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“Oh, what do I do Your fingertips are all messed up….”

“It’s okay because it’ll get better eventually.”

“None of this is okay!”

I raised my voice, completely forgetting that it was rude to do so. 

“How could you keep wearing those gloves until after the tea party was over!”

“Hang on, just calm down a little….”

“Calm down! How can I be calm!”


“Be honest, your Highness, aren’t you hurt!”

Damian had called out to me in a sheepish voice. 

But unable to control my frustration, I ignored him as I bit my lips. 

The more the gloves were opened, the more of the Emperor’s malice and insidiousness was unveiled.

‘It was made from hard black leather to conceal any bloodshed.’

The Emperor’s calculations were on point. 

No one noticed that Damian was wearing needle-stitched gloves. 

Not even me. 

And it makes me so mad. 

Why on earth does the Emperor torment Damian so much 

He already usurped the throne in the first place!

Damian looked at me with a sympathetic look, speaking in a hushed voice.

“*Sigh* I didn’t want to take off my gloves because I was afraid I’d make you worry….”

“Damian, it’s natural to be worried for others, that’s nothing to be guilt-ridden about.”

Her Majesty interjected with a resolute tone. 

The only person who understood my heart was the Empress, as expected.

I looked at her with tearful eyes. 

The Empress spoke with mixed emotions. 

“Let’s treat his fingers first.


She turned her attention from me, narrowed her reddish eyes, and glared at Damian. 

“You made our Charlize cry, you’ll pay dearly for that.”




I patched up Damian’s fingers.

Well, of course, I can’t deny entirely that my personal feelings didn’t interfere during the treatment process. 

Pouring the disinfectant onto his fingers, Damian’s whole body squirmed. 

“Ah, it stings.”

“Be patient.”

I gave a cold reply. 

Hearing my dissatisfied voice, he asked helplessly as his shoulders drooped. 

“Lize, aren’t you being too cold-hearted with me”

“You did just casually wear needle-filled gloves like it was nothing, remember”

I squinted at Damian. 

“Your Highness, can’t you at least withstand measly stings from disinfectants”

“Honestly, it doesn’t matter.

It was quite painful though,” whispered Damian as he looked me in the eye.

“Then why would you endure the pain!”

I yelled at him. 

My blood was boiling!


At the same time, a scream erupted from Damian’s mouth. 

It was because I wiped Damian’s fingertips with a cotton swab. 

Thankfully, the punctures weren’t too deep. 

He’ll recover fully if he takes the medicine given and a couple of days off from training. 

“Putting those gloves on without a fight was the best option,” Damian answered soberly. 

“What do you mean”

“Why else would the Emperor go through the trouble of having those gloves made and giving them to me”


I blinked blankly. 

Damian continued to speak in a soft but burdened voice. 

“He carefully chose a place where presents could be given.

A place where everyone would be watching.”

At those startling words, I bit my lip. 

Looking back, I was so mad at what Damian went through that I didn’t even think about ‘that.’

Damian lightly shrugged his shoulders as he continued his words. 

“It’s a test of my obedience towards the Emperor.”



To see how willing I am to obey him and how far I’ll endure anything irrational.”

Damian’s words were bereft of any childlike innocence.

It was hard to believe such somber words came from a thirteen-year-old. 

“If I hadn’t worn those gloves, the Emperor would have raised suspicions.”

“Hey, but.”

“I have no issues being under suspicion but I don’t want to cause any more trouble than I already do for you and her Majesty,” murmured Damian as he stared at his bandaged fingertips.

I was overcome with emotion. 

Damian is still thirteen. 

And yet, this thirteen year old has to suffer under the Emperor’s harsh machinations…

“You know, your Highness,” I said as I opened my first aid kit. 

Damian glanced back at me before smiling. 

“You said you didn’t want to cause any trouble but….I don’t mind any of that.”

“What are you saying”

“What I’m saying is that I like his Highness very much.”

“….uh, what” Damian muttered, his breathing becoming irregular for a moment.

Huh, did I say something I couldn’t say

I was puzzled.

“Well, I like you.”


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