tea time.

Go and receive the ladies.”

“Wouldn’t it be better for you or Head maid Hayden to go and receive them instead of me”

“Not this time.

I think it would be more comfortable for the guests since you’re about the same age as them.”

“Alright, I’ll go.”

I nodded and took a short moment to tidy up in front of a mirror.

Fixing my tangled hair and straightening out the wrinkles in my maid uniform, I was ready.  

Suppressing the butterflies in my stomach, I walked out of the Empress palace to greet our guests. 




Welcome to the Empress’s palace.”

The ladies with their brightly colored dresses entered the palace one by one. 

They looked fifteen to sixteen years old and were probably just as nervous as I was, judging from their faces. 

I greeted them in the most nonchalant way possible 

“My name is Charlize.

I’ll be with you today as her Majesty’s maid of honor.”

Having said that, I bowed my head. 

They gave me various reactions. 

“Is she the kid”

“Oh, you mean the girl the Empress is fond of”

“I’ve heard the rumors too.

She’s much smaller than I thought.”

Erm, ladies. 

No matter how much you lower your voice, you know I can still hear everything right I mean, I’m right in front of you. 

I smiled awkwardly, ignoring their comments.  

“If you head inside, the maids will show you to the banquet hall.”

“Splendid,” said one lady. 

“Yes, very well,” said another.

After my explanation, the ladies nodded and teased each other along the way. 

I followed suit as they entered the banquet hall. 

As soon as we entered the hall, the first person to stand out was….

“Everyone, do you know I’m the Empress’s sixth cousin”

Sure enough, it was Lady Bennett. 

As she stood in front of them with her nose raised, the ladies couldn’t hide their shocked demeanor. 

“Ah, yes….” said one lady. 

“I see……” answered another. 

….there was no lady seemingly brave enough to talk back to Lady Bennett. 

I mean who would

She’s a relative of the Empress.

Who would dare to reprimand her

Even though today’s tea time will be attended by the Empress herself, I don’t think anyone wants to take that risk.  

“Your Majesty, the Empress.”

Then at that moment.

Head maid Hayden announced our host’s arrival. 

At the same time, the Empress gracefully entered the small banquet hall. 

Standing next to her was Damian who was spotless.

Well dressed too.

However, the Empress.

She almost looked divine…

Her face glistened so brightly, that it made Damian’s face glisten too! 

‘Well, that’s to be expected.

After all, she is the Empress.

I just didn’t expect to be so beautiful!’

I was a little moved by the fact that the Empress and Damian had entered the hall together.

Their actions showed that the Empress considers Damian to be equal. 

The ladies in the hall quickly rose in succession from their seats and bowed before the Empress. 

“I see you, Your Majesty.”


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