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‘Does Lady Bennett have any idea’ 

Unknowingly as I looked at Weber, my eyes widened. 

‘Senior maid Weber…..why is your face so pale’


A voice full of derision poured out from Lady Bennett’s lips. 

“Still, do what you must so that Viscount Weber can pay off all the debts owed to my family.

That’s fitting for you, isn’t it” 

There was silence. 

All of the ladies’ attention was fixed on senior maid Weber. 

Weber tried all she could to pretend to be calm but the bulging from her clenched fists said otherwise. 

“She’s already become the senior maid of the Empress’s palace, and still she can’t pay off all her debts.”

Lady Bennet scoffed at Weber. 

I see. 

I bit my lips. 

When Weber said she had circumstances she didn’t want to disclose, this is what she meant. 

I heard her family was going through rough times but…..

Weber asked in a trembling voice, “After this month, w-won’t the remaining debt be settled”

“This month isn’t over yet.

You know that, yes”

Lady Bennett looked at Weber, her watery eyes shimmering. 

“If you wanted to be confident in front of me, shouldn’t you pay off your debts first”

Goodness, does Lady Bennet have no heart

Lady Bennett even giggled as if this was funny. 

Unable to hide her embarrassment, Weber’s face was flushed red with shame. 

The ladies looked on at Weber with sympathy. 

Ever since the topic of her family was brought up, Weber’s self-esteem has been in tatters. 

‘…to have everyone know this way is embarrassing.’

I gnashed my molars in irritation. 

But Lady Bennett herself isn’t without flaws. 

However, if Weber were to argue with Lady Bennett that would just worsen her situation and give a negative impression no matter how right she is. 

‘I don’t want senior maid Weber being treated like this.’

But I….

I remembered the kindness she showed me all the time I was with her. 

I can’t let this continue.

Thus, acting on instinct, I took a step forward. 

“Lady Bennett, this is the Empress’s palace.”


Lady Bennett scowled as she eyed me. 

I spoke as calmly as possible. 

“I am well aware that you’re a relative of the Empress but shouldn’t you be more mindful of what you say”

Lady Bennett’s face looked like she was about to explode. 

Weber, on the other hand, was at a loss on what to say as she tried to hold me back. 

“Lize, don’t….”

“You want me to be mindful How about you be mindful and remember I’m a guest of her Majesty!”

“Yes, I know.”

Gently pushing away Weber’s hand, I nodded to reassure her as I confronted Lady Bennett. 

“Just because you are a guest of her Majesty, the Empress, you have no right to treat the maids of the Empress’s palace in such a disrespectful way.”

“You dare You’re a commoner, who are you to tell me what I should do!”

“Although I am a commoner, I am her Majesty’s maid of honor.”

At those words, Lady Bennett was taken aback. 

I looked at her unfazed. 

Honestly, it’s okay if I’m ignored. 

It’s true that I’m a commoner maid.

I’m lucky enough to have received the Empress’s affection. 

But the Empress’s family is a different matter. 

Head maid Hayden, who’s strict but friendly, and Senior maid Weber, who’s kind and playful. 

And all the maids of the Empress palace, they are all near and dear to my heart. 

“Also, to reveal someone’s flaws in front of distinguished guests and to do it in an intentionally humiliating and insensitive way.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a guest or even a relative of the Empress…..

I clenched my teeth. 

It’s intolerable for anyone to speak hurtful words as she did. 

“Isn’t that inappropriate for a lady from a noble family, someone who should always strive to be virtuous” 

“Are you trying to teach me right now!”

“I’m not trying to teach you, I’m just telling you the truth.”

In front of the agitated Lady Bennett, I lightly shook my head. 

“Besides, didn’t the Empress give you a serious warning not long ago”

Adding that, I raised the tips of my lips. 

“Don’t act like an Empress just because you have some of the Rochesters’ blood in you.” 

“Y-You brat!”

In an instant, Lady Bennett’s eyes widened in anger. 

She rose from her seat with a full teacup in her hand. 

“How dare you insult me with that mouth of yours!!”

Lady Bennett, as she said so, swung her hand wildly. 


Lukewarm tea was splashed all over my face. 

The terrified maids and ladies jumped up from their seats.

“Oh, my God!”

“Lady Bennett! What have you done!”


Even Damian ran towards me, his face pale from shock. 

Oh, God. 

I blinked just as the tea was about to get into my eyes. 

My hair, face, and neck were drenched in tea. 

Tea water dripped from my chin. 

As I wiped my face with my sleeve, I raised my gaze. 

“Lize, are you okay! Are you hurt!” whispered Damian in urgency. 

I nodded my head slightly. 

“Yes, I’m alright.”


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