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Contrary to the Duke, senior maid Weber stood nervously as she voiced her thoughts. 

“From what I heard, if something like this were to happen again then the Empress…well… Duke.


“She said she would hold the Bennet family accountable, didn’t she” surmised the Duke. 

No way…..

Weber’s lips twitched in response. 

I couldn’t hide my astonished face either. 

Not just anyone, the Duke of Rochester himself is siding with maids instead of his collateral family 

“Maybe the Duke of Rochester should hold Baron Bennett accountable,” suggested Weber. 

“Oh, if it’s about her Majesty…”

Lady Bennett tried to make excuses but the Duke simply shook his head and stopped her mid-sentence. 

“Of course, any disrespect towards her Majesty, the Empress must be repaid in full.”

“But what I want to ask you right now is…..”

As the Duke spoke, his dark green eyes looked my way. 

Erm, why is he looking at me

I was folding up my wet sleeves when I locked gazes with the Duke. 

I have no idea what the Duke is thinking about but he seems strangely happy. 

“How will you compensate for pouring tea on this child”

“O-Oh! But she’s just a maid, isn’t she!”

Lady Bennett seemed hesitant at first but relented as she attempted to reconcile. 

“It’s only a matter of handing out a few silver coins!”

“First of all, aside from the issue of whether it is appropriate to call the Empress’s favored maid as ‘just a maid.’”

The Duke spoke in a composed manner. 

“If this child were to become a princess of Rochester, there would be a dispute between the Rochester family and the Bennett family.” 


“Lady Bennett, you dare to behave in the way you did because you’re ready to assume responsibility for your actions.

Correct Otherwise, why flaunt” 

The Duke had just dropped a bombshell into our small banquet hall like it was nothing. 

At that previously unexpected statement by the Duke, everyone could not believe what they just heard.

There was a brief moment of silence before the hall was sent into an uproar. 


My eyes flickered in disbelief. 

Come again! Who is going to be a princess of Rochester!

“What do you mean a princess of Rochester!” shouted one lady.

“Wait, you’re not saying you’re going to adopt that maid, are you!!” exclaimed another lady. 

It wasn’t only me but most of the ladies were in complete shock.

Even Damian was fixated on the Duke as his wide-open eyes trembled. 

Eventually, those same scarlet-colored eyes turned to me. 

Damian’s expression resembled a child on the verge of being abandoned.

His gaze felt so desperate, that I felt guilty even though I did nothing.

Look, Damian.  

Even if you look at me like that, how am I supposed to know what’s wrong or what you’re thinking of 

“Of course, she’ll be the one to make that choice.”

Only the Duke remained calm amid the uproar as the small banquet hall was thrown into chaos regarding the subject. 

I could only roll my eyes despite the Duke’s oddly soothing voice and his attempt to put the guests’ minds at ease.

Whether I become a princess of Rochester or not….it’s really up to me

But then. 


“Y-Yes!” I responded. 

At the Duke’s voice calling me, I snapped out of my constant thinking.

The Duke beckoned to me. 

“Let’s leave first.”


“You can’t be wearing that wet uniform.”

“Ah, yes….”

Well, he’s right about that. 

I followed the Duke out the door. 

Just as I closed the door, I caught a glimpse of Damian moving his lips.

‘Go ahead…’

He then turned his gaze elsewhere, preventing any further eye contact. 

Those scarlet-colored eyes of his conveyed a message of resignation.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of a puppy being left alone. 

A puppy that has accepted its owner won’t return. 

“Your Highness-”


The door closed. 

Damian couldn’t stand to look at me till the end.

Seriously, what’s the matter with him

I haven’t done anything wrong but now this feeling that it’s my fault bothers me!




The Duke walked ahead of me with those long legs of his. 

To keep pace with the Duke, I took as many quick steps as possible. 

“Hey, what did you mean back there in the banquet hall You want me to be a princess of Rochester”

“In a literal sense, it means I’m willing to adopt you.”

The Duke answered bluntly. 

I narrowed my brow. 

But why, why would the Duke offer me something so unconventional…

I have no clue. 

“Then you’ll be my little sister.”

“…I’m going to be your little sister”

I was perplexed. 

There’s no way this is happening, right

Just thinking about it, the backlash from his family will be tremendous.  

However, the Duke with a sullen face questioned me. 

“What You don’t think the Duke of Rochester isn’t capable of adopting a single child at will”

“No, I didn’t mean it that way.

It’s just that….”

I shook my head, mindful of what I should say next before talking.


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