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“If you can’t control a fleeting desire, you’ll end up like the Emperor.”

The Empress murmured without hesitation. 

….That makes me wonder, how does the Empress view the Emperor 

Maybe the Emperor ranks lower than a beast 

The Empress gave me a kind reminder. 

“Furthermore, if there’s anything that makes you uncomfortable, just say so.”

“It’s okay.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.”


However, Lize, you aren’t nervous”

“I’m nervous…but I can pull through, I have to do well,” I answered, strengthening my shoulders. 

It’ll be fine.

I memorized everything about the harvest festival. 

Candidates, it turns out, don’t play a big role. 

I won’t have to do too much.

I only have to help the Emperor and the Empress as they perform the rite, it’s not overwhelming. 

The Empress patted me on the back, her smile exuding an air of confidence. 

“Well, my Charlize can do anything she puts her mind to.

I believe in you.”

I felt a whirlwind of emotions as I looked up at the Empress. 

The Empress has so much confidence in me, how can I ever let her down when she believes in me 

Trust me, I’ll be the best candidate yet!

“Your Majesty, the Empress.”

A handmaiden approached us, announcing her presence. 

I widened my eyes in excitement when I saw her. 

The Empress is so benevolent to have Damian’s preparations be done directly at the Empress’s palace. 

Even the handmaid who was supposed to aid the Empress was instead assigned to Damian.

Setting the Empress as someone evil, author are you out of your mind

…ah well, it doesn’t matter. 

The handmaiden is finally here!

“The crown prince is all set.

Shall I bring him to you, your Majesty” inquired the handmaiden. 

That means Damian’s preparations are complete!

I’ve been looking forward to it all day!

Frankly, people might not know his personality but his beauty alone is outstanding, isn’t it

He was pretty even when he was in a dirty state but as a candidate how handsome will he look after he’s had a good scrubbing

“Go ahead.”

The Empress nodded. 

The maid left for a bit before returning. 



Light thumping could be heard. 

“Your Majesty, it’s Damian.”

“Come on in.”

Click! The door opened. 

Damian stepped into the room. 


My eyes flickered in awe. 

To be honest, I never thought that a person prettier than the Empress could exist in the world. 

The Damian in front of me was like a work of art that God poured all his heart into. 

Like, is it unfair to be so beautiful

I mumbled to myself unconsciously in a somewhat enchanted tone. 

“…your Highness.

You’re really, really pretty today.”

“You dolt, you’re supposed to say handsome, not pretty to a man.”

Damian might have scolded me at the same time but he wasn’t hung up on it.

And it certainly came from a face I couldn’t hate. 

Though I must say, couldn’t he have been nicer about it

But then. 

The Empress called my name with a strangely dissatisfied expression. 



“Am I prettier or is the crown prince prettier”

The moment she finished that question, the Empress and Damian looked at me intently. 

Trapped by their eager gazes, I felt like I had an upset stomach. 

But women are loyal to each other!

I opened my mouth. 

“Her Majesty of course!”

“Did you hear that, your Highness”

The Empress looked back at Damian with a triumphant expression. 

I could only smile awkwardly at a disappointed crown prince. 

I’m sorry, Damian. 

Although I’m responsible for you, I am still the Empress’s maid. 

“Well, come to think of it, your Majesty!”


“How was the harvest festival last time”

It was crushing to be under Damian’s resentful gaze, so I quickly changed the subject. 

“Hmm, the harvest festival last time…”

“We held the ritual at the imperial palace.

Was it conducted outside the palace” 

As the Empress recounted, I took a peep at Damian’s countenance.

Damian tried to act uninterested but I could see him prick up his ears, listening intently. 

After quite some time, the Empress shook her head. 

“No, the rituals aren’t conducted outside the palace.”

“Oh really” I uttered. 

“The festival is usually held for a total of three days.

That includes the day of the harvest. 

“Whoa, three days”

Damian was all of a sudden staring at the Empress with a fascinated expression.

Did I just succeed in changing the topic

I breathed a deep sigh of relief.  

The Empress continued to explain about the festival. 

“Lots of scrumptious food are sold and there’s a lot more to see during the festival.”

“That sounds like so much fun! Did Her Majesty regularly attend the harvest festival”

“I used to before coming to the palace.”

Before coming to the palace…hum. 

Does the Empress miss those days 


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