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‘Well, he is handsome.’ 

I nodded my head as I conveyed with my lips. 

Aside from my personal likes and dislikes, the Duke is objectively good-looking, right

If not anything else, he does resemble the Empress.  

Then, Damian with a sullen expression turned his head away. 

What’s up with him

Did I do something wrong

I was dumbfounded by Damian’s reaction.

Meanwhile, the topic of ladies’ conversation had changed to, ‘Who will be chosen as the Emperor and Empress’s candidate this Thanksgiving’

“Who do you think will be chosen as the Empress’s candidate” asked one lady. 

“Do you have to ask It’s definitely me.”

The lady who said so was interrupted by Lady Bennett who shut down any presumptions. 

“Don’t flatter yourself.

If it’s not me who shares the same blood with her Majesty then who else could be chosen”

Lady Bennet raised her nose as she added those words. 

It really seemed as if Lady Bennett had no doubt in her mind that she would be the Empress’s candidate. 

Another lady retorted with a loud voice. 

“But Lady Bennett….you incurred the wrath of the Empress, did you not It’s unlikely she’ll choose you now.”

“W-what! Preposterous!”

Lady Bennett’s face turned red and then slightly purple. 


I’m astonished. 

It’s odd that I’ve seen someone’s face quickly change colors twice now. 

However, the lady wasn’t finished. 

“If blood relations really mattered to her Majesty, she would have invited you since you’re collateral family.

But she didn’t.” 

Then the lady who was rudely silenced by Lady Bennett at first shot back with a sneering voice. 

“How will you ever be accepted when you have to enter the palace by lying” 

Lady Bennett shrugged her shoulders, indifferent to reality. 

Not missing an opportunity, the lady added coldly.

“I think Lady Bennett here should do well to reflect on her shameful actions.”

“You’re right.

What about Baron and Baroness Bennett…..do they even know how their daughter behaves” questioned another lady in a scornful voice.

Lady Bennett began to glare at the ladies with ferocity. 

“Are you all done talking!”

‘Um, is a fight going to break out’ I thought to myself. 

I continued to watch the precarious situation anxiously.

“I think I’ve said everything……but I can say more if I wanted to.”

“Excuse me!!”

Lady Bennett raised her voice again. 

This time, my shoulders stiffened in response. 

If a fight does happen, shouldn’t we try to stop it beforehand

Just when the atmosphere was about to get more tense-

“Greetings ladies.

My name is Lisa Weber, senior maid of the Empress’s palace.”

Senior maid Weber knocked before entering the small banquet hall. 

With a slight frown, she gave me a sideways glance. 

I moved my lips, warning senior maid Weber. 

‘Everyone’s in a bad mood.’


Senior maid Weber quickly grasped the situation. 

She then put on a calm face and bowed her head. 

“The Empress sent me back to make your tea time comfortable.”

With those words, the ladies who leaned forward in the heated argument sat back in their chairs, slightly embarrassed. 

The look on their faces was, however, still far from having an enjoyable tea time. 

“If there are any inconveniences, please feel free to tell me at any time.


Weber’s words were cut off abruptly. 

It was because Lady Bennett, who was in a pique, vented her frustration onto Weber. 

“My, my who is this Could it be It’s Lisa, isn’t it”

In an instant, Weber’s face slightly hardened while in contrast to Lady Bennett who wore a dubious smile. 

“I heard that the Viscount of Weber’s family was going through harsh times but meeting you here like this…”

“Lisa, you’re really, really down on your luck.”

I watched the situation with a quizzical face. 

It was because Lady Bennet didn’t understand the significance of Weber’s position as a senior maid.  

In fact, as senior maid of the Empress palace, she’s treated better than most intermediate officials. 

Furthermore, it’s proof she gained enough of the Empress’s trust to reside in the palace. 

As all this was happening, I thought to myself.

‘Am I the type of person who can hold back my anger’


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