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“A pleasure to meet you all,” said the Empress as she nodded and smiled gracefully. 

That smile tugged at my heart as I grabbed my chest unknowingly. 

How can our Empress be so pretty 

Even among the many ladies, her ethereal beauty was unmatched. 

If a newly bloomed rose were to become a human, wouldn’t it look like her 

I fixed my eyes on the Empress, mesmerized. 

“Oh, my god…”

I heard a soft voice from among the ladies. 

The person who spoke was none other than Lady Bennett. 

Lady Bennett’s eyes upon seeing Damian shone with a soft tremulous light. 

Damian, who noticed her strong gaze felt uncomfortable and looked in another direction. 

She was so blatantly transfixed by Damian that the other ladies began to stare at her. 

Without realizing it, I opened my mouth. 

‘Wow, Lady Bennett must have grown up so loved at home.’

Even when in front of other people, she doesn’t care about her facial expressions….

At that moment, Lady Bennett snapped out of it and began to call out to the Empress.

“Your Majesty, I’m so happy to see you like this! It’s Leona Bennett!”

Even though she might be a relative of the Empress, is it acceptable to address her without formality

Perhaps it’s just me being biased since she threatened me not a while ago. 

Just when I thought Lady Bennett’s behavior wasn’t acceptable-

A stern voice rang out. 

“Leona Bennett, I heard you were here.” 

The Empress looked at Lady Bennett with cold, unfeeling eyes. 

“Just because you’ve inherited a part of the Rochesters’ blood, does that entitle you to appear before me in such a way”


“What made you think you could set foot in my palace and then attend this tea party without my permission”

In an instant, the atmosphere became heated. 

Lady Bennett’s face turned pale as things weren’t going the way she expected. 

The Empress continued.

“I know about everything.”

“Y-Your Majesty, the Empress”

“The guards around the palace have already recounted to me what you’ve said, that’s all.” 

Lady Bennett looked like she had been hit hard in the back of the head when she heard that. 

“You told the guards you were my relative and that if you weren’t let in, you would fire everyone”

“Hey, that’s not it!”

“They said you left them no choice but to let you into the palace.”

Perhaps with nothing to say, Lady Bennett licked her lips. 

The Empress in turn raised the tip of her lips. 

“You even made an excuse that you had been invited in advance…..how strange is that.”

The ridicule coming from the Empress was sharper than broken glass.

“I never even said that,” denied Lady Bennett. 

A deafening silence engulfed the hall. 

No matter how trivial it may have seemed, impersonating the Empress’s orders was a grave felony. 

“Who are you to fire people who serve at this palace!” asked the Empress rhetorically. 

“Your Majesty, Empress! I am, I mean-!”

Under pressure, Lady Bennett hastily raised her voice. 

The Empress proceeded to stare at Lady Bennett with piercing intensity. 

But then she let out an annoyed sigh. 

“Fortunately for you, his Highness, the crown prince is here so I’ll endure you for now.”

“T-Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“But if something else goes against my wishes….”

Any warmth that was left in the Empress’s voice vanished as she gave a warning. 

“…I will hold you and your father, Baron Bennett accountable.

Do you understand”

Lady Bennett gave a quivering nod as she froze in fear.  

As quickly as the Empress said so, her expression changed as she turned around and addressed the guests with a gentle smile. 

“I’m sorry if I startled everyone.”

“Ah, of course not.

Your Majesty.”

“Don’t say that, your Majesty.”

Faint smiles appeared on the lips of the ladies who shook their heads to hastily refute what the Empress thought. 

I fully understood what they were thinking. 

The way the Empress scolded Lady Benett, I honestly felt relieved just like them. 

Even if you are related to the Empress, that doesn’t give you the right to abuse or bully the ladies of other noble families. 

‘If you were to remove the label of ‘The Empress’s relative’, she would be the lowest-ranking lady among all our guests.’

‘Actually, I don’t really like comparing statuses…’

But in my defense, Lady Bennet was the first one to mention statuses and titles. 

Raising my head slightly, I glanced at her.

She remained silent, biting her parched lips. 

…I think it’ll be quiet for a while now. 

After what just happened, I had a smug look on my face. 


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