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After washing my face and body soaked in black tea, I was about to quickly change into a new set of clothes. 

But as I did, my hands slowed down. 

The thought of the Duke of Rochester adopting me…..hum.

‘If I take this opportunity, I’ll become family with the Empress right’

Then I’ll be able to call her sister Rose, not just in front of Her Majesty but in front of everyone. 

Just picturing it made me happy. 

It felt like having a mouthful of sweet candy. 


‘If I do become a princess of Rochester, I won’t be able to live at the palace anymore.’ That means….


My heart sank at the thought of it, him being alone all over again. 

Sure the maids of the Empress’s palace will take good care of him but….

‘Most likely, I won’t be able to visit Damian as often as I do now.’

The Empress has the duke and many relatives….

But for Damian currently, I’m all he has. 

I know that Sienna will eventually show up in the distant future. 

But until the two of them actually meet, there’s a lot of time left…

Just before leaving for the small banquet hall, the resigned gaze Damian had, came to mind again. 

Oh, Damian.

What do I do with you


I unknowingly let out a long sigh. 




I went back to the small banquet hall with a brand new maid uniform. 

Upon opening the door, I was surprised. 

There was an unexpected visitor in the Empress’s palace. 

The unexpected visitor was the Emperor, right before my eyes. 

Oh God, why is the Emperor here

I started panicking. 

Just then, Weber came up to me and whispered. 

“Lize, Lady Bennett was first to leave.”


I nodded as I looked at our guests. 

The Emperor’s abrupt visit left all the ladies frozen. 

I felt pity for them as they sat there with faces unsure of what to do or say. 

“Why is everyone so nervous” The Emperor questioned, “Please be at ease.”

The Emperor had already taken a seat, smiling with a rather downcast smile. 

Then he greeted Damian. 

“It’s been a while, Damian.”

He said it in such a casual tone that it left me confused and offended. 

No, all the things you did to Damian. 

It’s been a while-how can you say that! 

How can someone be so brazen 

The Emperor raised his eyebrows slightly, completely dismissing our astounded faces. 

He asked in that scratchy voice of his. 

“Now, Damian.

Won’t you be as polite as to set an example for the others”

“…..salutations, Your Majesty.

Damian, crown prince.”

Damian came to his senses. 

He quickly bowed his head as the ladies with tense faces followed suit. 

“Salutations, Your Majesty.”

“Salutations, Your Majesty.”

Sigh, it’s sad when you can’t do anything about it. 

After they finished, it was my turn. 

“Salutations, Your Majesty.

Charlize, maid of the Empress’s palace.”


At that moment, I heard a gentle voice call me from behind. 

Hold on, this voice

My eyes lit up. 

“Salutations, Your Majesty, the Empress.”

“Yes, yes.”

The Empress, having heard my polite greeting, smiled as she stroked my hair. 

The Emperor with an irked expression intervened. 

“Ah, I’ve heard that my Empress cares very much for that little maid.”

….The Emperor.

Doesn’t he notice it

Can’t he tell the Empress’s expression is getting colder by the second

“However, the difference in status is drastic.”

“….a difference in status”


I prefer you keep some distance from that child for now.”

Oh, that’s right…I remember. 

The Empress cares for me like a little sister, I completely forgot that.

To be honest, the status of the Empress and mine are worlds apart, like heaven and earth. 

Embarrassed, I tried to take a little step back. 

But the Empress placed her hand over my shoulder, bringing me in closer. 


I widened my eyes as I looked at her arm over my shoulder and then at her. 

“No, Charlize is like my little sister.”

“I understand the affection one can have for a younger sibling, however, she is a maid.

An Empress should not mingle with a maid.” 

“With all due respect that’s not your decision to make.

It’s something for me to decide.” 

Drawing the line like that, the Empress ended her statement with her eyes closed. 

She smiled a magnificent smile like a rose in full bloom but a sharp thorn hidden underneath. 

The Empress continued. 

“And I understand that your Majesty has had multiple women of lower status many times.” 


“As far as I can remember there are much more than twenty….isn’t that right”


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