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The Empress spoke softly, regaling us of festival activities. 

“At night, people would make wishes by lighting their floating lanterns and then placing them in rivers.

I’d often go to see it.”

“Did you also light a floating lantern in a river”


If you overlook the scenery from afar, it’s breathtaking.

Like a milky way flowing across the ground.” 

Well, honestly, I can’t quite picture that. 

There were deep wrinkles on someone else’s forehead though.

Damian was using his imagination to the fullest. 

The Empress’s attention alternated between the two of us as that happened.

She had a slightly pained expression on her face. 

“Come to think of it, neither of them has ever gone outside palace grounds.”

It’s just…

I was abandoned the moment I was born in the imperial palace while Damian was imprisoned since he was three years old. 

The Empress reached out to silently caress my cheek. 

The words she said and ended on gave reassurance.  

“One day, both Charlize and the crown prince will be able to go see the festival.”

“Your Majesty, the Empress.”

At the same time, a handmaiden showed up. 

….it must be time to leave. 

I swallowed my saliva. 

“The time has come, you must depart now.”

“I see.”

We stood up. 

Time to meet the Emperor again. 

The very thought made the tension I felt rise up to my throat. 




In the imperial palace, there was a shrine dedicated to the divine beast, Aurelia. 

Our destination was a courtyard where the shrine was located. 

As I entered the courtyard, I had a strange feeling. 

It was because the shrine of Aurelia in front of me somehow felt familiar. 

It’s definitely the first time I’ve seen it but it feels as if I’ve been here a long time ago….

This feeling left a tingling sensation in my chest. 

What could it be

Why am I feeling this way all of a sudden

I curled my lips.

‘No, let’s not think about pointless things.

I should focus on the harvest festival.’

I shook my head and fixed my gaze. 

The first thing that caught my attention was the huge number of nobles that had lined up in rows.

The Emperor was yet to arrive but that didn’t matter as the nobles gasped when they saw Damian enter the courtyard. 

They murmured among themselves. 

“Isn’t that the crown prince”

“How, how is the crown prince his Majesty’s candidate”

They might be talking quietly but there’s just so much of them.

They’re like an upset beehive. 

“What do you think Truth be told, we’ll never know if that boy might become the heir.”

“You’re right, it’s been ten years since his Majesty succeeded to the throne.”

…and among them, were those who uttered rude remarks. 

Can’t they say anything nice

As I glanced in Damian’s direction, he shook his head slightly and moved his lips. 

‘It’s okay.’ 

Why do you mean okay

I gritted my teeth when a chilling voice suddenly spoke. 

“The only prince who’s inherited the Carpel name stands before you, what nonsense are you spouting”

It was the Duke of Rochester. 

The nobles settled down a tad bit after the Duke showed them his stern attitude. 

The Duke then glanced back at me, smiling as he whispered to me. 

‘Kid, you look good today.’

….Did the Duke compliment me just now

My heart felt all tingly while my cheeks became flushed. 

On the other hand, Damian widened his eyes and proceeded to stare at the Duke. 

No, is Damian getting all emotional again 

I wonder if the Duke had the same thoughts as me, his expression just radiated, ‘What’s wrong with the crown prince’



Feeling a passionate gaze coming from the sides, I lifted my head to see who it could be…

‘Her Majesty, the Empress dowager.’

The Empress dowager was watching from a distance and looking my way. 

She desperately tried to hold back her tears but her wrinkled eyes were already watery. 

That’s right, all immediate family members attend the harvest festival…

I glanced sideways at Damian. 

He was barely suppressing his emotions. 

Those scarlet eyes of his were trembling. 

It’s the first in five years since they’ve seen each other. 

I feel sorry for them, considering everything they went through. 

Sometime later, Damian bowed his head. 

Her Majesty, the Empress dowager responded to Damian’s greeting by nodding her head as well, smiling.  

But then. 

A voice mixed with snickering was heard. 

“Damian, you’re here.”

It was the Emperor. 

The Emperor’s lips curled with sick joy as if he basked in all the insulting remarks directed at Damian. 

“Your Majesty, the Emperor,” greeted the crown prince. 

Watching Damian bow his head before the Emperor made me bite my lips. 

The Emperor also looked at her Majesty. 

“The Empress is also here.”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

The Empress addressed the Emperor with such a vacant expression. 

The Emperor and the Empress then began to lead the way, followed by Damian and me. 

In the distance, an ornately decorated altar came into view. 

Above the altar was a chest that was covered in gold and also elaborately decorated. 

The chest was filled to the brim with grains and fruits that symbolized a bountiful harvest. 

“Under the protection of the divine beast, Aurelia, this year has been an abundant harvest.

The Emperor then began to recite his gratitude. 

I, on the other hand, suppressed my anger and glared at the Emperor’s back. 

Those words he said and even the right to hold the ritual should be Damian’s and Damian’s alone. 

After a while, the Emperor reached out to us. 


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